The 8 Pokémon You'll Date In Your Lifetime

The 8 Pokémon You'll Date In Your Lifetime

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Personally my favorite pokémon is magikarp #4

Edit: Apparently the world is full of Ditto's - very surprising but sort of not. And sadly there are a few who've met Mew's and said Mew decided to transform into another pokémon and never change back - damn trickster Mew. And the lucky ones who found the Mew who was hiding under the guise of another pokémon and after some time, transformed to reveal it's the really Mew. Thanks guys, I never thought I would feel these feels

Edit²: Relevant

Ditto. " The one who will transform to any one who you want he/she to be."

Or "The one that will try and sleep with all your friends."

My Mew is hiding under a truck, I'm sure of it, I just don't know to move it.

Everyone should someday find their "Mew." Mine, however, just happens to be more of a Snorlax.

What about Granite Cave Abras?

poof bye...

Hey, with attract I won't be able to teleport, but there has to be a lot more underneath to capture my heart.


How about the zubat? The one that keeps popping up, never leaves you alone, thinks you're playing hard to get...

On the outside she seems plain but she has a great movepool ;)

I was expecting Butterfree to be something along the lines of:

The one that you spend a long time with, just to let go later because she found someone more like her.

bye bye butterfree

... and will breed with literally anything...

I have my Mew :)

I had a mew once. Then it became a mewtwo..... Then I true to marry it and gave it a y mega stone. Turns out it wanted to be my x. Everything is good now though. I have a dunsparce

My uncle at Nintendo said you have to use the super rod on it 69 times then use strength, which must be taught to a magikarp. Then it will move for you.


Throws a feels ball

I call it... Sugartits.


No stop! The feels were gone and now they're back!

They also did a series called, "8 Pokemon You Went to High School With":

Jokes on you. Girls are repulsed by me

/u/A_Wild_Abra would like to have a word with you.


So, she just lays there while you do your thing?






Scyther... the one who gave me a bloody handjob. sigh... ther.

That's because I'm Dirty Dan!

More like, all your past relationships have ended in disaster so you are constantly expecting this one to end the same. Until you get so worried about it, you inevitably cause the disaster that will ruin the relationship anyway.

I thought I had a Mew once. Turned out it was just a cheating whore Ditto. I got played by the transformation.

Going to cry in the Pokecenter now with the rest of the hurt Pokemon.

I like this one better

Most girls wouldn't like it if you try to finish that quick...

Absol. Everything is a disaster.

I love the Quick Ball and the Quick Ball loves me.

Let's hope we all get a Mew and never make it to Mewtwo...

List of ones based of the show: Butterfree: bye bye Butterfree. Charmander: the one you find as a disheveled wreck and nurture back to health and ends up being self-centered and never does anything for you. Pikachu: your best friend forever, turns out to be all you need. Squirtle: was a punk when you met but ended up being incredibly loyal. Psyduck: the dopey one that just keeps popping up. Etc...

We have to face our feels!


Duh, just use Jumpeon to jump on the truck and scare Mew out from underneath it

Did you just reply to yourself?

4 is great

So I went from Diglett to Mew. Upgrade 100%.

I have my Mew already, pretty much caught. Just workin on that Masterball (da ring one)

Ahhh. The Muk ploy. I am very familiar with that one.

yet I can't name a bunnelby dirty dan

NOOOOOOOO okaaay I'm sorry!!

The one you send to sleep with all your friends.


I was expecting something completely different when I opened this thread.

I don't enough poke-balls to catch one yet.

"leech life"