The Tacoma narrows bridge disaster, November 7, 1940

I remember watching a show about this on the History Channel. Way back when the History Channel actually aired shows about history

IIRC the guy who was driving on the bridge at the time had his dog in the car with him. The dog was scared shitless and every time the guy tried to grab him to get out, the dog went buck wild and bit him. Owner had no choice but to leave him in the car to plunge to his death below.

RIP wobbly bridge doggo


More footage, and better footage of the collapse (with old timey voiceover)

Personally I would take the word of a random internet stranger over any of those formal educations.

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edit: to the geniusoids here, this is sarcasm

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Caused by Aeroelastic flutter.

The 1990s?

Well, there's the problem. They using Yeast.

5 years of school and 10 years of engineering and this is the first I've ever heard that term.

Seems like it's just describing resonance frequency, is it just a really specific scenario of resonance?

Scary shit

You can read the story and see more gifs here: it's crazy!

Every engineer learns about this disaster in control theory

If you're in the area, watch this video a few times, and then drive across the bridge.