The Smell of Love 💕

The Smell of Love 💕

This dude looks like the Mexican version of will smith

The fresh prince of Guadalajara

Well you certainly screenshotted the image generator from a t-shirt maker at least. What a weird thing to lie about for Karma.

In West Puebla, born and raised.

In the Zócalo, where I spent most of my days

...what? Get a girlfriend?

Another FaceThreads post?

You can actually see a tiny portion of her soul dying. Well done.

Didn’t this happen with another guy right before Thanksgiving? Something about wearing a shirt with a picture of his dad to dinner with stepdad?

Oh shit, detective /u/gct on the fuckin case!!!

First, I wouldn't assume the memes posted here are created by the users who post them.

Also, technically the person who did create it didn't lie. They never stated that they then had that shirt made. They just said they put the photo on a shirt, which they did (even if just digitally).

Now I cant unsee it

She looks like she can practically taste his fart too. You know you’re in a truly meaningful relationship when you can fart in front of someone and they don’t judge you or get mad!

En Puebla Oeste yo naci y creci.


Not too sure about the mad bit..

tbf op didn't state he was the guy in the picture

Isn't that a photoshopped version of the guy that posted a pic with his bitcoin shirt because he was now a millionaire?

Um... goals?

This gives me a great idea....