The perfect shoes

The perfect shoes

What shoes?

The best shoes are no shoes! Not that OP would need any without feet tho.


I can't stop staring

They call them "the escalades"

Didn't expect it to have a bunch of content lol.

This makes me uncomfortable.

Any pair of shoes without laces are the perfect shoes for escalators. Much less chance of getting sucked in and chewed to pieces.

Now if they were a little crooked this would go in /sub/mildyinfuriating

You youngsters have it so easy...Back in my day, nobody had feet!

Doesn't look like anything to me.

Right. More like oddly dissatisfying. Makes my eyes hurt.

I'm already mildly infuriated because I'm sure this dude/lady spent the whole escalator trip standing in the middle lining up their shoes and blocking the path for anyone who wants to walk up it.

The T-1000 is starting to glitch.

After staring at it for a while i'm pretty sure there's a face that's looking at me from between the shoes. There are definitely 2 eyes.

Escaloratres in Spanish