The TV in our hotel room has easily accessible HDMI and USB sockets.

The TV in our hotel room has easily accessible HDMI and USB sockets.

it's as if they're actually marketing to people who are in their 20's and 30's on business trips now.



I can't wait for our generation to reach upper middle age and finally get the world functioning to our needs, then the next generation calls us archaic and awful and pushes their own needs and we become woefully obsolete and socially inept.

It's gonna be fun on a bun.

But no seriously I look forward to nursing homes full of weed and video games.

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And to those saying no games because of arthritis, I'm going into prosthetic limb design. If all goes right I'll have robot hands by 55. Or I'll just make a deal with the robot devil. Whichever comes first.

The successful businesses these days are the ones who don't act like baby boomers are the only consumers on this planet.

To see your scenario all the way through, our generation then must forcefully deny and repel them, even to the point of trying to enact legislation to criminalize things we can't understand or profit from.

The overwhelming majority of them have some form of pay-per-view, yes. And, of course, every single one of them has a Bible in the night stand. (Yes, seriously).

I have never encountered any hotel room with porn on the TV, is it just an American thing or am I too young?

I remember on a youth group field trip I brought my Sega Genesis to the hotel. I had dreams of pulling it out of my suitcase and everyone getting excited to play Mortal Kombat II all night.

I brought the coax adapter and good thing I did because that's all the tv had. But the tv also had an anti tampering device on the coax.

I messed with it for 10 minutes and couldn't figure it out. Ended up not being able to play video games or watch tv because I screwed up the connector.

I achieved the opposite of my goal.

I was so pissed when trying to get HDMI working at the Tropicana in vegas, called the front desk and they confirmed it's hard locked out. What bullshit.

Just wanted to watch some Netflix while I was hungover.

As is tradition.

I'm actually surprised they're not forcing you to buy overpriced 5 year old movies.

I brought my Xbox once to a hotel and tried the HDMI 2 port and nothing happened so I looked at how the cable was connected (by HDMI) and it had a 'do not remove' sticker on it, so I just unplugged it and then plugged in my Xbox and it worked.

Your story is like a parable for my whole life.

Easier to charge for wi-fi.

Buddy, if any of us ever gave any thought to what we know full well has occurred in our room prior to our occupying it.... Folks probably wouldn't be using hotels very often. Well.... Either that or thinking about that stuff is their fetish in which case at least they wouldn't have to pay for over-priced overpriced porn.

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I've seen bibles all over the place, but I had no idea how they ended up there. TIL. But I don't see how anyone would want to pay to watch porn in a hotel room, while knowing fully well that others would have done it too and knowing how thorough cleaning staff usually aren't due to time.

Happened at the last hotel I was in. Just had to unplug an Ethernet cable from the back of it and everything worked fine as long as you used the same input the box was going into because the buttons were all still locked

As our forefathers did before us

Actually work for this hotel chain, and it's completely free! So are borrowing the cables!

I'm sorry to hear that.

If it makes you feel any better:

To redeem myself, on the next youth group camp during the summer I went overboard. I had every single game, every controller (even Mad Katz) all packed up in my bag. I hardly had room for clothes for the week.

We get to our cabin, and there is no tv.

The whole week I hid my bag and never went through it with anyone else around in fear they'd see my futility.

Just another thing millennials have ruined.

Edit: should have added an /s

If you use a universal remote app on your phone you can almost alway bypass locked buttons


You can buy a 3.5mm headphone jack to IR blaster for a few bucks online like this one. Then download an app on your smartphone and you got yourself a universal remote control. Sorry iPhone 7 users. I guess your adapter would work too. :(

Scandic? Label looks familiar. I travel a lot in the Nordics for business.

And their forefathers before them!

That makes me feel the opposite of better.

iPhone 7 users could do USB adapter to 3.5mm to IR blaster?

Assuming your phone has IR on it

A man stays at a hotel with his family. He asks: "Is the porn on the TV disabled?" - "We only have regular porn, you sick fuck!"

Find out the MAC adress of the Chromecast, and then spoof that adress with your phone or laptop and log into the wifi. Once you're on, disconnect your computer and switch back to the original adress. Your Chromecast should then connect straight to the wifi. This is how I did it on my dorm wifi, should work the same way for any other open network.

You can go full circle and buy a full remote and tape it to the back of your phone. :)

Finally, I can watch my own porn on the 20" TV from 2009.

