"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Fruit Consumption Chart by Day [OC]

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Fruit Consumption Chart by Day [OC]

I cross-referenced the book and video/short for the fruit data, and compiled it over the course of a few weeks. Following that I put it all together in Adobe Illustrator.

edit - in response to what has been a point of controversy throughout this presentation, I'd like to offer the reasoning behind Saturday/Sunday's exclusion from this graph, as well as their accompanying foods...

With what grant money was allocated, there was only enough budget to digitally enhance five pieces of fruit for digital format, ie: the five pieces shown in the graph.

Seeing as there's definitely some strong feelings regarding what some would call the best day of food, I'll make an effort to follow this piece with another that encompasses the entire week of the VHC's endeavor.

Thank you to everyone who's participated in peer review.

I've got systems running around the clock crunching the numbers, as soon as I know you'll know

Could we have some sort of calorie breakdown?

What about the day he eats the cake and the pickle and the cheese and the ice cream cone and the the salami and the cherry pie and the lollipop and all the things.

It's an outlier, they could incorporate it but it would throw everything else to caterpillar hell

You're gonna need a bigger neural net for this one

This is actually a blessing in disguise. Not only does your son get to be exposed to a classic in non-fiction literature, but this also serves as a morbid reminder that everything gets spoiled on the internet.

Keep in mind too that we don't actually know what course the caterpillar took as it went through the fruit. It very well could have veered off and ate other parts of the fruit before leaving the opposite side. It's entirely within the realm of possibility that it ate the entire center of an apple and left nothing but the skin.

If we reference the video/short adaptation, we see that in some of the fruit, the VHC heads straight through and to the core, but whether this is an artist's representation or simply done for ease of animation, is unknown.

There are a surprising number of variables when it comes to quantities and concrete numbers regarding the VHC.

He was so wasteful. He could have eaten just one of each fruit. Instead he just ate a small hole through as many as five.

Um, spoiler tag!? I haven't read this to my son yet!

Using different scales for different bars. The three plums are almost as high as the four strawberries. Totally misleading, 0/10.

Then the day after he eats a leaf and turns into a coccon.

Yea, he should have just choked on the first apple.

Keep in mind the caterpillar didn't eat the entire fruit. It only ate a small hole through the center.

It's agreed among my peers/fellow researchers that on Saturday/Sunday, the Very Hungry Caterpillar goes on a wild binge, but it's not fact. Also, since everything he eats on those days are in single quantities, I figured I'd just keep track of the fruit consumption.

edit: there may have been some discrepancies, thankfully Saturday/Sunday aren't noted in this graph, though they will be accounted for in the full study.

Fruit consumption strangely seems to correlate perfectly with this chart of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels...

Fruit consumption strangely seems to correlate perfectly with

Man, what a weekend.

Maybe, but since there aren't any concrete numbers for the volume consumed per fruit, I thought it was easier to "read" if I showed the whole pieces with holes, as opposed to a graph full of colorful chunks.

Also I've yet to hear back whether or not the VHC eats straight through the fruit, or if it veers off-course to eat more. Theoretically, it could eat the entirety of the inside of an apple and then exit in-line with his entrance hole, leaving nothing but skin.

There's also the issue of size variances between the fruit, and whether or not it eats the same amount, not only between fruit groups, but also the individual pieces Tuesday-Friday.

Still a lot of research to be uncovered regarding the VHC and its riguouros diet. Despite being one of the most widely known biographies, we've only just scratched the surface.

Saturday? Sunday?

Whoa that’s a bit extreme

More like /sub/mildlyinfuriating. The scale is off. The third fruit is about 1.3 times as tall as the fourth, invalidating the graph. 0/10 literally unusable.

C'mon man...

My research shows no signs of rampage on Sunday. I find your peers distrustful.

Oh and while you're at it, visualize the night from Sunday to Monday. Many things that seem to happen behind closed cocoon doors. Who knows what food is being served there!

Edit: Sauce (I was at work)

Ah, you are correct. There must have been some discrepancies in my research and peer reviews. Thankfully though those discrepancies haven't completely ruined the remainder of my research shown above.

Thank you for catching that, I'll make sure you're cited when this is all published early next year.

We're also discounting the one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon.

However, we can approximate the volume of fruit eaten if we assume the hole resembles a cylinder (right cylinder or otherwise). Since the volume of any cylinder is pi*r2 h we can approximate the caloric breakdown by measuring the average density of each fruit and cross referencing with a caloric chart (given in grams). We must still take into account the radius of the caterpillar, but it's a significant simplification to what we had before.

Shouldn't the graph show what it actually ate and not what it left behind?

Cucumbers are fruit, OP. Explain yourself.

The leaves don’t count!

Nah, he should just be able to brute force it.

Years of research, tarnished

Jesus, I just don't understand how you people can even follow this unnecessarily complex data. I'm so lost.

This is just getting more and more complicated. D:

You and every other kid in America. Eric Carle deserves more acknowledgement.

You as well as others may be relieved to know these food items and rogue fruits will be included in the full study when it's published. Thank you very much for your feedback, it is priceless to us.

On Sunday he only ate one leaf. You have just discredited all of your own research.

I recognize those fruits. I just looked it up and I must have read this book as a child. Weird how memory works.

You are correct, in the full study, every piece of food will be tracked and accounted for, including the rogue fruit on Saturday.

Commenting to see response, looking forward to feedback on this

And yet the bottoms of the plums get higher every time. Same applies to the pears actually -- compare with the oranges. There's clearly some kind of ulterior motive here.

And from that we can calculate his TDEE. Could we also measure the size of the book as distance traveled to reverse engineer his BMR?

Touché. Big plum influenced this analysis.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Somehow I think 4 strawberries might have the same or even less calories than one apple. But 5 peaches is a huge jump.

Or maybe not extreme enough? We can't know.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

PS - he was still hungry.

Also, the radius of the caterpillar is itself variable between the days and probably on the days, as well (since it gets bigger after eating).

My typical Tuesday.

Yes, but I assume that can be modeled fairly easily, as I expect there to be at least some research done on the growth of caterpillars. I know of some post-kindergarten colleagues who are partaking in this research right now.

Exactly. This is the entire point of the book, the downside of the bender. Leaving them out is just pointless. /sub/crappydesign.

He eats a cherry pie on Saturday. There must be some fruit in that! Also a slice of watermelon.