The SINGLE MOST EPIC stunt I have ever performed!

That's some Hawkeye shit right there.

I don't even play the game anymore, I'm only subscribed here to see crazy shit like this. Well done.

I can imagine the thought process of the guy on the receiving end of that.


Or maybe "uh, the killcams are broken again!"

OK Oliver Queen, that's enough video games for you.

Well you added new definition to DICE'S humilation weapon.(damn rhymes)

I wish I had a video card to play this game. It looks epic. Great job by the way.

Thanks, I assume you're on PC, I have the same problem with PC only games like DayZ when I'm not on my PS4 :/

Kakaw motherfucker. Thats some Hawkeye shit.

You don't need an expensive gpu to play bf4

Man I wouldn't even be mad.

CanIRunIt is absolute crap. The system they use indicated I can't run Minecraft when I can run League 300+ frames, Diablo 3, Far Cry 3 all on Ultra.

Sweet Jesus.

"You have failed this city!"

inb4for this hits national media like the Rendezook did few years back

Post this to /sub/gaming, I can garantuee you thousands of karma