The Russian Five

The Russian Five

Just a random personal story this made me think of.

I used to work at the Costco off 14 mile and M5. After a year of pushing carts I was moved back to the deli but on one random spring day I was asked if I could push carts again.

So while I'm out there and I randomly notice a guy go trucking into the store on a walker, didn't think anything of it. about an hour later I had just brought in a row of carts and that same guy with the walker is coming out of the store and I realize it's Konstantinov. My jaw hits the floor when the lady checking the receipts asks if I can help them take their stuff to their car.

I was loading up their stuff the whole time just shocked and apparently it was pretty obvious because his wife?/nurse? asked if i knew who he was. I said yes and she says "well thanks for keeping it quiet". I just asked if I could shake his hand and she checked with him and he said yes. I got to shake his hand and say "I'm glad to see you are doing so well, you were one of my favorites." and he nodded and waved.

I just went back into the building to sit by the carts and the receipt lady asks "hey, did you know that guy or something?". And I went "Yeah, that was Vladimir Konstantinov. He used to play defense for the Red Wings". Word spread and people thought I was an idiot for not trying to get an autograph. I was just excited to see him up and moving around on his own and to get to shake his hand on top of that was amazing enough for me.

You handled it perfectly. Thanks for not being a wanker fan.


Just thinking about Yzerman handing him the cup gives me goosebumps. We still love ya, and haven't forgotten about you Vlady!

I like how Fedorov is in the back all like "I'm not quite one of these old men, I'm still an active player/GM."

Fucking onions...

Not asking for an autograph is the best thing to do in those situations. Its enough that you have such a nice, personal story and you told him how much he means to you to his face.

And he's walking on his own. What a fucking beast.

I was crying like a baby when this happened, and when Ted Lindsay and Gordie Howe dropped the puck. The Russian 5 haven't been "on the ice for a game" since 1997, and they were finally brought back. On top of that this was pretty much the last time we'll ever see Gordie in public.

It's hard to watch the great ones fade, but at least you know they really lived.

Left to right... Fetisov, Konstantinov, Fedorov Kozlov, Larionov

I'm no Red Wing fanatic (see flair for elaboration), but how can one not love this? And to see Vlad like that, just wow.

yea good call the last thing that dude needs is a rush of people coming at him at the grocery store, because he had the gall to go out and buy food.

Between this and Kocur wearing Probert's name and number...

Kozlov is an active player with Spartak Moscow.

Well, he's still using a walker, but its still impressive nonetheless!

I doubt we'll see it because they don't cover hockey, but the Russian Five was a revolution in the NHL. It'd be a very cool piece.

The smile on Vladdy's face says it all.

Also, this, really got me misty:


Exactly. Who do you have to prove it to? You experienced it firsthand and didn't take away from the moment by being a goober.

What a beautiful game bringing many cultures together.

Names would be great.

When they brought him out at the arena, they announced the starting lines for Toronto, and then for Detroit it was 'The Russian Five' and everyone started cheering and chanting Vladdy, Vladdy! It was amazing.

God, I love how clean his most vicious hits are!

I don't even go to the grocery store anymore.

- Carey Price.

These five magnificent bastards were one of the biggest factors in getting me obsessed with the NHL.

I doubt we'll see it because they gobble donkey cocks

FTFY. Fuck ESPN. Sincerely, Hockey Fans Everywhere

IIRC the hip-check happened before the Draper hit.

They used to call Doug Brown, 'Brownov', if I remember correctly. He played on a line with two other russians, I think...


Oh god that big clean hit on Claude Lemieux, sweet revenge after the bastard injured Draper. Justice at it's finest.

I was at the alumni game, it was the coolest moment that day having Vladdy come out to be with his teammates