The rare Swedish Vallhund. They're basically Wolf Corgis

The rare Swedish Vallhund. They're basically Wolf Corgis

This is Illegally cute

I think mine is cuter :p

I think mine is cuter :p

That is ridiculously cute


I'll show myself out

I thought that was made clear by the words Wolf Corgi ;)

They are also one of the breeds of dogs Vikings used to own for herding. Their line goes back to about 500AD.

Mine as a pupper.

Mine as a pupper.

Everyone thinks theirs is cuter... Not saying your wrong though.

It isn't.

so a worgis? I can dig it.

It's the paradox of dog cuteness. Every dog is the cutest dog. No exceptions.


It's like a Direcorg!

Everyone thinks theirs is bigger...

kind of funny to imagine huge ass vikings working with these small doggos

No, Its a Swedish Valhund.

I had to go look them up. They were used for guarding and herding cattle.

How rare is it?


In Swedish we call it "västgötaspets".

Rare Gus blop sighting!

I wanna see its tooshie #corgibutts

I'mma cheat and post baby pics of mine :D

Actually Viking Age Scandinavians were not as big as you think. The average height was about 5'7" for men found in burials in Iceland and Norway and about 5'8" in burials in Sweden. The average height was bigger than bodies found in Anglo-Saxon and Frankish burials but by about 3-4 inches.

The reason they are herding dogs is they would chase after sheep or cows and due to their short stature and instinct would nip at their ankles. Corgis were actually bred to do the same thing and I believe Corgis do share a genetic lineage with the Valhund hence their similar shape, size and nature.