The way these lights melted the snow around themselves

The way these lights melted the snow around themselves

Unrelated but I really like that house- from what I can see

When I was living in update New York, one of the weirdest things I would notice is how these melt rings would form around trees. I had never considered the fact that trees are alive and therefore generate heat.

The number on the house is really nice too. It's a glazed iron navy blue

For some reason makes me intensely uncomfortable, sure is pretty though.

Aaaaand trypophobia triggered....


Every image I've seen of the British flag has the red cross in the middle, and then red lines on in an X pattern.

Somebody should use this concept to spell out "send nudes"

Trypophobia is bullshit, I find this satisfying.

It's because torches melt snow and ice within 2 blocks. They also produce a light level 14.

How long have you been on reddit? Because that's a normal headline from what I've seen

Wrong subreddit. You may be looking for /sub/roastme

gd could you be any more condescending?