The Tennessee Senate Race Is Suddenly Competitive for Democrats

The Tennessee Senate Race Is Suddenly Competitive for Democrats
The Tennessee Senate Race Is Suddenly Competitive for Democrats

I recently moved from a blue state to TN and you can bet your ass I'll be doing my part to turn this state purple.

It feels like a good time to be a Democrat in Tennessee. I like what I've seen and read from James Mackler, but I'd be happy supporting Bredesen if he wins the primary. Justin Kanew is taking aim at Marsha Blackburn's House seat, which would put her out of office if she doesn't win her Senate bid. Craig Fitzhugh launched a run for governor, and as a banker, outdoorsman, and NRA member, he has some crossover appeal to moderate Republicans.

We aren't going to be turning blue anytime soon, but I think there's a very real chance to chip away at the solid red stronghold.

I guess you can say the rural Americans are losing their GOP golden age they can't keep turning out to vote against Democrats because their numbers are shrinking.

Atta' boy.

Seriously though, thank you.

It's a demographic timebomb which we've seen coming for at least 10 years now. The only chance is to try to split the opposition enough to win with a minority, which is why we're seeing so much of that now.

He won the governership in my state twice. Old people know him well. Blackshit will have a tough time portraying him as an "out of touch le liberal who won't swamp drain" (though she's already trying, LOL).

It's ON.

Or just engage in some good ol' voter suppression until they can simply get rid of elections.

I would give my left arm to be rid of Marsha Blackburn.

She's constantly in the news for being a vile bitch. Net Neutrality, Planned Parenthood, Project Veritas. If you really want to get a good look at her- watch the video of her Town Hall in Franklin. Cops to the rafters, limited and vetted audience where they took *drivers license info." And she was fucking late.

I think this could be interesting. I think Bredeson definitely should fare better than Bayh and Strickland did. Both faced incumbents, correct? And were swimming upstream against Trump, while fighting off attacks while "Drain the Swamp" was the manta.

It appears this race is shaking out the other way. Blackburn is on defense regarding previous opioid crisis policies, and she'll be swimming againt a favorable national environment for democrats.

Lets also not forget Marsha Blackburn got "a call" from a "friend who's a teacher" after Obama came out for universal pre-k, who said "Are you kidding? More paperwork?" There will be more skeletons to come out of her closet, would be my guess. Senate races are a bit more heavily scrutinized than the gong shows that frequently double as house races.

The South will rise again! ...just not in the way the Klan was hoping for.

The only way to save the Constitution is to destroy it!