The real cost of Console gaming (My story)

The real cost of Console gaming (My story)

So since I'm a newly PC gamer, I decided to evaluate how much I spent from November 2008 through October 2014 my Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 - $300

Extra wireless controller and charging kit - $60

40 games averaging around $45 each - $1800

My xbox rrod for the 5th time and Best Buy refused to fix it, new Xbox - $200

Controllers broke, got another two - $120

Scuff controller - $150

3 name changes - $30

Stupid ass avatar outfits - $20

Turtle Beaches - $50

5 years of xbox live - $300

Total of $3,030. HO LEE CRAP

My build cost me $1200 dollars, (still waiting on getting a decent 1080p monitor, a wired 360 controller and decent headset). I've spent around $100 on 50 games. So even if you throw in the monitor, headset, and controller that's about $1550 dollars. I'm really shocked how much I spent on console gaming in under six years.

Edit: Thanks to whoever gave me gold, you popped my cherry. Also I'd like to add to the people who are telling me some of the things I bought/ways I spent my money were stupid and it doesn't reflect on console gaming. I know that, that's why I put "(My Story)" in the title, most console users wouldn't spend $150 on a custom controller but I did.

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P.S. Brother /u/Syuk_Dat_Deke, a Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver will work under Windows/Linux. Make sure it is a genuine Microsoft one, otherwise you will have a headache installing drivers. You can snag one for $12.95 shipped on eBay.

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Just a nice tip if you're looking to add to your PC games collection. Check out Humble Bundle. Its a nice website where you can get games (with steam keys), pay any price you want for lots of good games, and the money goes to charity. Its a win all around. Just another cool thing about being on a PC.

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Instead of learning all those random bundle sites and checking them periodically, I use to see all the bundles at once and, more importantly, to track whenever games I want drop in price to reasonable levels.

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I got mine off Amazon for $15 and it works fine with all my controllers at the same time. BattleBlock Theatre with friends is stupidly fun for some unknown reason

my steam games cost a grand payed 1/4 of that suck it peasants

Yet peasants still argue because they can't admit they're wrong.

Console gaming isn't cheaper the payments are merely split into more chunks, so peasants think it less. They only ever compare the startup costs

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Too bad consoles don't have spreadsheets.

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Don't buy your games new, get them used for like a fifth of the cost. Biggest mistake console gamers make

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Jesus over 3k for that? I knew it was more expensive but didn't think it was that expensive.

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Imagine if Windows was cheaper but you couldn't install any third-party browsers and IE required a paid subscription.

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To be devils advocate here, the games comparison is a bit unfair.

Those $45 games would have most likely been new studio-developed games bought in their year of release, correct? Current AAA PC games are usually a little cheaper than their console counterparts, but the price difference is not as dramatic as you seemed to be implying.

That $100 for 50 games would have probably mostly consisted of indie games and discounted steam games from yesteryear, right? Still great entertainment options that save you a bunch of money, but that can't really be considered a direct price comparison, only a viable alternative. A $45 console game will usually provide multiple hours of entertainment. Some indie games are only an hour or two in length.

You also lose resell value with digital distribution.

Also if you went back and re-bought your entire xbox 360 game collection, you would probably find a lot of those titles in $5 bargin bins in game stores nowadays, so a more fair games comparison would be to compare the current market prices of your 360 game collection with the current steam price of the pc version. You would probably still save money on PC, but it won't be $1800 vs $100 like you implied.

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Pretty much this. 60 to 70 bucks for one game... I seriously don't get it. I just bought for myself like 13 games for not even 40 bucks.

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