The way my wife stacks these containers.

The way my wife stacks these containers.

Trust one of the biggest ones to be full of milo

Chocolate powder that you mix with milk to make chocolate milk.

Shows what you know, we all know chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Your mom

Thanks for the gold :)

Your mom

Idk what that is...

That Milo container would be refilled every 2 weeks at my house

You married a good woman, OP!

Chocolate sand in a can

The only small issue I have is that I hate having things stacked on top of each other.

Every time I want one of those, i'd have to lift something up, put it down, get something else, put that down, then get the thing I want, then stack them again. Eventually, i'll end up dropping one, it spills, I clean it up, then I have to stack them. I hate it.

But that does look nice.

She’s too modest to realise. Let’s hope that doesn’t change.😊

You like that, you fucking OCD retard?

Strawberry Nesquik!!!

Is it weird that I find this stuff sexy. Like, the fact that a person takes pride in this kind of stuff turns me on

What is milo

It’s... it’s almost like they were designed to do that

MALTED Chocolate Sand

Where does Vanilla milk come from?

Indeed he did.

I used to date a girl, and she had an immaculate work space. So organised. She'd often send me photos of it, coz she knew it turned me on

Please switch the basmati with the self-rising flour so it can sit next to its buddy plain flour.

Ahem, malted chocolate milk

She buys them from a small business called prettylittledesigns.

That's not the container you fool. That's just a glass of milo waiting to be filled up with milk.

You’d be perfect for those infomercials where people just drop things all over the place


Get your wife a Cricut machine and some vinyl and she can make them herself. Best present ever from my husband! Everything in my house house has pretty little labels. Not to mention the countless other things you can make with it!

What type of pen does she use for the calligraphy on those containers? Absolutely beautiful font.

Legit thought the container said 'mesquite' to begin with.

Oh it's made by nestle. Nevermind.

You mean delicious chocolate sludge with a shot of milk to chase.

Malted chocolate sand in a can

Chocolate malt drink popular in Australia.

It's tasty chocolate/malt powder, mostly consumed in Aus - and also Africa, Mexico and South Asia! TIL

Comes in many forms - cereal, breakfast bars etc Buuut, as per below;

Nestle do some shady shit

Go to the store that sells the containers that are designed to stack this way and buy them.

You mean she uses them as designed?

"Spirals" are called Fusilli btw :)

Good food storage isn't feminine. That font certainly is though!

What is Milo ?

Thank you by the way. Every boycott of that shit company makes a difference!

EDIT: you should drop a link about the NEED to boycott nestle in an edit! Fuck Ajit Pai? Sure, fuck him but fuck nestle for getting babies hooked on shit product for profit!


THANK YOU! The containers stack nicely by design. It's not like OP's wife made the containers. She just bought them. However using them and keeping them stacked nicely would actually be kind of a pain in the ass. Unstacking and restacking large tubs is not satisfying... it's annoying. It'd be better if they took smaller portions of the ingredience and put them in smaller containers that were more accessible and easier to use and replace.


Exactly what I was thinking. My mom has these and they are absolutely designed to be stacked like that.

doesn't actually mix with the milk

That's because of the high cocoa content. You need to mix it with a little hot water at the bottom of the cup, before adding cold milk. Or, just use warm milk to begin with, so a hot chocolate of sorts only 100% better.

Source: professional Milologyst

And South Africa :)

And South East Asia!

That website still gives me no idea what the hell that stuff is lol. It looks brown so I'd assume chocolate, but then it tells me it's healthy. The picture looks like cereal, but op's is a powder. It also comes in a carton. WTF IS IT.

I want my pantry to be this organized.

Go on...

Not in the USA

She bakes a lot. So heaps.

Apart from that, I still think it's nice that some companies take the time to think about how to design containers of different sizes that stack nicely.

It's... it's almost like this is an ad for those containers.

how much sugar do you need?

We call that “Boost” in India, Although it spikes blood sugar like Elon musks 🚀.

And she can start an Etsy business, because easily 50% of Etsy is currently Cricut machine customizations on tumblers, cups, water bottles, containers, picture frames, etc, etc, etc...

It's much coarser than ovaltine (think instant coffee) and doesn't actually mix with the milk. You can pour the milk out and it's still dry. The milk is just a thin excuse to eat the powder out of the bottom of the glass with a spoon.

Let's just hope she comes to her senses and fills the rest of them with Milo

I’m a man and I don’t know about any sexual drive but I work so much better when my home and workspace are clean. I just cleaned my whole house so I could work on my thesis, I’m flying through it now.

