The smaller internet

The smaller internet

Sitting at my computer reading this on my phone

Sitting on a cock coz I'm gay.

Sitting at my phone reading this on my smart watch

I get bored of reddit and open smaller reddit on my phone and then realize all the links are blue again and don't know which ones I've already seen so I got back to bigger reddit to avoid the conundrum.

Reddit just works so much nicer on the smaller internet

Sitting on my Smart watch reading this on my smart glasses

First time I've seen someone use "smaller internet", it's pretty genius.

hehe lol xd

I remember when the internet was super tiny, just a row of green text on my beeper

Same. Laptop is useless unless I want to run a serious program. Galaxy S8+ has no issues with Onion or Tor either.

Always using smaller internet....

Quoting louis ck? I love that "interview"

The games are better on the Bigger Internet, though.

Well, they used to be. These days it's getting hard to tell them apart...