The results of a poll which asked Americans from all states questions about other states.

The results of a poll which asked Americans from all states questions about other states.

Basically the answer to any question you ask is either Texas, Florida, New York or California.

Seal club-sandwiches.

Being from not Florida, Texas, California, or New York, my heart swelled with pride every time my state was included with a subtle shading of consideration

I wonder what the top four most populous states are...

God damn it people...NYC is not the same thing as New York State. No weird accent and upstate is quite lovely scenery-wise.

Edit: To clarify I was referring to THE weird "New York City" accent. In my experience the majority of people from surrounding states sound a lot like my friends, family, neighbors, etc. Due to this I figured New York was singled out because of our friends Downstate.

Americans hate Alaskan food? What in the world is "Alaskan food"?

I especially liked how California is the state best liked, most crazy, has hottest residents, and is overrated at the same time xD.

I don't know how Mississippi and Alabama got so many votes for worst food. The reason people are so fat here is because the food is all delicious soul food and comfort food. Every person from out of the area that I have ever asked always talks about how good the food is as well. I guess since it isn't as big a tourist destination as other areas, most people probably are just going off stereotypes and not first hand experience.

As an Australian, these all seem pretty spot on regarding the stereotypes that the rest of the world is led to believe.

They should have asked, "which state do you know the least about?" so obscure states could appear in colors on at least one more graph.

Tewas, Florida, New-oh.....

Edit: Well, you guys certainly enjoyed my typo. Guess I'm keeping it

.....people in Wisconsin drink way more then this poll credited us.....

Nebraskan here. I was pretty excited to see my state get a little color, even if it was only for worst scenery.

I love generalizations. Hot and crazy on the west coast. Nice, ugly, and stupid in the south.

New York has both the best and worst sports fans.

Uh no, it's fucking y'all.

arrogant, rude smart asses in the north east.

California is #1 for all these categories...

What state is the most overrated?


What's a tornado and an Alabama divorce got in common?

No matter what, somebodies losing a trailer.

Seven professional sports teams and the New York Jets, iirc.

Best sports fans: New York

Worst sports fans: New York


America had trouble deciding which state was the ugliest. We know it’s in the south somewhere, with Alabama in the lead.

C'mon, really?

Albany calls hamburgers "steamed hams". That's kinda weird.

So much hate for the South. If you actually go, you'll find lots of attractive and unironically nice people and great food.

You guys have exactly one river, and one hill more than Kansas, and you don't have toll roads. Stay proud.

You don't need to defend Texas. We don't care what other states think.

That's what i was thinking. Who ever voted Alabama to have the food has never been to dreamland.

That leapt out at me too. "People who've never been to New York say..." Although to be fair it has some weird local accents (looking at you Rochester).

I'd love to visit tewas! Sounds better than one-ass?

For everyone that hates Texas....just come to Texas go to Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio...I promise we are not like the movies or media makes us out to be.

Facts you may not know about Texas

Houston: One of the most diverse major cities in America

Austin: Music Capital of the World

Texas = Tejas = Friends

Most people that visit Texas for a length of time will mention how friendly everyone is.

The below clip mentions Texas at 0:45

NYC*. The rest of ny state is absolutely nothing like nyc

Utah is a seriously underrated state. No way it is anywhere near the bottom for "worst scenery". It has some of the best national parks in the country.

I really liked the condescending "Great job America." at the end of the article.

Maryland seemed to stay white the entire time...

Every country in the world is like this.

He must be from Mississippi.

...despite the fact that they are obviously grilled?

If I had to guess Alaska won worst food because who the fuck knows anything about Alaska, so fuck them right?

I'm from South Dakota originally and I've never met anyone from North Dakota.

People that live near New York generally like talking about how they live near New York.

