The tightest form of friendship

The tightest form of friendship

No one starts a man to man friendship with anal. That's crazy. First a buddy kiss, than a friendly handjob progressing eventually to a platonic "experimental" blowjob. In time anal. You can't rush ass fucking especially amongst heterosexual friends.

Demilitarized Bone


Trump and Putin, 2016 (decolorized)

Battle on the Bulge

When you've looked death for extended periods of time, survived inexplicable traumas and fought bloody seemingly endless battles with another human being, sexuality and social norms fly out of the window. They're brothers in arms. A bond many of us will (hopefully?) never know.

It's not gay unless the balls touch...

Fake news. Trump never served in the military.

Stop telling people nephew!


My uncle does that to me all the time

Pro tip. Don't ever rush assfucking in general. Just don't.

It'll be shitty if you do.

D-Day: The Normandick Landings

Delete this, nephew

Hates: A dull clit fur

Loves: Hairy True Man

and a Bro Wedding/Spending the Rest of Your Lives Together

Them niggas gay