The sound of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Please vaccinate your children

The sound of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Please vaccinate your children

Important to note that this kid is too young for his first Pertussis vaccination. This is another very important reason to vaccinate your kids. You're not just making a decision that will potentially fuck up your own kid's life. You're actively risking seriously harming or occasionally even killing infants because of your anti-science beliefs.

The kid is ok now. From youtube comments by the poster:

I'm happy to report he is 2 years old now and made a great recovery. Things like seasonal allergies and common viruses can give him a croup like cough, but other than that, he's just perfect. Thanks for your concern!

Now I can sleep...

Edit: the number of anti-vaxxer comment replies (and that one PM that told me to kill myself) I've gotten are depressing. Please don't listen to them. Be a loving and considerate parent and do right thing

Couldn't finish it.

Anti-vac people, please fuck off.

I honestly believe that if you choose not to vaccinate your child, and it can be proven that your child infected someone else, that parent should be held personally responsible/liable.

Put them under the same jurisdiction as people who willingly spread AIDS/HIV.

FYI, this is called Herd Immunity, and EXACTLY why pertussis has been so devastating: because healthy people can have mild symptoms but carry it, affecting infants, elderly, and the immunocompromised.

Warning! This is the only comment you need! You will contract many deadly diseases from looking at the other comments!

I had whooping cough as a baby. I'm 28 now but I contracted it from the hospital as a new born. What people don't realise is that it lasts for months, at 9 months old my weight was the same as my birth weight. I had to live in a car seat because I couldn't breath when I lay down. I obviously don't remember but my parents still get upset every time they think of it.

At one point I went blue from not being able to catch my breath. Spent a week in hospital with 50/50 odds that I would either die or live with brain damage.

Loads of testing as a kid and I seem to have beaten the odds but I can't imagine being the parent to a baby that sick.

Anti-vaxers are the biggest assholes. So sick of hearing about their misplaced outspoken bullshit that they preach like it's gospel. They can fuck right off

I was searching for a paediatrician and of course turned to the internet, reading reviews of several ones. The one I liked due to being close distance to me had some bad reviews. I remember one was something like: "I wanted to wait to vaccinate at least a full year for some of the diseases and some to skip completely.

The doc said that he vaccinates according to the officially recommended schedule and that he will not put other children in the waiting room at risk by having unvaccinated kids there. That I should have the best for society in mind.

Whoever wants to follow medicine blindly is well served here but I am searching for a different doc."

Hey- if that is not the best one star review I have seen...

I watched four seconds of it, and had to close it. The first time lil' guy was gasping for breath.... nope.

God damn it hurt to "upvote" a video like this. But people really need to be aware.

I'm a new dad and this fucked me up and I ain't ever seen one thing that fucked me up.

Speaking of HIV, there's a bill in CA that's trying to make people who knowingly hide their HIV status/don't disclose it prior to unprotected sexual intercourse not a felony.

My best friend almost died from Pertussis, he was 17 at the time. He was in the hospital for three weeks before a doctor looked over his chart; realized he wasn't vaccinated and treated him for Pertussis. A month of his life later and thousands of dollars in bills all because his mom didn't want him to get a vaccine.

I had whooping cough when I was in my late teens, and I remember being unable to breathe after a coughing fit and having to force myself to not panic and relax so my airway would open back up, and you can't fucking explain that to a baby.

It was honestly so bad that for months after my whooping cough cleared up I had a genuine phobia of coughing. Vaccinate your kids people.

Can I vaccinate against YouTube Comments?

Brutal to watch. Yeeesh.

Cancer has no vaccine.

Boy did you start young.

Growing up in an anti-vaccine home was admittedly nice, I witnessed all of my friends complaining about their arms hurting though the years. I felt like I was a super hero because I didn't need vaccines to be healthy and not get the flu, etc.

Then my sister got whooping cough at fourteen. It wasn't very super. She would go into horrible coughing fits that wouldn't end.

It's actually a funny story now, but we learned from her illness that she was accidentally using the same toothbrush as our dad. See, he was the only other member of the family who got sick and we never understood why until they got better and we went out of town for a concert. When packing up, my dad asked my sister why she took his toothbrush. Turns out a month or two prior when we bought new brushes they didn't establish whose was whose very well.

