The timing of this pic

The timing of this pic

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Thought she was talking a suicidal monk off s ledge

Holy sheet

trying his hardest to say this quote

Has everyone seen the video of a parakeet ? I just wanted to make sure, because it’s adorable.

I see the ghost of laundry past

They always told her Dementors had no heart. She would prove them wrong.

This scene is pretty scary unless you think of it like the ghost/demon was just standing there when the sheet suddenly hit them and they disappeared out of embarrassment.

Reminds me of this scene from the Conjuring.

I think this picture was fabricated....

I see a red dementor.

This goes beyond the fabric of space and time.

"Honey... the gay Dementors are back!"

"Do they suck out your life force?"

"In a way."

A parakeet expects Spanish in a corner

That part had me laughing! Also curious about the train of thought a parakeet has when formulating each variation. Is it just mimicing or throwing those jumbled sentences together?

When Michael Jackson's blanket was held over a balcony people weren't as impressed.

It's windy and a lady is hanging out her bedsheet on the line. The wind is quite strong so she lost her grip. The bedsheet then proceeds to be blown away but gets caught and wraps around a person that isn't there. It blows away afterwards and there's still nothing there.

Pretty creepy in the movie but you'll be fine just watching the gif. The gif itself doesnt have any buildup, music, etc, which drastically increases how people perceive the scariness of a scene

No sheet.


That moment when a ghost gets scared!

Wait, that bird can say "cheeseburger." I just want him to keep saying cheeseburger.

This is what inspires magical realism.

Old Monty Python sketch.


It's throwing the soundbits it knows together. There's a logic in its mixing in the sense that there's an overall melodic arc that it follows (the rising tonality of "nobody" or other start-of-phrase sounds, and the lowering tonality of "the spanish inquisition" etc), but it does not understand the words per se the way we do.

Holy shit. I can't believe I never realized why people put sheets over themselves to dress as a ghost, it's because you can only see the fucking ghost if it has a sheet over it...

When you throw your textbook to escape but then remember how much they cost

"I want to be with you!" "But the underworld needs me, my dear"

Not going to lie, I would be driving away before the sheet flew away. May my family keep up.

A bit of both? Birds in the wild take bits and pieces of songs that they learn by mimicking their parents and other birds in the vicinity and jumble them up to make new songs. In the case of housebirds, the things that we say to them (especially the things that we repeat a lot) are like short songs, and they'll do the same thing to these "songs" as wild birds do: copy them, but also mix them up to form new calls.

Kinda like how if you listen to music from a foreign band you can learn the words and how they're said but not what they mean, so you can sing along but have no idea what you're actually singing

I thought it was Pink guy.

The parakeet went chavvy for a bit. "Nobody expects the Spanish in'it?"

Birds: the OG DJ’s

I'm too scared to click it, what is it

I guess he was right. Nobody expects a cheeseburger.

/u/septic_tongue did a good job of explaining the gif (it's really not too creepy on its own) but if you haven't seen the movie, it's probably one of the best "haunting" based horror movies in recent years, at least for the first two thirds. I kinda felt like it fell apart a bit in the last act.

The sequel is pretty good as well, although there is at least one scene that I can recall where the special effects killed the tension a bit.

Pretty much the same thing

So it's like a person humming a song they can't remember the exact words to? Except the parrot doesn't know what words mean at all, just how they sound when it strings them together.

"Underworld doesn't suck your dick like I can."

"My dear pls"

Ghost when the sheet hits his face: ......................................dammit.

Honestly now that I think of it, I guess ive been assuming the sheet was the ghost, instead of it covering the ghost. I never thought of it that way.

Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our Amongst our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again.

"Ok, you can do this, big scary ghost moment. You're ready. Who's afraid of this ghost? Everybody! Right?! Right! Now let's ge--- spluttering"

Pink guy returns

/sub/theadventurezone Guys, maybe Griffin wasn't writing fiction.

"No body expects the Spanish and I like it I like it, yes I do."

We have a winner


So what you're saying is that parakeets are adorable little bird DJs. Yes. Love it. No need to confirm, we all know that's what you're saying now.

What if she really was talking a suicidal monk off a ledge but the timing made it look like it was her laundry

Alright alright alright


Thrushes, including robins, are among the most average-looking birds. They are also among the world’s most widely distributed and successful birds. These midsize songbirds are found on lawns and in parks worldwide, looking (and not listening, as is commonly believed) for worms with a cocked head. There is a species of thrush from Australia that feeds by using flatulence to flush out worms.

The bassian thrush actually directs a stream of flatulence toward the site of a worm find. The gas apparently disturbs the worm and provokes movement. The otherwise ordinary-looking thrush is then able to effectively locate the worm and grab it for a quick meal. Producing gas on repeated occasions while feeding is certainly one of the most bizarre known adaptations of physiology and bird behavior.

It's 2am. I'm good.

I cottoned on to that hours ago.

Looks like that adult version of that baby's soul that Michael Jackson held over the balcony for the press.

I think it's just more because it looks like a ghost, that's why the sheet being white is an important detail. If it was only because you can't see a ghost without a sheet over it then the color wouldn't make a difference.

Ey boss


Alright let's just call it fake and put this to bed

Pink guy is back ?

Everyone is wondering about timing, I'm wondering why they even took the picture

Except the Spanish inquisition. They expect a Spanish cheeseburger

That's ig'nant don't be ig'nant


I see a milf with all of the above.

What is this from? It’s a Civ 6 achievement on steam, but I’m assuming it’s also in reference to something.

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Lord Palpatine?

DJ Keet sounds like a real DJ name tbvh


Thank you for that!

I like it! I like it!

ay b0ss

i habe de cancer

"Dementor's Kiss," right?

El quesoburguesa.

I cotton to that hours ago.


So that they could photoshop it into a humanoid shaped sheet. Probably an art project.

'Ere now, bruv.

Well that ended too soon.

lol.. question though,so someone is just stalking this woman and taking pictures from afar?

"Well...this is awkward."

That was a really well done subtle scare.


You're talking about the Crooked Man scene, aren't you?

That's what I like about time travel. I keep getting older, she stays the same age.

I've had it with all this pillow talk

...what does a ghost without a sheet look like?

It’s perfect!

I dont believe you. There's a wrinkle in your story.

Thank you, i've had a really shit morning so far but that made me smile

Please don't make such blanket statements.

....Blanket? Is that you?

I too would like to know

They were always the worst part of prison.

The gas apparently disturbs the worm


Knew I'd find this reference :D

If you think about it a ghost making a loud thumping noise probably just tripped and face planted.

Oh yes - I've even seen it referenced on British television

You somehow made ghosts/demons less scary for me

the pixels around the "sheet" have been modified.

eYY b0ss

Ken I habe de pusi pliZ b0ss?

That was the last time anyone saw her....