Of course! But it rarely happens as we take all the contact information at check-in! The fee varies from hotel to hotel. :)

That's what pissed me off about that article that said this generation is "killing" traditional restaurants like Applebees: it's their own unwillingness to change business models to adjust for what consumers want now that is hurting them, and blaming it on the consumer is just dumb.

I went to a hotel where they offered to let you log inwith your Netflix info to start watching through their televisions. It didn't sit well with me.

You'd still have people banging in your bed before you slept in it

Even hotels are starting to recognise why most cord-cutters actually cut.

It's not because of cost, it's because there's nothing on cable that is worth paying for.

If they come for my weed and hentai vr there are gonna be a lot of pissed of gramps

We're going full circle boys.

What if your phone doesnt have a headphone jack

But can we go deeper?

Went on them all the time. I actually got called out by the youth pastor for the game system. They weren't explicitly banned until me.

When unloading the bags from the van they were throwing them and I yelled to be careful with mine. He asked why and I told him. The next year they had a list of items not allowed.

The year after that, water balloon slingshots made the list.

this YouTube series

That's why I would prefer hotels without porn, I guess that would minimize masturbation. Also, is both amazing an disgusting.

Well I don't want to fuck the hooker at the bar do I?

A few years ago I stayed at the Isleta in New Mexico, they had all HDMI ports blocked except one, the one that the cable was plugged in to. I brought my Xbox One for Netflix and simply unplugged the cable box. They though they had me outsmarted with the WiFi (because you need to sign in before you can use it, can't do that on an Xbox) but all I had to do was sign into the WiFi on my phone, change the IP address for the Xbox to the one for my phone and bam, hotel WiFi on xbox

Edit: MAC address, not IP address

Is there a fee for non-returned cables?

You should have known that fun is expressly forbidden at youth camp.

Yeah most Vegas hotels do this because if you're spending time in your room, you're not spending time on their casino floor, in their buffet, watching their shows, etc. It's not profitable for them to make your hotel room super cozy.

You don't "give it to the hotel". You log into your account yourself on the TV, just like any other device that has Netflix on it. The hotel can't see that info. They aren't conspiring to get a huge list of Netflix logins.

Sorry again. How can I help?

Shh, don't tell the boomer that. They'll just try and put an end to it.

I've brought my chromecast on trips for this reason, but so many hotels have a splash page for their internet, and I can't get the damn thing to work. Anyone know how to connect a chromecast with a splash page?

Circle up and dicks out, you know the drill.

My favorite was the Hilton hotel. Somebody on Imgur dropped a bunch of change on the floor of a Hilton hotel room, and when they tried looking for it, there was a little sign under the bed that said "Yes, we clean under the beds, too."

Restaurants aren't dying, though. It's the chain restaurants that are having problems because outside of rural areas they are dealing with much larger competition from local restaurants with much better food and a much wider variety of cuisines to pick from.

If I have $40 a week to spend eating out, I'm going to local foodie establishments, not fast casual dining places like Applebee's/Chili's/TGI Friday's/Ruby Tuesday, all of which have pre-made frozen food they heat up to serve to you.

Do you also hover above the toilet seat?

If I wanted to peel meat off of bones I'd be a caveman.

Bring your own micro projector and folding tabletop screen. Bam

If a hotel has no free wifi, then I chose a different one. I can't charge my company for wifi but I can take a more expensive hotel that has free WiFi and the company will pay for that.

Free WiFi and breakfast are a requirements when I travel.

Did you go on any other youth trips ? If so, did you bring your own TV ?

You are correct!

hah by that time I'll have my neural shunt installed

Not only that but you're paying a premium when 1/3 of a show is advertisements.

There was a Christian band. There was a "mosh pit." I got elbowed in the nose.

I got a deviated septum from a mosh pit at church camp.

Fun fact: They want you 'steal' the Bibles..

you won't be able to play the games because of arthritis

Wow I'm not afraid of getting old anymore


LPT: There is usually a box connected to the tv via HDMI and another data cable. Unplug either this data cable or the power to that box, then unplug the tv power momentarily to reboot the tv. The panel buttons should work normally. If the remote in the room has the tv, manufacturer logo on it, that should work as well. If not, you can use a universal remote, or your phone if it has universal remote functionality. PLEASE be nice and put everything back and reboot the tv before checking out. The hotel staff have a hard enough job as it is and most likely don't get paid as much as they should.

