The problem with the left, brilliantly summarized.

The problem with the left, brilliantly summarized.

Except that there's no initial trauma. Just butthurt.

Afraid to heal because victimhood is a crutch and an excuse people use to avoid taking personal responsibility and doing actual work to better themselves.

ed-zachary. i was going to say self-imposed trauma, for the most part, but butthurt works.

This is a disturbingly common theme with outspoken leftist activists. They're all fundamentally broken people. The thought of metaphorically standing on their own two feet and being held accountable for their own actions is terrifying to them.

Hubbard understood the ego

This is just Scientolgy...

I saw this first hand when some of my friends would talk about the Hillary Clinton book. It was like they were wallowing in the misery of her loss with her and could not move on and heal their emotional wounds of losing so bigly.

I feel like this describes my whole family. Like they wouldn't know who they are without the Holocaust to define them.

People fear the unknown right? Well what about people who conquer it and make it knowable?

Well unless someone's like 200 years old they didnt experience that particular trauma, not in America at least