The terminators are back.

What the fuck is that? Whatever it is, I like it.

I think it's a ferro fluid being attracted to an electromagnet in the skull being turned on then off. Just a guess though.

That made me so uncomfortable..


Your guess would probably be correct, that's what I thought as well

All I see is a Tailed Beast bomb

This is how I want to die

Helperdroid and its creator love you, here's some people that can help:

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Just kill somebody and use their skull, it’s free.

Good bot

You are correct. I first saw this on Reddit 5-6 years ago and wanted to buy one, but it was a few grand IIRC.

Got goosebumps when it started moving into the mouth and the way its shaped

It's not good for your skin and it quickly sticks and stains stuff. It's better to leave it in a container and mess with it there.

woof woof

Actual "Black" Magic...

I think it was more the black fluid going into and out of the skull’s mouth

Good bot, 11/10

Its easy to make this stuff. Look up a tutorial for ferrofluid, and then just make an electromagnet. Won't get nearly as much fluid, but you can still do it :P

I screamed.

I was screaming.

There was a scream. I had it.

A scream came from me.

Inside, there was a scream. I expelled it.

I think I’m still screaming, I can’t tell.

But I hear screaming.


I know what it is, but regardless, there's something about this that makes it extremely unsettling.

By the power of magnets I compel you!

I can see that. Personally I see the Venom symbiote but I do see the resemblance to a Bijuu Dama.


There'll be a magnet in the skull.

That's some phyrexian shit right there

That sounds like an expectations vs reality post in the making.

Where can you buy it? Google is giving me results for ferrofluid in unopenable containers. I want to take it out and mess with it

Bot want quite needed, but still a great bot

I meant the whole statue not just the fluid and the magnet, that's the cheap part.

Yep. Glistening oil, to be precise. Amazon seems to sell some, but be careful with it. It’s quite bad for your body, kinda like Quicksilver.

The bot was there for me in the dark times

Not everything is trypophobia.

I supprose it could be.

I don't know, Quicksilver seemed to be really beneficial for Hawkeye's body.


Glistening oil

Darn, I was afraid of that. Thanks for the heads up before I did something stupid with it though haha

Good bot.

you thought about gargling magnets and ferrofluid too, huh.

Dude's beard is metal.

Also: Thread posted 2h ago, top comments 3h ago. What?

Careful posting that. You might trigger Karn.

[suspenseful music playing] Dumdum duhmm dumdum

SCP-███-1 is an ancient "indestructible" object in the shape of a human skull. It was found in the middle of a desert near to a small temple and a mass grave. The Foundation was alerted to its presence after members of a university archaeological expedition in the area began disappearing. Their bodies were found above where the object was buried.

It is completely inanimate during the day. At 1:41AM every night, it begins to "draw in" exactly 4.3 litres of fresh human blood from the closest source.

An unknown force is applied to the targeted red-blood cells, pushing them in a linear trajectory toward the object. The forces are weak at 1:41AM, but exponentially grow at a rate such that by 1:47AM the forces are strong enough to pull the blood through concrete. The blood forms a sphere in the jaw cavity that grows as more blood reaches it; strangely, the measured volume of the sphere is smaller than 4.3L.

At 1:54AM, the blood turns black and begins to vanish. By 1:56AM all blood has vanished and the object returns to its inert state.

Its apparent range is 208km, making containment away from humans difficult to implement. If there is less than 4.3L of blood within the object's range, at 1:54AM the blood it has gathered simply falls to the ground.

It is made of an unknown, extremely durable material. The object is damaged at the top, as it has been struck by an object. Attempts to incur additional damage to the skull have failed.

On ██-██-████, in a stone container with a heavy lid found buried underneath the mass grave, a handful of loose shards of the same consistency as the skull were found. Computer modelling shows the shards match the existing damage. In one experiment, one of the shards was inserted into the damaged area; it snapped into placed and merged perfectly with the object, repairing some of the damage. When the object was first found, it drew in only 3.8 litres of fresh human blood. After this experiment, it increased its draw to 4.3 litres.

It is supposed that if fully repaired, it will draw in 5.1 litres: the average amount of blood in an adult male. For this reason, it is believed to be originally created for human sacrifice. Where the blood goes or what would occur if it were to draw in the full 5.1 litres is unknown. Further repair of the object has been forbidden.

Originally, the object was stored in a facility G-████ and, every day, blood was taken from class-D subjects to be placed next to the object. This containment solution was effective until an unrelated event caused the facility to go into lock-down. The closest source of blood was a unit of MTF agents attempting to resolve the unrelated event. Seven MTF agents were exsanguinated and dozens of containment structures for other SCPs were damaged as the blood was pulled through the facility.

Consequently, a special facility in the middle of the ████████ desert—several hundred kilometers away from society—was constructed to hold the object. The original plan to avoid wandering humans from being exsanguinated (and the facility being destroyed as the blood is drawn in) was to regularly renew a supply of human blood. This proved difficult because the object was extremely selective in regards to the freshness of the human blood it absorbs. Additionally, the consequences of letting it absorb 4.3L of blood—the amount required for it to vanish the blood to an unknown destination—are unknown. If less than 4.3L is made available, and human that wanders within 208km during the absorbtion time will be used to make up the difference.

Fortunately, during construction of the facility, it was discovered by accident that the object considers various ferrofluids as suitable. If there is less than 4.3L of ferrofluid available, it will still attempt to draw in human blood. Ferrofluid drawn in will not vanish, even if there is 4.3L. At 1:54AM, any drawn-in ferrofluid increases in temperature. At 1:56AM, the ferrofluid simply falls to the ground. It has been reported, but not confirmed by a credible source, that when the drawn-in mixture consists of more than 2 litres of ferrofluid, the object's eye sockets glow red. One agent who observed this phenomenon stated "it burns chaos taint on your retina."

There are several pending experiment requests involving this object. On ██-██-████, an experiment was conducted where only 4.299L of human blood were made available at 1:47AM for the object to draw in. At 1:53:55AM—five seconds before the "deadline"—additional blood was movedinto the 208km radius. The additional blood was pulled with an immeasurable force, creating an enormous destructive wave that was described by one agent as being "like a baseball travelling at the f***ing speed of light."

All experiment requests have been placed on hold pending careful consideration.

"Who would make such a thing? What kinky **** were the creators into?" "Perhaps it does something if it gathers a whole 5.1 litres." "... Maybe we shouldn't store the shards in the same facility." "Hmm, I'll get right onto that."

It would make for a good SCP

Thank Christ this bot doesn't post its huge wall of text anymore