What is actually happening here is that when the box is active, the tv is in hotel mode with the panel and remote buttons redirected to that box, overriding the normal operation of the tv. Without the box connected it falls back to a normal mode and you should be able to treat it like a normal tv.

Look all I want is bone-in chicken wings not freaking boneless chicken wings which are just chicken nuggets. Fuck you Applebee's and Chili's

Damn. I must have left that in my other Mercedes. Jokes aside how much does a micro projector cost?

Call me crazy but isn't the successful businesses always the ones catering to their largest customer base? Baby boomers are old and retiring. Generation X and millennials are the the ones going on business trips and staying in hotels now.

Edit: Generation Y to Generation X

Honestly, the thing that's killing the casual places you mentioned ARE the fast casual places. Casual is the applebee's/chilis/etc of the world. Fast casual is the chipotle/shake shack/five guys/panera bread/noodles & co/ boston market, etc.

And it's for exactly the reason you said; the casual places have pre-made frozen food, they necessitate tipping as well as the (minimal) cost of wait staff built into the prices, and they require larger facilities because nobody is taking their food home. The fast casual places are using fresh food, simple but tasty recipes, and a quick in/out experience which facilitates taking food back to the office/home to eat, which a lot more people are doing these days.

The growing visibility of local restaurants, via social media and review sites, is also a big part of it, like you mentioned.

Wtf would a hotel do with your Netflix credentials? Watch a horror movie and fuck up your recommendations?

Bring new TV, that's what I do

Plenty of people are there for conventions, business meetings, or they're kids with parents, or after a long day I wanna sleep in the morning and watch 90s reruns of my fav shows or Netflix the latest content. Nothing wrong with that.

Not everyone is a 21 yr old group of kids who needs to stay out until 4am every night on the strip.

Sometimes they have a metal panel screwed over them. Hotels are awesome!

Is there a fee for non-returned cables?

Do they charge you if you steal their shit?


Weedio games

Finally, the millennials to snake people addon is paying off.

Sometimes it might even be you!


I travel weekly for work and love it when my hotels offer this, mostly Marriott brands. It leaves you logged in only for the duration of your stay and logs you out when you check out. How could you hate this?

I'm paranoid at motels. I won't use the internet without a VPN, won't touch the remote control without a barrier, and won't plug into an unknown USB.

Please the depraved things people do in a hotel room would have you never using them again if you really concerned yourself about it.

What happened to gen X? We're the ones who invented that shit. We wanted it--you guys get to use it.

I'm pretty sure what's killing restaurants is that people can't afford to go to restaurants anymore. That's a pretty massive systemic problem to fix my changing the apps menu.

Our generation and the next are going to be far more in-touch with each other. Technology progresses exponentially, but there's a sort of ceiling for how much new innovations can change our daily lives. Young adults now are the first generation to have unfettered access to information for most of their lives, and that'll never change.

Phelps: They stamped it, didn't they? Those damn Gideons.

I don't know why you were downvoted so I upvoted but I stay in a hotel 3 to 5 night's a week and hate this.

That's nice, I sometimes travel with an Apple TV, and it's irritating when they've blocked or disabled all the ports.

We are all baby boomers on this blessed day

I've seen those too, in non-Hilton properties. Also seen some similar signs between the mattress and box spring. My favorite, though, was in a cheaper hotel in the late 1980s...for some reason one of us moved a picture on the wall and discovered a sign behind it that read "HOUSEKEEPING: THIS ART HAS BEEN STOLEN, PLEASE REPORT!" as if someone would actually steal their shitty generic hotel "painting" of an English cottage at sunset.

It seems a little bit sketchy giving your netflix info to a hotel

Edit: I get it how it works now ya'll.

I remember once for an overnight middle school field trip, I brought my PS2 and Rock Band set. Everyone talked about it all day. We'd play Rock Band all night. fuck the teachers and their stupid curfew. We set up the PS2, the guitars, the drums, the mic. We were ready to rock.

I forgot the disc.

/sub/pcmasterrace must hate you


Why can they leave something cool like a vhs copy of nightcourt

I truly hope so... as long as the next generation doesn't expand upon our already cancerous facebook memes, vines, and pointlessly stupid youtube channels...

I mean come on 2016 was a disaster in itself with braindead content.