The Rock's inspirational Easter story

The Rock's inspirational Easter story

Class act Dwayne....class act!

This post gave me some perspective... on how friggin' massive the Rock's arms are. I'm only half kidding.

A quick glance at his Wikipedia page shows:

In 2006, Johnson founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity working with at-risk and terminally ill children.

But to be honest that probably has absolutely nothing to do with it. Most likely the kid's just a big fan and DJ's movies were one of the things that helped him ignore how miserable chemo made him feel.

There's just no better way to describe him, everything I see of him he just seems so polite and kind. What a guy.

The Rock is cool as fuck

This is going to sound really mean, and it isn't meant to be, I'm just curious.

Why would The Rock be someone's inspiration for beating cancer? Did he have cancer at some point? Does he do advocacy or something?

It's supper cool that he took the time for a fan.

But why The Rock...?

Should be called

Solid as a Rock Foundation

I can also imagine seeing someone physically strong and kickass can be a huge motivation in itself.

Least dangerous if the cancers, still sounds like the least painful of torture methods or something. I'm sure it still sucks.

You're cool as fuck

happy cakeday

my wife had hodgkins lymphoma (or however you spell it) when she was 17. It is the least dangerous of all the cancers, but you still have to go through chemo and shit, so that sucks. At least you know you have a HUGE chance of not dying though.

Oh cool, good on him.

Every story I hear about the rock the more I think he is just a stand up guy

I'm with you. I'm appreciating it for what it is...But I also can't help but notice his biceps are bigger than that kids head...