The sign of a hunter

The sign of a hunter
Omm, let me concentrate. Yes, I have a vision of what went down...

Omm, let me concentrate. Yes,

Credit to imgur user balistik for the pic

The coolest part is that, that mouse has no idea what the fuck is about to happen. He's just digging around for some food and is about to be killed.

What is this? An OP giving credit? And what is this I have here? A link to their original post? What website are we on?

What is this? An OP giving credit? And what is this I have here? A link to their original post? What website are we on?

"Cool"(read as: sad) :(

In the arrrrms of an angel.

OP, did you just push an owl into the snow for sweet karma?

Should I run?

The most amazing thing I've seen a bird do, was an owl chilling on a powerline on a dead silent, windless night, swoop under a street light and do a backflip while catching a large moth, and glide into the darkness. Fucking epic.

I meant cool as in it shows how silent that owl is. It's a few inches from the mouse and the mouse has no clue.

See this video on how quiet they are compared to other birds.

Owl feathers have a neat trait where they make the owl virtually silent while flying.

Edit: A video that explains their feathers some.

This imprint just makes me imagine an owl that faceplanted in the snow and couldn't get back out.

*BOOF* "fuck"

nom nom nom

Rodents tunnel under the snow.

in the stooomaach of an angel

Yup. Owls are like the stealth jets of the animal kingdom.

An even cooler fact is that the owl caught the rodent in OPs pic while it was under the snow. They can pick that up from the tree tops. Same with Arctic Foxes. Animals are cool.

If I remember correctly from animal planet, owls have feathers that are silent relative to other birds.

See, it doesn't even seem fair, does it? This is like the equivalent of me getting picked up by Smaug with 10-inch razor claws.

He probably hasn't.


Got my pitchfork ready, just give the signal

Depends, have you learnt your lesson?

Makes them rather terrifying, was hunting yotes at night sitting beside my electronic rabbit in distress call. Owl came bombing at me from the trees. Didn't hear a thing, I seen him when he was about four feet from my face which at the same moment he must have realized there was no rabbit and pulled out of the dive.

Animals that are specialized for certain tasks like flight sure are amazing when they flex their abilities.

You're lucky he was having a good evening. He could have seen you and decided "Fuck it. Let's see what happens."

No one said life had to be fair... In fact, the only reason there is life at all is because shit was unfair and things had to adapt because of how much reality sucked.

Evolution is literally because life isn't fair.

Angel of Death

Owl allow it.

Where are the rodent's tracks?