The smartest boy in the highschool.

The smartest boy in the highschool.

Holy shit, a Twilight reference AND Scumbag Steve? Did I just time travel?

I never understood this. As an immortal I would definitely be binge drinking and plowing college girls.

You don't need to be immortal to do that . . .

You just did!! Sorrry if I ruined your day :P hahahahha

why would he care about cancer if he's immortal?

I don't get it . It's not like when a generation of cancer researchers dies they lose all of their information. It would make no difference having an immortal guy versus continuing generations of people studying it.

It would make more sense to do something that being immortal would actually be good for, like going and throwing Kim Jong Un into a wood chipper.

but it certainly does help

If you were immortal, you wouldn't do anything. There's no reason to because you have all the time in the world, so there's no need to do everything right now. Which eventually leads to not doing anything at all.

I was watching a Joe Rogan stand up comedy special that was filmed mid 2016. he was in Seattle, and he was talking about politics. He said "by the way, we are THIS CLOSE to President Trump" which elicited catcalls and boos. He was like "I'm fucking serious, these people vote!" Then he mocked the Seattle people for being apathetic about politics. "Why should I vote, it's not like it's going to matter" HAHA Rogan gets the last laugh

Yeah, but if everyone died, it'd be a pretty shitty immortal existence with just you and 20 other emo vampires...forever.

It’s ok, I can still warn everybody about Trump! It’s too bad I can’t warn them about Twilight, though.

EDIT: Ok, people don’t seem to like that. Honestly, I’m one of the apathetic fucks that didn’t vote, and only really said I’d warn people because ‘round these parts on Reddit, people seem pretty worked up about Trump being president. I personally don’t like the guy, but hey.

Realistically, I’d probably warn them about something much less consequential. Or maybe give them two very specific truths and one very outrageous lie, just to fuck with them. Like “in 2008,there will be a significant economic recession and a housing crisis,” and “in 2009, we will make first contact with extraterrestrials and they will demand all of our Pogs.”

Haha he said "do it".

Wouldn't college be a better choice?

Better women, better classes, better schedule, more freedom. And you can attend for years and no one would even know or care what grade you're in. You could probably attend each school for 10 years before moving on to the next.

If you're going to be an immortal perpetual student, college is the smart choice. High School is a terrible idea all around.

Hooking up with high school girls isnt a hobby? I think if we've learned anything from modern day politics, it is.

I think if I spent over a thousand years eating whoever I wanted, my taste would be more refined than portly greasy Korean man.

not sure how it would help except for letting you do it for longer

maybe the cure for cancer is nailing teenage girls

Alright alright alright