Now that I'm an adult I've educated myself and gotten all my vaccines so I'm not a break in the herd anymore. I've talked to my parents about it and they've changed their minds, admit they fell into the bullshit paranoia that plagued the 90's-early 2000's.

That's my husband's story. He and his mom lived in their bathroom until he was just over a yeat old with the water going as hot as it could. When the hot water ran out she had 5 electric stovetops boiling water in her bathroom trying to keep the steam up.

When our son got his first barky cough she kept saying how it wasn't bad. It wasn't until after our sons cough subsided when she told me about how she would microsleep on the bathroom floor and she'd wake up in a panic if he wasn't crying, she thought he was dead every time she woke up.

Problem with that logic is that just enough people cannot be vaccinated and these parents tend to form little suburb enclaves that herd immunity can be easily lost in small areas.

It is still pretty horrible to see, I had to stop watching after 5 seconds.

This chills me to the bone. Failing to vaccinate your kids is abuse.

Yes. He will always be a threat to babies or those allergic to vaccinations. I wouldn't let my children be around him.

Fun fact: this also creates the perfect conditions for a super virus to evolve that is immune to to vaccinations. So not only can these assholes actually cause an epidemic of something that was nearly extinct and 100% preventable...we could very well not have a working vaccine for whatever it ends up being. Which means basically the plague all over again.

You know, these people are clearly more intelligent than their doctor. I mean, the doctor did what, just like 10 years of higher education to get to the point he's at? Surely this persons high school diploma makes them equally qualified!

I got Whooping cough when I was 25. I dealt with it (like a god damned idiot) for something like a month. I felt ok but when a coughing spasm took hold I was coughing so hard I was gagging until ran out of air and just make those little clucking noises until I could get a moment to "Whooop" in a lung full of air. I'd go dark red in the face and nothing you did stopped it. No air at all. It was crazy.

I had an attack while on the phone with my mom who's a nurse and she was like You have fucking whooping cough, hospital, now.

Seeing/hearing this video is awful, especially having gone thru that feeling of not being able to breathe. Anyone who doesn't vaccinate and willingly puts a kid into this position is literally satan.

My sister almost died from whooping cough when she was this age. And she has autism, so the notion that people were down to put my precious baby sister at risk of DEATH so that THEIR kid doesn't develop autism (even though it doesn't work that way at all) makes me so fucking mad. So so so fucking mad. I hate anti-vaxxers.

The fact that herd immunity is a real thing would give an anti-vaccine parent more incentive not to vaccinate their kids. They know that 99% of the population are vaccinated, so not vaccinating their own kids will not make much of a difference while at the same time their kid is protected by herd immunity and they will not get any potential side-effects of vaccination, a win-win for them. This is not my view and it's selfish but it's a view I can see the anti-vaccine group has.

Does anyone else think its stupid that on one hand we are told Autistic people are people too (they fucking are that's not my point) yet some part of the population sees it as such a horrible condition that they would let one fucking infant suffer like this let alone endanger an entire nation of them?

Edit: I personally don't believe there is any correlation between the two.

My wife is an "intensive teaching assistant" (aka personal aide) for a 12 year old girl with moderate Cerebral Palsy.

She caught Pertussis as a two month old (maybe 6 weeks old?), which caused scarring on her brain causing all kinds of muscle control issues. She's wheelchair-bound, slurred speech, unable to write, has a ton of trouble typing, etc. Normal mental faculty, though.

She would have been a totally normal child (and later, adult) had she not caught Pertussis from someone. As she was an infant when she caught it, she was not yet able to get vaccinated. This is that whole "herd immunity" thing people talk about.

So get yourself and your kids vaccinated, so you don't cause some poor innocent other kid to be disabled for life.

Welcome to fatherhood! It's no joke, though. You have an instinctual response to children in pain now. Try watching a TV show about a kid in danger or a kid getting hurt. You'll be hyperventilating, pacing around the room, and crying bitter tears. Really, try it. I dare you.

Anti-vax is such a negative term. I prefer "pro-disease".

