The PCMR showing off its skill

Oh no, stop. I shouldn't find the Wii U sexy.

Who is making these little comics because they crack me up. 

This is my favorite one. The more I look at it the more I laugh.

Who is making these little comics because they crack me up.

is my favorite one. The more I look at it the more I laugh.

Wii u is always sexy

i find this one pretty funny

i find this one pretty funny

something something \r\rule34

Well, actually depend alot on his "upgrade part" ...

4Chan. /v/ to be specific, it stands for Video games.

These comics have a name, they're called console-tan.

Nothing could go over my head. My monitor refreshes at 144hz, I would see it coming and I would catch it.

I think he meant the comics...

Lurk harder my friend.

A graphics processor forged in the fiery pits of Mount Doom by Sauron himself.

A CPU hand picked from the fields by naked beautiful women.

So much RAM that even GabeN himself can barely comprehend it.

As a regular I can say there is a lot of wii u rule 34, just the disappointing kind though. The sort that makes you sleep awkwardly at night.

For those who don't know, this is GTA 4. Too bad these "current gen" consoles can't play this. They are just too god awful.

Those are some rather notable breasts.

I found it

Wheres the video version, I saw it ages ago and it had an awesome Kaboosh sound in it.


Or? I'm pretty sure it's and.

I have the ice thing enhancment for GTA IV but it doesn't look even remotely as amazing as this.

Spoiler Alert

No, nipples get hard during arousal too.

this is my all time favorite gif

Its not even WiiU, most of it is the fitness girl :(

So it's not just a reference that nobody will get, but it's also a spoiler?

Super Samping on icenhancer and a texture pack were used to look like that. I don't know how that guy got decent frames with it tough.

Still glorious.

Someone needs to make an album of these.

PC is beautiful

Yup^ I got this on /v/

insert joke flying over your head here



hahahaha god i fucking love that gif gets me everytime

I can never work out whether these are praising PC or making fun of it.

You're welcome.

A shit ton of ram, a beefy CPU/GPU combo, hopes and dreams?

Is the Wiiu cold?

They're just personifications. For PC, I guess since PC an be anything you want then that's why it's just a black slate, unlike consoles which are predetermined

ICEenhancer or some mod like that

There's actually a reason behind that funny enough. The white WiiU is only 8gb and the black WiiU is 32gb. So as a joke, /v/ attributed that to cup size.



Why are the consoles sexy women and PC is a blank slate muscle man?