The people of /sub/ice_poseidon Vs. /u/greekgodx for theft of 25k+ karma, publishing nude photos without consent,and making false bribery post for karma

The people of /r/ice_poseidon Vs. /u/greekgodx for theft of 25k+ karma, publishing nude photos without consent,and making false bribery post for karma

What Happened: /u/greekgodx posted a censored (nude?) photo of /u/iceposeidon he took without his consent. /u/greekgodx blurred out part of the photo, and posted it with the title "24k upvotes in 24 hours for the uncensored version." /u/greekgodx has been known in the past to post fake things for karma // points and not ever actually deliver. The post has since gotten over 24k upvotes and /u/greekgodx has still not posted the uncensored photo.

[CHARGES]: Taking a nude photo without the persons consent. Publishing said photo on reddit. Asking for upvotes to post the full photo. Not posting photo after receiving the entire 24k+ upvotes.

[EVIDENCE]: - link to the original post.

In the past, said user has been known to post similiar posts and not actually come through. He tweeted "If this tweet gets over 9000 likes, I will fly to Tyler's house against his will for 2 weeks. Yo... and after receiving more than the ammount of likes never actually did it. /u/greekgodx is a known karma scammer, lets bring this scammer to justice!

EDIT : OP has since deleted his original post, without making good on his promise.

EDIT 2: OP made a new post saying that he wont post the uncensored version, even though he has received the 24k upvotes he asked for before he would post it. source

GUILTY, forced labor at a dodge dealership

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Oo bby this one is about to be spicy.

I shall tend the bar. Who needs drinks?

I call being the judge. This is to good to pass up.

N ice, a common occurrence!

Your honor, I move to strike and put forward the motion to have /u/greekgodx charged with the crime of grand larceny in the first degree, grand theft karma in the second, four counts of intentionally misleading the internet and the most serious charge of being a whore.

As you are aware, sentencing for these crimes is punishable by up to 20 years of site wide ban and I propose a new motion be put forward to the court.

I wish to prosecute this case with vigor and will not rest until the wider community sees justice for these despicable acts.

Coming up!


If they won't show up, I'll peddle my foreign and damaged stock:




All half off!

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I am going to need a stiff one.