The Weapon Refinery isn't always useful...

The Weapon Refinery isn't always useful...

Matthew? Matthew!? Mattheeeeew!

It's funny that you mention this because in FE7, one of the levels is basically you attempting to prevent a time paradox from happening. Essentially, Ursula attempts to assassinate a young Zephiel and Hector and co have to stop it from happening.

In the game itself, you can actually cause a time paradox if you let Rebecca die, since she's supposed to later give birth to Wolt (and unlike other characters like Bartre and Karel who retreat if defeated since they are supposed to return in FE6, the epilogue will specifically say Rebecca died)

Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done with Matthew sadly.

This came to mind after I refined Matthew's weapon. Being so shiny may not be the best idea for a spy...

(i was really lazy in making this because im not an artist and i didnt even want to colour it but the whole joke kinda relies on the fact that there's a bright glowing colour so oops whatever)

edit: i forgot to give matty oh jeez oh man

editedit: i forgot to put the words “a nose” in the previous edit oh jeez its been several hours i was sleeping while everyone got to see my silly mistake in my “correction” oh man

Since FE7 is a prequel, a time paradox joke can be made. I'm just not familiar enough with either source to make it. Someone else do it please.

The bush is a spy!

and that's how the ten commandments was born

This reminds me of that one pokemon heartgold comic where you get a phone call while sneaking in the base

Well no because them retreating ensures that they lived. In other words, they actually avoided a time paradox by leaving whereas they would have caused one by staying.

The Rebecca thing is definitely an oversight. It's theorized that the developers simply forgot about Rebecca needing to be alive to give birth to Wolt and help raise Roy because she herself doesn't appear in FE6. From what I recall, I believe she is only off-handily mentioned in that game and not even by name.

"Floomf" is such a good sound effect

Any of them retreating should instead be the tactician scolding Eliwood about creating a time paradox and insta-game over-ing.

The Rebecca thing sounds like a pretty big oversight. If the other two are able to retreat, why forget her?

Um actually my 12 years of Catholic schooling can recite Moses' story from memory and tell you exactly why you're wrong

thanks, im pretty proud of it

Just uh, glowing bush. Please pay it no mind...

It has to be on fire, though.

Actually, it is a Pyro disguised as a spy disguised as a bush.