I love the maps, and I love the comments at the site:

This is the most hurtful story I have ever read on the internet can't you reporters find something better to take a poll on like How about doing one on the stupidest polls ever done on a web site I would vote you #1

Then people responded with things like "You must be from Texas, bless your heart"

I just can't get over: "the most hurtful story I have ever read on the internet" - is there some other internet out there somewhere that I haven't seen?

Yeah, and Alabama has it all. soul food, comfort food, seafood, even some creole and cajun. Also, Alabama being one of the dumbest, maybe that's not inaccurate, based on our education stats. However, I would just like the rest of the country to know that without Alabama Neil Armstrong wouldn't have gone to the moon. I blame our negative perception on Forrest Gump and Alabama fans.

C'mon, even people in the South hate on Alabama and Mississippi.

Massachusetts won the 'smartest' poll.

Yeah, I stopped looking when we didn't get the drunkest. Obviously our fellow Americans have no idea what we're about.

and I thought it was interesting that Alabama and Mississippi footed all of the hate for the deep south, while Georgia had such a positive perception.

The food in the Deep South is so good! Barbecue, soul food, creole, low country seafood, motherfuckin biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles, catfish and grits

Red Sox fan here. No. No it isn't.

You may be Texas, but you are OUR Texas. Ain't no outsiders gonna talk shit.

I was hoping to see which states people couldn't name or forgot about

Well yeah, the poll was measuring stereotypes. In fact, I feel like some of these answers must be the result of people answering based on what they think is "supposed to be the right answer" rather than any answer from personal experience.

Best vacation spot? Hawaii. Of course, that's supposed to be the best, because it's exotic and tropical and beautiful, but it's not like people actually go there on vacation a lot. It's really expensive and takes a long time.

Rudest? New York. Everyone knows that people are extremely rude in New York City, so it must be that the whole state is extremely rude-- except that if you go to NYC, you realize that it's nothing like what it's supposed to be. It's a very safe city, and people are generally very friendly. Busy? Yes. Rude? Not so much.

West Virginia ranks as one of the states with the ugliest people. How many people, do you think, have been to West Virginia? People are just picking West Virginia because there are a lot of jokes about West Virginians being inbred hillbillies, but I've spent some time there, and it's actually a pretty lovely place.

So as an American, I'll agree that these seem spot on regarding stereotypes, but they're not really so accurate regarding reality.

The fact that Colorado was the "most scenic" and Utah wasn't even shaded was laughable. Utah has everything that Colorado has and even more. And I fucking love Colorado.

I visited Houston 6 months ago for around 2 months and one thing shine above all others. The city is stupidly big and the public transportation is fucking terrible. (15 minute commutes on a car could easily take 1:30 hours using public transportation). Other than that , people I met were very friendly, and the city has great food. But fuck your public transportation.

Atlanta is the saving grace for Georgia.

I was actually shocked to see any color in Nebraska. (It's really, really white here.)

It's not arrogance if it's true.

Definitely Alabama fans.

Huntsville has a very large tech/rocket science industry.

No weird accent

Considering the rest of the northeast apparently has "weird accents" (with Massachusetts being the worst), I'm going to guess the rest of the country also think upstate NY has a weird accent.

Maybe you are unaware of the AL state motto, "Thank God for Mississippi".

Mississippian here: yeah can't defend the stupid ranking... we ain't so good at them test thangs.

But seriously, saying Mississippi food is close to the worst while Louisiana food is close to the best is silly. Yeah, New Orleans has amazing cuisine, it's so good you can find very similar stuff all the way to Florida (this includes a giant chunk of Mississippian population.) and other than the Gulf Seafood cuisine, MS and LA have very similar food-types in their northern parts. Source: lived in both places.

Also Georgia is nicer than Mississippi? Oh bless your heart...

The rest of NY is like what people on the East Coast think the entire middle of the country is like.

This is pretty funny to me as a Texan. It seems like everyone hates other states unless it comes to International sports or events where countries must compete, then everyone comes together.

Which state has violent urban areas and the most douchebag politicians? Ok, go!