Well I’m on reddit but I just woke up..

And South America!


The best way to make Milo is the 70/30 split: 30% milk and 70% Milo.

Heaven mate.

If that were true I could figure out what gd brand they are, which I’ve yet to do.

I feel like that would get out of hand for me.

Next thing you know the toilet would have a beautiful label on it "The Shitter" in a gorgeous font.

Sounds better!

Source: Am Texan.

Never heard of Oxo before.

Oh man.... Oxo is one of the best for little kitchen stuff. It's just in generally high quality and well designed. (Not everything is amazing - I hate their dishwashing wand thing, but most is quite good)

Why tf is this so funny

I love organizing, and this is exactly why I don’t label everything except the staples like sugar. I may not always have penne pasta. I may have spaghetti instead. Then I suddenly have a mislabeled mess on my hands.

Edit: I’m referring to the photo, which labels each kind of pasta, which seems silly. I’d do a generic “pasta” or keep the original bag/box, since each pasta seems to have its own cooking directions on the bag/box. I’d need to keep boxes anyway because I’m not going to wait until a pasta is completely gone before buying another type to put in these containers.

I've only ever heard of Ovaltine. Is this a different country thing, or am I just extra ignorant of the wonders of various kinds of chocolate milk?

What's the deal with Ovaltine? The jar is round, the mug is round, they should call it Roundtine.

I thought this was from some sightly different timeline than the one I grew up in.... Milo? Sustagen?

Then find out its Australian. Same difference.

If I do that then I'm going to have a mess and a bunch of containers, some of which will inevitably be mislabeled.

And The Philippines!

And my axe!

Dude, you need to marry your wife ASAP. She sounds awesome.

Legal cocaine

One day we ran out of milk so me and my friend had to think about what else we could put our milo in, our genius solution was an ice-cream cone. On that day the milo-cone was born, you lick it out of the cone and towards the end you start eating the cone with the tightly packed in milo towards the bottom.

Australian Ovalteen looks like, pretty much chocolate milk powder that's marketed as good for you.

And Jamaica!

It's nice when containers are sized this way. Basically, the sizes are small, medium, large. And they use a size measurement of 1, 2, or 3 spaces. You decide how many spaces tall you want the stacks (this person chose 5) and then they fit in nice and organized.

My problem if I tried it would be not getting them even.

You type like Christopher Walken talks.

Exactly what I was thinking... It took me until I saw the comments to even realise what was being celebrated... This is literally their main design point.

This container wouldn’t be big enough for me and my milo addiction

Coming from a person who stocks grocery store shelves overnight for a living, good luck boycotting nestle or Unilever. I hate both of those companies but between the two they dominate grocery store shelves. Just about every case has their name or logo some where.

I was about to comment that the font is Pinterest af.

Found an article to differentiate the two:

Rotini Compared with Fusilli and Labeling Conventions

The word fusilli is sometimes incorrectly used to describe another twisted pasta called rotini. But the key to distinguishing the two is to remember that fusilli is made of strands of pasta twisted into little spring-like shapes, while rotini is a flat pasta that's twisted.

Thank you, I’ve never heard it called Milo. I thought it was feed grain for a minute!

Came here to see how far down the comments this would be.

Some people still don't get it. They are designed that size to be stacked exactly that way. She just wrote on them.

But...props for strawberry nesquick. That is some sexy ass wife shit going on.

What's sustagen?

Well I don’t think it’s weird my boyfriend thinks it’s cute when I do “feminine” things like this

I thought they were rotini

Next up: LEGO stacked ... oddly satisfying

ooh, thanks for explaining, here we only have the regular one and thought it was a mislabel!

I have milo many different ways depending on my mood: The standard hot water with milk variant.

Frothy one where you have cold milk and milo and stir the bejeezus out if it.

Cold milk and milo with minimal stirring til you get to the bottom and then make a thick milo paste.

The decadent teaspoonful of nutella then dunk the spoon into the milo tin.

Lately I've been having milo with a tiny but of boiling water to make an intense choc malt shot I am a big milo fan.

It's Nestle telling you it's healthy. So ... it's not.

It's a chocolate powder, generally mixed with milk.

It's comparable to ovaltine if ovaltine was awesome. Basically a chocolatey crunchy mix for milk.. ratio must be around 1:4 milk:Milo... you're basically eating sugary chocolate too with a spoon.

What an odd thing to say.