The time Stephen met Jim Carrey RIP Stephen Hawking

The time Stephen met Jim Carrey RIP Stephen Hawking

Reportedly he enjoyed running over people he didn't like and allegedly one of his great regrets in life was never having the chance to run over Thatcher's toes.

Hawking denied this and once said it was just a rumor and if he caught anyone spreading it he'd run over their toes

Damn, it’s always sad when someone dies but in this case I feel it’s especially easy to celebrate his life instead of mourn his death. R.I.P. Stephen, you made ALS your bitch for half a century and accomplished an incredible amount along the way. Rest easy, you earned it.

Well, I guess that's one way to find out he died.

This is cute af

Ah shit, I fucking loved Jim Carrey.

It was always brilliant to see him smile. He had a fantastic and witty sense of humour. I also heard he was quite good at math

For sure. My grandma just died from ALS. She was diagnosed a couple months ago. So big props to him for fighting it for so long.

I don't think I've ever seen him smile like that.

John Oliver: "Professor, is there an alternate universe where I'm smarter than you?"

Hawking: "Yes. Also an alternate universe where you're funny" (grins).

My Computing teacher told us the story of how when he was at Cambridge Hawking was notorious for cutting across the grass at fullspeed plowing through young couples and families enjoying their Picnics.

Holy shit, what a strange time in the world where this is the moment I find out a human being like Stephen Hawking died. Truly sad moment. As odd as it is, I'll remember his likeness through his hilarious moments in family guy, and his actual interview/s? with Colbert. It's been interesting to be alive at the same time, with a man such as him. Rest easy.

I’m just gonna go sit in the shower and cry waiting for my wife to wake up and ask who is Steven Hawking and why are you crying like a little bitch


What if Thatcher spread the rumour?

Thatcher doesnt need to pretend people hate her.

Heard in an interview this morning (can't remember who said it):

"It took Professor Hawking a long time to put a sentence together so the fact that he would sometimes chose to use that time to be funny was a testament to him"

This made me smile

That's a paddlin'

Your wife doesn't know who Stephen Hawking is?

Just about everyone - he loved comedy in all its forms (his kids say he liked to joke constantly), he played on several sitcoms (although with e.g. the Simpsons, how do we know it was him...not just some random voice synth).

When life served him lemons, he didn't just make lemonade, but limoncello, lemon meringue pie, a slice in a GnT and just about anything else you can do with a lemon.

Really sorry to hear that. ALS is shitty, theres no other way to put it.

He didn't like that they were all collecting together since the universe tends towards entropy.

And futurama!

Fry: Aren't you the guy who invented gravity? Hawking: Sure. Why not.

You don't anymore?

Pity Stephen didn't school Jim on vaccinations



Hawking could be a really funny guy at times and I don't think a lot of people realize this. There's a reason he's been on several sitcoms. (Simpsons, Big Bang Theory)

He's dead for forever.



Don't tell me he's anti-vax...

Edit: , Jim Carrey, what are you doing?

This is both likely true and not that surprising given the context.

Only fellows (professors and senior researchers) are allowed to be on much of the grass at Cambridge. A privilege they jealously guard. Hawkings was a fellow, the young couples/families probably weren't. Curmogeony Curmudgeonly passive aggressive professors walk like this all the time.

Edit: spelling

Who knew Hawking liked slapstick?

I just learned Stephen Hawking was British. I would have never guessed it based off his accent.

(although with e.g. the Simpsons, how do we know it was him...not just some random voice synth)

They flew him out to the studio to do live recording, so it was never random voice synth

Nah.. for becoming a pilot, its mandatory to love dem airplanes ONLY.. But if you had too much love, they even let you paint the plane in pink...

100% of people who met Jim Carry die


I hate to be the one to give you the news bro... she as dead as steve up there.

I hope she radiates into nothingness. This isn't a paradox because she has no information.

He recently put his foot in his mouth and recanted it. I remember him being pretty "fuck hollywood talking heads!" about it. AFAIK, he's been through some kind of mid-life crisis shit these past 3-4 years.

Thx. Ya her decline was pretty rapid. So him fighting it for so long is amazing.

I found out thru a Snapchat filter. I'm questioning my life choices at the moment.

I think he had a slightly different variant of ALS which progresses more slowly than the more well known one.

It’s in the bone, it’s in the bone, it’s in the booooone! Ouda! Throw me a spear!!!

I've also heard that there were a lot of other programs or devices he could have used, later in his life, that would have made this easier/faster. But, he felt what he had used for so long was a part of him like anyone else's actual voice so he didn't feel right making the change.

Edit: well damn. Apparently I heard wrong. My memory sucks and I knew I didn't remember many details of what I was watching at the time. A few comments below have pointed out this wasn't the case with his voice unit. Sorry about the misinformation!

And the only person to ever play himself on Star Trek.

it’s always sad when someone dies but in this case I feel it’s especially easy to celebrate his life

This is how I feel. I’ve always looked up to and had the great admiration and respect for him. I won’t pretend to understand anything he ever wrote, I shovel horse shit for a living, it’s way beyond me. But whether it was his AMA on Reddit or watching him on TV or hearing him talk about something, space, our future as a species, robots, etc...I’ve always listened to him because he gave great insight into things that i otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.

It’s all too easy to mourn someone’s passing. It’s never right when you lose someone you look up to and respect. Even if you’ve never met them. But he...he changed the world for the better. He did so despite his illness. I struggle to be completely sad about his passing because his is a life that went beyond what anyone could have expected. It wasn’t wasted. He accomplished so much. He truly reached for the stars and deserves his place in history.


Grim Jim.