If they kicked us out, they'd miss us.

Holy shit they have grass and clouds there?!

Moved to Houston a year ago. I could not agree with you more.

My first thought when all the Texas hate popped up in the polls was, yeah these people have never even been to Texas.

Yes, Its a regional dialect.

That's Canadian food man, don't take it from us!!!

and not ham.

Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. Trailing close behind are Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

Their own map shows Louisiana to be second right after Massachusetts.

Sounds like hardtack. Thanks for the info!

Aww, look Chile got mad.

Yeah Austin is the hipster douche cousin at the Texas Family Reunion. San Antonio runs this shit. Work hard, play hard.

I can tell most people polled here have never shared a room with a packer fan, especially on game day. Imagine the cult attitude of Amway or Christian Scientists, add a blood alcohol of .2, and stir til crazy.

Source: dated a packer family. "The fans own the team. You won't find a better mentor-student qb relationship than blah blah. Lambeau field is the best stadium in the league, plus it's owned by the fans, everone has a stake." I was not allowed in the same room for games either, had to listen from the kitchen or some crap.

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by New Jersey

Seafood I guess. Though in that case they'd also hate Washington food since the two states are so closely linked.

My guess would be that Alaska was near the top of the list and more likely to get selected.

At least they got the food thing right. If you can't find what you want in NY, it doesn't exist.

You're overrated in "most underrated" polls.

Most likely due to the fact that most Americans have never been to Philadelphia, the rest of the country believes New York also has the worst sports fans.

As someone who went to high school in Philly, this is definitely true. Philadelphia sports fans are the absolute worst.

Yankee fan here. It's the Mets.

As a Philly resident I am pissed we did not win worst fans, time to throw more batteries and snowballs at Santa.

Well i mean they have a LOT of teams...

Imagine a large saltine cracker, except more durable and without the salt coating on top. That's pilot bread. The most common type I see up here is the Sailor Boy variety. A lot of people out in the bush keep a box in their pantry, but you can get it in Anchorage too. It doesn't really expire, and is good for outdoor adventures.

California is the "don't stick your dick in crazy" chick. Good for a little while, then get the hell out.

As an Australian, I had to open another tab so I could get a map so I could see which states were which.

Trick question: DC isn't a state.

Which state is the drunkest...not wisconsin?? Obviously no one has been here in summer...

Alabama and Mississippi are much poorer than Georgia.

Texas is fucking cool. Visting there from New York is like visiting another country. I love Houston and Austin, but I gotta say Austin residents you guys go a bit too out of your way to make it known you're not like the other Texans.

You may say Jersey has bad scenery now, but come July I'll be chilling on my porch as y'all come driving in to see our beaches

Except people west of the Appalachians have no idea there's such a thing as a "Rhode Island accent." It's all just "East Coast" to us, with the possible exceptions of Brooklyn and South Boston. And that's only because of TV and the movies.

Salmon, moose, king crab. Not much else. But fresh salmon straight from the river is amazing, so I don't know what people are talking about. I'd say the worst food I've ever eaten is "Mexican" food in Colorado.

My observation too, wanted to say that here. I especially laughed at the sports fans question. Worst? New York. Best? New York.

Dallas is 50% BMW's / Benz's, 50% trucks / jeeps if you're going to stereotype it.

When did hills become a city metric?

Why is the fact that you live near NYC relevant to not knowing anyone from North Dakota?

Moose burgers shot from a helicopter are the Alaskan national dish.

As a Texan, MRW I see Texas is voted least favorite.

And then, wants to kicks us out of America.

In closing I just want to say, fuck yall's survey, thank you kindly and have a blessed day!

As a Texan,

And then, wants to kicks us out of America.

In closing I just want to say, fuck yall's survey, thank you kindly and have a blessed day!

Wahht's wrahhng with tha way we tahhk?

In New York it's the northern part that is actually the "southern" part.