The #Panthers are expected to sign CB Bashaud Breeland, formerly of the #Redskins, source said. Some important defensive backfield help.

The #Panthers are expected to sign CB Bashaud Breeland, formerly of the #Redskins, source said. S...

Y'all wanna maybe relax a little bit now?

YES! GREAT SIGNING! He will be a huge improvement over Worley.

These are the moves I like to see us make. Just the addition of solid guys that won't kill our cap

Thieves ave. ——> the bee hive

Never! Hurney cost us the super bowl when he let Butker go! #NeverForgive!


Ok, am I the only one that thought his name was BRASHAUD Breeland this whole time? I feel like I'm going nuts.

Seriously though, I'm a fan of this move. Go for it, guys.


19 PDs last season. That's 2/3 of what our entire team had. Big upgrade.

This is awesome...also we will now have a BB at both CB spots...if we can draft Bates and sign Tre Boston we'd have a backfield full of Bs

In my opinion, he's just not fluid enough to play cornerback. He could play safety, and I think the Panthers probably asked if he would switch before trading him (there was talk last year of players changing positions). However, I don't think he wants to change positions as safeties get paid much less, and he's nearing his first real contract.

Dude that's actually pretty sick..

Copy pasting what i had on /sub/redskins

Great man coverage corner, decent in zone. He had one bad game vs Antonio Brown, but was mostly solid the time he was here with us.

He plays on the outside and excels when he is moved inside to nickel. Although he’s recovered some kicks, i wouldnt expect him to play special teams.

Breeland’s definetly had some immaturity issues with us that you’ll see manifest on the field...

But overall i think this was an underrated pickup by Carolina, and y’all will be pleasantly surprised. He’d be just great next to Bradberry.

Kasay was the best kicker we will probably ever have and his one blunder will never be forgotten. Gano is so, so solid but the fact is he still missed 2 HUGE kicks (super bowl and saints game) in recent playoffs that fans will have a hard time forgetting. I live in KC and got to see Butker all year he is a stud but when he missed his own 48 yarder in their playoff game I finally exhaled and was like ok this guy can miss too atleast...

Lol I thought it was Brashaud until u said something.

Maybe we can get like 10 less "WTF why are we tanking wtf is FO thinking" threads a day now?

Smart signing - hope to see the numbers soon. Should be good value. Upgrade from Worley and allows us to draft CB later in the draft if we still want.

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Ok these things are getting a little weird now

3yrs $24mil $11mil guaranteed. AAV of $8million. Pretty good deal IMO

I love how our biggest signing was the one leaked by the fake account.

He struggled at first, especially as teams played away from Norman and put their WR1s on him. He looked better last year than the previous year but is still a solid CB2. I also think Washington's D has some to do with his struggles and he'd fit in better with a scheme like ours that thrives on QB pressure.

Get Bene Benwikere back from Dallas for the slot again

Gano is not nor has he ever been "so, so solid"

He missed 1 total field goal last season, 29 for 30, most accurate kicker in the league in 2017

Looks like a pretty decent deal for a starting CB. 3 yr./$24 million/$11 million guaranteed.

Berenstain Bears

we've entered another parallel universe

3 years 24 mill 11 guaranteed. Not bad.

Is it too late to convert Brenton Bersin to Safety?

Huge upgrade over Worley. Guys we just got a lot better.

Don't forget the missed game winner in Denver in 2016 after he made his first attempt which was nullified by Kubiaks icing timeout :-/

Well, I'll be asking all the Skins fans around here, but what does this sub think of Breeland?

He's a bit of a hothead who tends to take a few bad penalties at times (not to mention a few questionable social media posts like his shitshow with Dez this season), but he's a darn good corner overall. Seems to work better in man coverage.

We in it boys 😎

We did a thing!!!!

Finally a Clemson guy on the roster! Time to buy a new jersey.



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You know what? He might not be a good safety, but I'll fucking bet that he would give it all he's got and keep a positive attitude the whole time.

The hips don't lie.