The security guard at my office wears a different "crazy hat" every day.

The security guard at my office wears a different "crazy hat" every day.

I must be getting old. You crazy kats have a different definition of 'hat' than I in my youth once did

Yesterday her hat was a Groucho mask.

I love her for doing that, and your office for letting her do it!

Back in the day, we called those masks.

She looks really nice. People like this are an absolute joy to have in your life.

Imagine being a badguy and getting taken down by her in that hat.

You would have to give up badguying altogether.

Agreed! You gotta do something to liven up security guarding in an office!

She's 'stop everyday to chat' material.

I already like her.

good on her for having fun :)

Are you sure she's a security guard? You never know.

Reposted with identifying information removed, at a commenter's recommendation.

i worked with a woman that was known as "Hat Lady" in my town, she literally has a different crazy hat to wear every day, never repeats. She has been in the newspaper quite a few times for it. She works as a nurses/doctors aid so she does it to cheer people up and make them laugh.

Looks like the kinda gal who always says "How you doin' honey?" with a big ol smile on her face

No, and yes.

And you didn't take a picture of that one? Come on man, we don't frequent your office; we are totally reliant upon you to post pictures of this woman and her hats. You dropped the ball.

Seriously. I would subscribe to this subreddit for daily hat updates. This lady seems rad as hell.

I'm surprised too. I saw the post earlier and I worked for the same contract security company. They were VERY strict about their uniform policy. I hope this doesn't get her into trouble.

I want to be her friend - I love her.

You need to start taking pictures and posting daily updates.

If she's stuck for ideas, I highly recommend the widely ridiculed 'toilet seat', as worn by our very own Princess Beatrice

If she's stuck for ideas, I highly recommend the widely ridiculed 'toilet seat', as worn by our very own Princess Beatrice

A uniform is a uniform, I guess.

A is a uniform, I guess.

Cherish her....

The other bad guys would never let you live it down, that's for sure.

Post some more crazy hats in the coming days if she lets you! I could sure use some inspiration for a Halloween costume.

I bet she’s the sweetest person in the entire building too. I love people who don’t take themselves so seriously.

Yup. One of the worst companies I've ever worked for.


Dont know what that means, but it's a fairly safe bet to just agree

Yes, but from centuries of inbreeding rather than a surgical procedure

Your coworker is a character in a Nickelodeon live action sitcom.

Hell yeah. She seems cool AF.

Which company is it, Securitas?

Do you take a photo of her everyday?

And does she know you posted this on reddit?

Hats off to her

I like people who aren't afraid to be a little bit weird for the sake of fun.

Did she get her teeth lengthened?

+1. I worked at the upper management level. Company is a shit show from the top down.

Bit of a meringue, isn't she.

Agreed, totally shit company. And they were strict on uniform policy where I was as well.

Can you start a daily thread? I also wanna see all her hats :)

It's a fascinator!

We would need a subreddit for this daily update.

You know you're going to have to make a subreddit with pictures of her hats everyday now, right?

Or make a subreddit dedicated to daily pictures of her hats /sub/crazyhatlady

Edit: wtf I clicked it after and it already exists. It’s only about books and movies though. Nothing to do with crazy hats.

Having an uplifting attitude is racist? Am I on tumblr?

Those shoes have Fro's

Some dedication to do it everyday and maintaining it.


She needs a raise.

I've worked in buildings with a great consierge working the lobby, or a great receptionist in the front of the office, and they are heroes.

I can have a shitty nights sleep, a shitty commute, be dreading the shitty day I'm about to have at my shitty job, but a quick interaction with a character like this can totally turn around my perspective about the day ahead of me.

I like her, she seems fun :)

That's a gorgeous smile.

You're ugly.

Not yet...

There are some people who make me feel awkward or uncomfortable if they call me "sweetie" or "hun". But this woman looks like she would be in the other group :)

I hope she had a good day.

Keep taking pics, upload gallery

She looks like a great and fun lady

I think it's a southern thing

I'm more interested in the fancy bow tie

Had to google...
Nope, she just looks like that.

Had to google... Nope, she just

I love when people bring some fun into work like this. I feel like it just brightens the atmosphere.

She looks like a lot of fun!

Definitely feel more "secure" with her at the front desk

Please change this to yes, and yes. Or talk her into it. I'd patreon that shit. A friend of mine is into Hawaiian shirts. Last time I talked to him about it he said he could easily go 2 months without wearing the same shirt twice, then he qualified it by saying "good shits, not the shitty ones".

She doesn't look like him. She's a bigger lady and shes black. You're saying all overweight black people look like Carl Winslow. You are a racist.