The US Mens U-17 soccer team played the USWNT three months before they won the Gold at the Olympics. The U-17 Men's team won 8-2.

The US Mens U-17 soccer team played the USWNT three months before they won the Gold at the Olympi...

So? You want to play against competition that's better than you to improve. The two dominant women's hockey nations, Canada and the US, follow a similar series of work up games before major events like the Olympics.

My former boss played the Norwegian national team with his U-14 team when he was a kid (the late 1980's) and they won 10-0 or something along those lines. People who don't watch a lot of football will probably not realize how incredible inferior the female game is, even lower league sides in most European nations would probably beat the US national team comfortably. Men are a lot bigger, stronger, cover more ground, can jump higher etc. etc., female goalies are also usually horrendously bad and struggle with shots that average male goalkeepers would save.

There is a reason the women's champions league final only attracts around 20 000 spectators, most Europeans are used to proper football and can't really stand watching the women's game. Kinda like the WNBA in the USA.

Probably posted in response to the USA today article saying Carli Loyds performance was the greatest of all time.

So what is the point of this thread? Trying to undermine the female team's accomplishments by posting something that happened 3 years ago?

This is true, I played against the Canadian women's team when they did a cross country trip playing local rep teams. We ended up beating them, but they won gold at the Olympics.

People bring it up contantly in any posts about the women's game, here, on /sub/soccer, /sub/mls, /sub/ussoccer. It is like someone is waiting for a chance to remind it's fans.

It was an obvious clickbait article

That was upvoted by 2200+ people. So no, not really just a click bait article.

and is something completely subjective.

It's sort of subjective. I mean I could also say I'm the best soccer player in the world, which is subjective, but it's obviously in poor taste just like the article.

You don't need to belittle the skills and accomplishments of half the people in the world just because you disagree with some dumb article.

Half the people in the world? The heck are you talking about. And enough with the straw man argument, just because I disagree with the article does not mean I am belittling anybodies accomplishments.

If a journalist makes an absurd claim that people actually believe, you bet I'm going to call him out on it. This doesn't mean I am belittling anyone.

I see a lot of 2 X chromosomes have arrived in this thread

I honestly surprised they let in two goals...