The switch is my son's first console that's all his!

The switch is my son's first console that's all his!

So I went a little overboard with my son and got him a switch for Christmas. I grew up with games starting with an Atari 2600, then NES, SNES, N64, GC, PS2, PS3, Wii and most recently a PS4. The Wii and PS4 are what my kids and I play the most. Everything from Destiny to Dark Souls, Smash Bros and you name it. But honestly, it was mostly me playing and them watching, or me guiding them through a game that I had already had experience with.

But this is the first console that's... not mine. I hate to be 44 and jealous, but man, watching him play Breath of the Wild has been fantastic! When we have time to play together, he pops it in the dock and I get to watch him play. Sometimes he passes it to me and it makes me feel so old when I don't automatically do some mechanic correctly.

I can still own his ass in Bloodborne, though.

He's been great about sharing with his little brother, and that's something I was worried about. He knows how big a deal it was that he got this and knows that it's precious and delicate, but he's really patient and awesome.

Anyway, just wanted to brag about my kid getting his first console. Hope he has as much fun with video games throughout his life as I have.

Edit: should probably mention he's 11. Perfect age for a bit of responsibility.

There is nothing like your first. I hope he enjoys it!

Years from now, grandpas and grandmas around the world will talk about the old game known as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that they played when they were a child.

You're exactly right! I still remember the feel of the Atari 2600 controller and the flip switches on the console!

Having grown up on the old huge Game Boy with the green screen myself, I would have shit my pants if something like the Switch existed back then. That's great for him.

get a screen protector if you haven't already for him. that stuff scratches at the mere sight of keys

I am 20 years old and switch is my first console as well, it was a gift from my brother and it’s awesome!

I'm only enough to be a grandpa and I'm 100 hours in.

Hey, thanks for reading!

Just got this week! Thanks!

That’s great!

My first console was an N64, the only game my dad could play with me was Mario Golf, he was/is bad at every other game ever. So I think it’s great that there are titles you can share with your children~ they’ll cherish those memories I’m sure!

I still remember my first, he must be really happy! Props for being an awesome dad about it. Probably he’ll own your ass in Bloodborne as well after a month or so haha ;)

Awesome, dad!

Really, he's gonna create so many awesome memories! I can't imagine being a kid and getting the Switch, with such incredible games out for it, and being able to play handheld!