My dad got whooping cough when I was in high school. He would cough so loud and for so long that he would wake me up through 3 walls and ~50 feet of distance. Every time he would go into a coughing fit, I would be genuinely scared for his life. No one deserves to go through that.

that seems like a bad idea, it's clearly essentially manslaughter at best, first degree murder at worst.

Christ, just why? Like these people read just a small amount of info then stopped and never again researched the subject.

What they're actualy saying is:

Autism is so terrible I'd rather my child was blind/crippled/dead.

When he started crying at the end it was like music. Can't cry if you're not breathing.

I didn't want to, but I made myself finish it. Imagine being the parents and not being able to do a damn thing to help.

Wrong. He will be a threat to EVERYONE, vaccinated or not. Vaccines are never 100% effective, which is another reason why everyone who can get them should to increase herd immunity.

Motherly intuition > decades of research

Watching this made me feel as though my none existent child was in danger and I think I know what dad strength is now.. Seriously though, please vaccinate your children.

I'm an autism mama and my thought is I'd rather have an autistic than a child dead from an easily prevemted disease.

Not to mention the vaccine leads to autism study was false anyway.

Which is awful. I also have aspergers, and I very much prefer being alive thank you very much.

I couldn't make more than 10 seconds without tearing up.

I think just banning unvaccinated children from schools and other public places like community centres and daycares should be good enough. *Unless they have a legitimate reason ( immunocompromised etc). I believe Australia is implementing this soon.

Yikes, this is scary! I only got the TD part of the TDP vaccine because my brother went into anaphylactic shock from an allergy to the vaccine and the doctors recommended none of my mother's other kids get it after that. 0/10 now terrified of getting whooping cough. Fuck you, anti-vaxxers. Edit: damn whooping couches....

Bu-but Alex Jones says if I give my kid vaccines, it'll turn them gay because the New World Order and the banksters and the satanist illuminati have put chemicals in them that turn people gay. They are trying to wipe out the world's population by turning everyone gay!!

For real. Like, no offense Daryl from the trailer park, but I really fucking doubt that you know more about this shit than a scientist who has actually spent years of their life researching this.

Hearing common day citizens trying to sound smarter than scientists that actually know their shit is one of the most infuriating things.

My youngest contracted Pertussis at age 8, despite being vaccinated. I was suspicious of the cough from square one, due to hearing that sound. Took my kid to their doc, a walk-in clinic and twice to the local ER (Canada). Each time I was patted on the head, told it was a simple cough and not to worry.

Finally, at the second ER visit, I got pissed and told the doc, "Look, humour me and test her for whooping cough." After much harrumphing the doc finally did so. We live in a rural area and it took 10 days for the test results to get back.

Whooping cough, as I suspected all along.

Local health authority freaked out, letters sent out to all the schools etc. The most insane part was when the health authority lady started screaming at me over the phone, demanding to know why my kid had been in school. I shot back with how many times I was told point blank by docs that it was a simple cough and my kid could go to school. Complete with the names of the doctors involved. I told her it was reprehensible that four different doctors couldn't recognize the classically presented signs of a classic disease.

I had it as an adult. After I figgured out I had whooping cough and not fucking lung cancer or something it really chilled me. It was NOT like a bad cold.

I would cough until I gagged, and that would keep going until I ran out of air in my lungs and I'd just make this "kak kak kak" noise until I could catch a break and wheeze in a lungful of air..

It was scary, not being able to breath, going light headed from lack of O2, and nothing you did stopping the spasms...I was afraid I was going to pass out or suffocate. I can't imagine a child going thru it.

3 year old dad here and I still felt it. Some sort of raw gut wrenching panic that still hasn't gone away after 5 minutes. I couldn't watch more than 10 seconds of this. Took me back to this horrible night when I had to rush my baby to the emergency room for an unrelated but pretty serious thing. I'm gonna go hug my son now

"Better a month of whooping cough than a lifetime of autism!" or something equally ignorant.

Kudos to your parents for being open minded enough to listen to science and change their ideology. In the era of David Wolfe being considered a scientist, I'm grateful to your parents for believing in things like medical journals instead. And grateful to you for getting yourself vaccinated!