A little good at math

He then held the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (1979-2009). The chair was founded in 1663 with money left in the will of the Reverend Henry Lucas who had been the Member of Parliament for the University. It was first held by Isaac Barrow and then in 1669 by Isaac Newton.

only Jim can make people smile like that

Hawking did have his "voice" recorded for each episode of the Simpsons he was on, no random voice...

The Jim Reaper

I found out by waking up to a message from a flatmate:

Guys Stephen Hawkings has died, sad news for physicians

And no, it wasn't ironic.

HA. HA. HA .

Did Jim Carry meet her?

Guys, i just found out Stephen Hawking is dead.


For those who are not aware of the paddlin'..

Yeah. But at the same time, it forced him to choose his words carefully. Considering how sharp he was, he was very able to get his point across very well without extraneous words. Plus, given his career, I'm sure he was alright with thinking more than the average person.

This made me feel all warm and fuzzy

Oliver needed a tub of aloe for that burn. Some say he still hasn't fully recovered.

I read somewhere that he had a really rare form of it which didn't affect his vital organs, which is why he was able to live so long. Also amazing that he was such a prominent figure, a beacon of hope for all ALS sufferers, especially seeing as it generally comes with a short-term prognosis.

Ace Ventura: Legs Defective

Well, if you really get down to it, Shatner was playing Shatner.

I wouldn't call it a mid life crisis so much as ego death.

Well goddammit. Thats a god tier nerd joke.

I read this in his voice, which kind of turned into the AOL guy.


Ya, i kinda figured it varied a bit. I dont really know anything about ALS other than its horrible.

Sorry, no. Same voice actor though!

(i.e., Fred(speech)Mac OS X Leopard.)

Willie goes where he pleases.

Because he was truly special. Lots of celebrities and artists die all the time but they tend to be a dime a dozen. This man was truly unique. He not only changed the way we look at many things in space but had a talent to explain them in a way that most everyone could understand.

The future we were promised: nanobots and Mars colonies.

The future we got: furries and "In Memoriam" Snapchat filters.

I can just imagine the banter between these two. Probably near constant rolling. Their humour must have been aces. I'd ventura guess that day was a favourite one for both of them. It'd be hard to mask the amusement. But Carrey probably bruced his foot on the chair and let out an almighty roar. That's all I got. Good day, sir.

Had to Google that one! Very entertaining. But no, probable not.

Fun Fact: Over the years Hawking has been was offered (free of charge) numerous voice synthesizers, all of which had more memory, more human like voices, and better (easier to use) interfaces - but he stuck with the one he had because people recognized "Fred" as his voice.

You understand the meat of it. :(

I believe when he was on The Simpsons he actually recorded his parts himself. The Simpsons were always pretty good about getting the actual celebrities to do their own voices, and Hawking was a total legend. Super cool on both parties.

Nope, not as far as I know, it can also be temporary. It's often attributed to one of the effects of ingesting certain hallucinogenics and some people say that it changes their lives in a very positive way. The idea that we are all connected as opposed to individual, egotistical creatures.

I guess in another way it could be a very negative and people could become nihilistic, because they realise that their life is meaningless in the grand scheme of things and they are but a passing combination of atoms.

You can thank Jenny McCarthy for that one. She influenced his beliefs since he never spoke on it before porking her.

You might "shovel horse shit for a living", but you're very eloquent.

And pretty good at physics too

That must be horrible. Your mind is fast as normal and really intelligent but your body slows you down.

I entered Reddit, first thing is about S. Hawking, I thought: "yes, that is funny, but is a repost". Second thing is about S. Hawking "oh shit, he is dead!" :(


Click farm account. These guys suck up as many clicks for their crappy website as they can before they get removed, it's a well-known scam around here.

They also use their multiple accounts to downvote anyone calling them out which is what is happening to this comment.

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Well you heard wrong. He wouldn't upgrade his voice, but the machine and computer was always upgraded to be more helpful, useful, and faster. That became harder to do the more muscles (inputs) he lost control of.

He was writing physics papers ffs, trying to unify the the two major theories knowing death was just around the corner. Speed was everything to him.

Well said

Just imagine you right now but paralyzed. Your brain is stuck in a body that refuses to cooperate. A prison you can't escape.

Source: My non-biological (thank fuck) grandfather had ALS. Possibly the worst way to die I can think of.

He got "lucky" and had a rare type of ALS which helped the prognosis.

He got lemons and demanded to see life's manager.


puritanical or prudish person / a person who advocates a rigorous moral code


native of the British city of Birmingham.


I am going to assume this refers to scrotum

I mean even if you have 0 interest in his field of study, he has been mentioned and parodied so many times within the pop culture industry you'd think the majority of the population that has access to this medium would have at least heard of him. There even was a critically successful and award winning movie about him!

I call it a Hawking Hole

He passed this morning.

Teeheehee this is great.

A year or two ago, there was a job posting I came across. It was to be Hawking's assistant with his voice machine. Apparently the machine has no manual, is quite old, and requires upkeep. It paid only $30k a year but imagine the opportunities to travel, meet others, and gain insight from Hawking himself. Would have been a pretty amazing opportunity.

I really like how Prof. Hawking was so into Comedy, and was willing to poke fun at himself. Usually people in a position such as his strive to maintain a certain image, but in reality he was just a geek who knew a lot about physics and loved cartoons. And was a British guy that spoke in an american accent (Couldn't help it, I'm a bad person).

Equinsu ocha

Hold my coffin, I’m going in?

He can still keep the voice but change the way words are inputted.



Man was a frickin Legend. Rest easy friend, we'll take it from here.

He was a great man.

Why isn’t the loss of someone celebrated by many something to mourn? Maybe you should reevaluate a few things for some perspective? Try some new friends with more emotional capacity than the AAA battery in my tv remote. Hopefully some with a sense of humor and if not, at least the ability to recognize sarcasm.