The PTR Bastion buff no one seems to be talking about

That's what you get for cyberbullying omnics.

I'm getting flashbacks to Minecraft servers ran by kids

all bullying is cyberbullying with omnics.

Enable "allow source media to adjust frame rate" in your renderer, it will stop the blurred frames, also ensure to right click on the video in your editor and disable "resampling".


You're banned

Omnics and humans should live in harmony, tut tut.

You said the s-word, we dont say bad words here.


Excuse me while I pick up whatever pieces of my brain are left off the floor.

lil omnic buddy did nothing wrong

you deserved to be kicked :'(

I made something I am proud of, so yes.

Finally they punish people who fight in skirmishes instead of emote party.

Well done Blizzard!

But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

How much dedidaded wham is needed to run one of those servers?

If this ever becomes a thing, I'll never get to play Mei again. :c

The worst ban I ever got was in my friends server. Him and all the other mods decided to greet me by putting themselves in creative and teleporting me to them then repeatedly killing me. I obviously didn't like this because I ended up losing all the stuff I was carrying and they destroyed everything I made in the process, so I made a wall of dispensers and filled them with fire charges (really helps when people cheat stuff in and just leave it in a chest some where.). All the mods worked on building a base for themselves, but most of the base was made of flammable materials. Insert a little bit of stolen red stone and I had a wall of fire. I burned everything they made and they banned me.

You said the s-word

No joke I was once banned from a server for saying shovel because the retard kid who was running the server was Swedish or German or something and said the real word was shauffel or something equally retarded.

Youtube Source for those interested:

does Bastion's robot emote

Everyone : Look at thar cute bastion <3

tryhard junkrat kills me

lol i am grandmaster u feg fite me 1v1

Tsk tsk. Everyone just loves to test the waters.

That's snow way to speak about Mei my SR. :(

"I hope you learned you learned your lesson!"

Every fight is a food fight when you're a cannibal.

I run my server Here in my gahrahge

I take the skirmish as an opportunity to get some extra experience with heroes that I don't spend much time on, and I wouldn't normally be able to contribute much with. I spend most of my games as tanks or supports, so it can be nice to get some practice missing things with McCree once in a while.

Wait, is the kicked for being rude a thing in the PTR?

A dedidaded Whamborghini

^ second this, this advice really helped me when I first started making videos.

console main btw

I'm sorry I Couldn't Resist but I do play on PS4 only so I guess I am a console main

The best explanation I've seen for a ban was from a friend who grew a ton of trees around the safe spawn area (not knowing about transparent blocks because why the fuck would anyone not running a server know about that?). Got banned and when he asked why they said he was griefing because "nobody is retarded enough to not know that trees are all transparent blocks" that do stupid shit with rendering.

The PS4 controller does a surprising amount of damage!

I am frequently in skirmishes up to 8-10 minutes.

This is my punishment for playing no limits.


That Lucio face at the end tho

The more people I can save from the hours of wasted rendering time I went through, the better.

Does that mean we are save from the White Walkers?

Vegas Pro is good if you a) have money or b) don't have money.

Thanks dude, that was actually really helpful.


Yes the 30 seconds you're in there is truly a wonderful time to train.

what in the world is this quality x_x

The humans who upvote this are fools to trust the omnics! 💪

"Ayy, you got banned!" "Shut up Lucio, it was not..." "NOT HEARING THAT NOISE"


It's reasonable when someone is being excessively hostile beyond a little salt.

oh no slightly long render times, you fucking solid brick of spoiled milk

edit: mod, not OP

It means a block that only partially blocks the view of the blocks behind it. This is more expensive in rendering terms. You can reduce your rendering times by using 'non-transparent' leaves, in which case they are 'solid' and you cannot see the objects behind them.


I bet you're the same type of person that complains about reposting too...Will you people ever be happy with anything?

Actually fucking brilliant.

You have been banned from /sub/minecraft.


bastion main

To warm up, try out a hero you never get to play, to...<gasp> have fun.

skir·mish ˈskərmiSH/ noun noun: skirmish; plural noun: skirmishes 1. an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, especially between small or outlying parts of armies or fleets.

Dedotaded wam?

PS4 main here btw

forget the 1k hp shield

give me more armor and faster transformation time like 0.5sec both ways transforming in and out.

Seriously. You have the whole match to murder each other. Why go all aggro during a skirmish? Makes no sense to me

Oh my. That's an oooooold meme.


"Chirp! (Kicks)"


"Chirp chirp!"

Welp, that's it! I'm starting a petition to make it real.