Got a couple seconds in and started panicking. Had to close it. Fuck anti vaxxers. I'm almost done making my second child and I'll be getting my TDAP in the third trimester but they can still get it. So scary.

Edit: the number of anti-vaxxer pro-diseaser comment replies (and that one PM that told me to kill myself) I've gotten are depressing. Please don't listen to them. Be a loving and considerate parent and do right thing


And guess what? Herd immunity is ruined by anti-vaxers.

Adults get the virus and it's like a bad cold. And then they give it to little kids, who get really sick because sometimes it takes 3 shots before the baby has any immunity. Vaccinate yourselves and your teens. It typically includes a vaccine for tetanus as well and you're probably overdue anyway.

My kids are all older than this, but I was acutely aware of this when they were babies.

Herd immunity requires that all the adults and big kids in your community be vaccinated to protect the babies. An adult can get pertussis and they get sick and have to take some sick days. A 2 month old gets it and can they die. Adults have a responsibility to everyone else to maintain that herd immunity to protect people who cannot get the vaccine.

"As a mother, I know what's right for my kid's health. I just know."

Sorry but we don't want to do anything to our child against his will or can have negative side effects.We believe in free range parenting. Our 6 year old genius is independent and allowed to make all of his own decisions.

So far he is against vaccines, naps, vegetables, sharing toys and brown people. He does enjoy coffee, second hand smoke, sugar and Trump.

We are so proud of him and amazed how smart he is. He even knows how awful Obama was all on his own without us telling him. Even though we talked about it I'm front of him all the time.

It's his life and we want him to live it to the fullest since he will most likely die young in tremoundous pain to a disease that is completely preventable. It's what he and god wants.

I love this. My step son is autistic and he is a wonderful human being. I find it incredibly offensive that people think that potentially letting their child die is preferable to autism. Their thought process is incredibly disturbing.

People like you are the only ones who should be protected by herd immunity. The on who actually need it

My stupid Brother in Law (lets call him Jack) did that himself. He refuses to vaccinate his kids, but also refuses to put them in public schools. Both decisions have been heavily railed against by everyone else in the family.

His oldest son should be in second grade, but he barely knows his alphabet. This has also forced my other BIL (Tom) to completely cut off contact with Jack because one of his kids can't be vaccinated. In Tom's own words, "I will not risk my kid's health because my brother is a fucking moron."

This all lead to some facebook drama a few weeks ago when Jack ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Most of the family went to visit him, except for Tom. Tom called his brother and offered to send food and stuff to his house, but didn't make the trip to see Jack.

Jack later posted on facebook thanking everyone for supporting him, and then called out Tom for being "a bad brother." Tom normally doesn't respond to shit like that on facebook, but he was getting a lot of flack from people so Tom then replied with:

I would rather be a bad brother than a father to dead child. It is my responsibility to put my child's needs above my own, and above the needs of anyone else. I'm sorry that Jack needed me to come and see him lay in the hospital, I wish I could have gone. However, with the way he leads his life, and the way he raises his kids, I can no longer visit or see my own brother or his family. He refused to vaccinate his own children and lives in a dream environment for diseases. As many people know, [insert his one of his kid's name here] is immunocompromised and can not receive vaccines. I can not knowingly place myself in situations in which I may come in contact with diseases that would be detrimental to her health. While it is unlikely that she would have gotten sick from something I picked up had I visited Jack, it is a risk I can not take. So fuck off and don't try to shame me for doing what is best for my child.

yeah as an autistic person, antivaxxers blow my fuckin mind

i'm happy how i am. much happier than being neurotypical and dead.

Daryl is an asshole, but I'm also worried about Moonlight Shadowbeam up in Oregon or Washington, who thinks eating a leaf blessed by the All-Mother will cure her kid of all ailments provided he ingest it on the midnight of the waxing gibbous moon.

The funny part is that if they truly believed that it was okay for them to not vaccinate due to everyone else being vaccinated, then they confirm that vaccines work and that they're just being stupid.

You just have to extract the essence of twitch chat and inject it to the biggest vein of your dick

Whenever someone says they're "against vaccines", the only thing I hear is "I'm pro disease".

I never thought these anti-vaxxers were real.. or at least I never met one. But last week some girl I work with asks me if I vax my kids and I was like "yeah why wouldn't i?" She started talking about autism and shit. I told her not only would she be risking her own kids life, but other kids as well.. she just said "well I'll look into it.." which usually means she'll get her info from the same echo chamber she got her that BS from to begin with.

Good attitude. Especially considering there's no connection between Autism and vaccines. but even if there was this is the right idea.

I think this baby is too young for whooping cough vaccine. I believe they can only get it after one year; in the meantime, they must rely on herd immunity.

This. It should be clear that while diseases are uncommon, they don't strike, and that if you don't vaccinate (for no good reason) your child may infect those who can't vaccinate.

I'm surprised that not vaccinating is still a choice. People are obviously not always capable to make the best choice by themself. Not everyone is able to understand the risk and then there are those narcissistic fucks that just deserve to be curb stumped for stupidity. Since curb stomping isn't an option, I do opt though for parents that willingly put their children and others at risk, to put them to trial for children endangerment. Further more I would also opt to put all medical cost to be rendered to them personally, why insurances even bother covering them? This to me is like driving around without seat belt and get into an accident, it's taking a risk an insurance company won't cover.

Last but not least, also schools should be held accountable. It should not be my job to research if my kid's fellow classmates. They should provide a safe environment. Thus demand vaccination or simply refuse to accept them.

Unless a child is allergic obviously.

Bro are you saying incense and healing water blessed by seven priests of the sacred brother hood aren't going to keep kids healthy?! /s

Would this be able to be broadcast as a TV commercial? Make this a 30 second ad that simply says "vaccinate" at the end and I'm sure every parent would get their kids vaccinated asap.

Why don't we show them that clip from animal planet, where a buffalo is struggling to get away, and a much bigger buffalo runs and slams into it, giving predators an easier meal?

That is herd immunity. The weakest of them all will die.

yeah i mean, you are talking about in the usa, for about a third of the population it is a likely death sentence even with coverage as they would still not be able to afford the drugs over a long period.

Yes you can. It's called alientube and it replaces Youtube-comments with Reddit-comments. If that's a better choice that's up to you.

Absolutely. Whooping cough is most often passed onto babies by older siblings, parents, and adults in contact. Pertussis is a bacteria that is not particularly harmful to older folks, but is deadly to babies. It is often likely that the infectious person is not even aware they are currently carrying the bacteria.

TL;DR Keep your nephew away from babies until he gets vaccinated. He could be infectious and not even be aware.

Now you have cancer aides.

Yeah I knew it was going to be an impossible watch, and it was even worse than I imagined. Literally made it 3 seconds before turning it off.

yay my brain cancer is replaced by pancreatic cancer!

I'm almost done making my second child

Damn it Charlie, what did I tell you about redditing during sex!

I started crying, straight up. These anti-vaxxers are horrible.

This is horrible. I can't imagine that terror being such a constant reality.

I spit out my hypothetical drink

Australia also remove child benefits from the state for parents who do not vaccinate. That would light a fire under some people's arses, knowing that they won't get their cash for little snottleigh or braiden every month if they refuse to vaccinate.

My Dad and my younger sister got it too. It was legit scary hearing my dad cough so hard he'd vomit. My sister didn't have it quite as bad luckily. My dad had gone to several hospitals and none of them knew what was wrong with him. He actually nearly had a heart attack because they were pumping so many steroids into him. By some form of miracle my dad was there when my sister went into the pediatrician. He knew exactly what it was as soon as they described the symptoms and was able to not only treat my sister, but get my dad the proper treatment as well. I hope I never have to see someone go through it again.

And the president said vaccines cause autism too!! It has to be true!

Okay, my sister is an anti-vaxxer and didn't get my nephew vaccinated. He's 13 now, is he still a threat to unvaccinated kids? Is there an age where you're no longer at risk or a threat?

Everyone should also understand that this could impact this child's whole life, if he survives. Before wide-spread vaccinations, my father-in-law had Pertussis as an infant, developed severe asthma and was in-and-out of the Mayo clinic for 10 years. His family had to move to Oregon for a better climate. He died a few years ago from asthma and pneumonia. My mother-in-law caught measles, mumps and chicken pox one right after another the year she started Kindergarten. She was so sick, she developed rickets and almost died during her first delivery due to a deformed pelvis (from the rickets). At 21, she caught both types of polio mainly because there was only enough vaccine to protect 18 yr olds and younger. All of these problems contributed to her developing multiple auto-immune diseases as well as post-polio syndrome. She also died much younger than she would have had she been vaccinated from all these diseases. Serious illnesses can cause permanent damage. And we all really miss them both.

I have a little story. I used to work at an Office Depot and had an older coworker named Harry.

The one time I brought up anti-vaccination people to Harry in a random discussion with him, he started talking about how when he was young he had friends that got polio.

Only time I ever saw the guy get sad in almost five years. Like, fighting off tears sad.

DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN! Let a professional do it.

They should be imprisoned. Not vaccinating your kid is child neglect. Plain and simple. We need to eradicate the idea that it's a parenting choice. It's crazy, because not only is Thimerosal NOT the same as regular old mercury, it has never, ever, not once been proven to cause autism. You consume far more mercury by eating fish anyway.

And there is no evidence vaccines cause autism lol

Don't forget news reports... I can't watch when they do reports on sexual predators or sex rings. Sickens me to the core

Edit: Throw in any reporting on child abuse or endangerment.

I'll never forget this respitory infection. Went to an urgent care after 6 weeks of having it and not getting better. I had no insurance.

They wanted to send me to the ER. The sheer panic...I begged them to treat me there. I couldn't afford the visit. A grown man cried that day begging some PA to treat him in the shitty urgent care. I mean begged.

I got a double round of doxycycline and a steroid along with a steroid breathing treatment. This started with a flu that I couldn't afford a vaccine for.

Vaccines and universal healthcare are necessities.

I honestly believe if you choose not to vaccinate your kids you should have then taken from you and be limited to keeping goldfish.

Yet another example of why he has no business being president.

This. It also got me angry though. Thinking how things like this could be prevented if not for arrogance and ignorance on the part of people who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Watching this as a dad, I was actively shaking with anger and distress.

I was vaccinated as a kid actually, caught it anyway like a few other people in this thread.

I watched the first few seconds on mute and had to turn it off. I have 2 little girls and imagining the look on that poor baby's face on one of mine while struggling to breathe just kills me. People desperately need to understand that vaccines save lives. They just save far, far more lives than they ever harm. We can prevent terrible diseases from killing our kids; why WOULDN'T we?

My son will be 2 this may. Last year we had to have his tear drains opened up into his sinuses (they usually open on their own). Very simple procedure, but they had to put him under. Seeing his reaction as he realized he was being taken away from his parents, that immediate shriek/scream and tears... I'd have done anything to switch places. I looked to my wife who was already in tears. It was done quickly but it was hell. And it's only the beginning.

The kid is a damn riot though. Already a sarcastic little shit and funny as hell.

This. All the way this. I forced myself to watch it too.

Dead kid is better than an autistic one?

-anti-vaxxer probably

I work in a PICU. Believe me, it is one of the scariest sounds you can hear.

I want to hear what a person who is against vaccinations would say about this video.

Your last comment about being allergic is actually a very important one. Although not necessarily allergic, some people are unable to get vaccinations due to other medical conditions or of course their age which make them more vulnerable to illness. We need to make sure the strong are all immunized to prevent these illnesses from spreading around to the weak.

Rofl. I'm currently fetus crafting! 25 and a half weeks so far on the progress bar! That eventful sexytime happened a while ago! :D

Woah now, far too many people abuse goldfish as it is.

In the UK my wife got a vaccination shot for whooping cough during pregnancy in an attempt to help the foetus build immunity before being born.

Those first few months after birth can be dangerous, everyone in the household should get a booster shot if their vaccinations are older than 10 years.

This was so hard to watch. Literally made it hard for me to breath. Vaccine seems like such a common sense thing to do.


I'm happy to report he is 2 years old now and made a great recovery. Things like seasonal allergies and common viruses can give him a croup like cough, but other than that, he's just perfect. Thanks for your concern!

You're giving too much credit to irrationals.