The 99 pack hit stores today. The only place it fits is in my hallway.

The 99 pack hit stores today. The only place it fits is in my hallway.

99 bottles of beer in the hall, 99 bottles of BEEEER!

Edit: thanks, all 20 of you, for explaining the difference between bottles and cans. I had no idea!

Edit 2: obligatory thanks for the gold. I feel bad that my first gold was for something this uncreative, but I'll still take it!

Take one down, keep it for yourself, hoard all the rest and get drunk all alone!

They delivered it to stores cold, so as long as you drink it fast enough, you don't need room in the fridge. edited. it was not shipped. sorry for the confusion

Now a song!

Edit: Wow I had no idea how much people would like this thank you so much everyone and thank you for the gold!

This is pure marketing genius! I don't even have room for 99 beer in my fridge, but I still want one!

Race you to the emergency room!

If you're having sober problems I feel bad for you son.

You got 99 cans you drunk ass bum.

This is not something to promote respectable drinking. Where can I get one?

Like a Christmas Tree made out of hangovers.

The beer in OP's pic is Peacemaker by Austin Beerworks. It usually goes for about $8-9 for a six pack, so $1/beer is indeed a good deal.

Side of the box: "Yes, this is happening. Wow. Phew. Breathe. High Five." ... Really brings the 99 pack to the next level

They used to label it as an "Extra Pale Ale," it's a light ale, with just a little bitterness. Very drinkable. The 99-pack was part of a rebranding promotion, calling it an "Anytime Ale" so that people didn't associate it with a over-hopped IPA style and steer away from it. And the box was $99

Wh.. Why would he be offended by that?

They've been delivering them to stores around Austin, Texas today, but I'd guess they're all gone now

There are technically cut out handles, but my brother and I carried it from the bottom to keep the box together. It takes two to carry it, though

I'm from Wisconsin. I was thinking 3-4 friends... I need help.


how did you/do you carry it?

why are you still up?

he had posted elsewhere it was $99

Noone asked the most important question, so I'll bite the bullet.

What kind of beer is it and how much did you end up paying for it ?

Meh, most 36 packs end up around 30-70 cents a beer. Picking three 36 packs of Pabst blue ribbon only costs you like 60 bucks, and you get 108 beers.

A dollar a beer isn't bad at all, especially if you're having a party or something. That's an amazing deal.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

I'm curious how much this costs, so I can then figure out how much it might cost to Canadians. I would imagine if sold here, a person would have to have 10% down, and then a mortgage at prime + 1% for 30 years before total ownership is in place.

no offense, but who knows.

No offense, but that was perfect!

On a podcast I listen to they said they only made 99 cases

Ha! The joke's on you!

Can't run straight if you're drunk!

runs off to the emergency room

Hit me! withabeer

PBR is a cheap beer though. I'm used to spending over $40 for a 24 pack of bottles. I'm not sure what kind of beer this is, but the comment above mine suggests it's not too bad.

Let me guess, Rooster Teeth?

Yup, this thing would cost at least $200 in Canada. And in Ontario they aren't even allowed to sell any quantity over 28. Fuck the Beer Store.

Perfect when you and 11 friends love the same beer and want to get shit-faced.

Fraternities love them!

Fuck Ontarian liquor laws. It's not the beer store, the beer store is owned by beer companies who would sell beer to babies if it were legal.

It is a limited promotion from Austin Beerworks. A 99 pack for $99 USD.

Here in Canada, a 24 of Keiths costs me $45 :/

I'm offended.

In the states where Costco is allowed to sell beer, that is! Fucking Quakers...

Austin Beerworks only made 20 of them. It's a marketing gimmick for their rebranding of this particular beer that seems to have worked spectacularly. ABW makes good beer and it's run by good people, so I couldn't be happier for them.

Can I also guess Rooster Teeth?

I'd strangle a dolphin for a 99 pack of Peacemaker right now

I was thinking more along the lines of...

Deck the halls with alcohol!

Miami fan here. I'll likely take you up on that in a few weeks.

Peacemaker is the name of the beer.

$99 a box

30 packs are like beer lunch boxes.

Like pallbearers to your own funerals.

can't. resist. savings.

This concept needs to be adopted in Canada, immediately!

This is why it's call "America the Beautiful."

No offense, but nobody cares.

I'm not racist, but that's a really good question.

How much did it cost?

It also says "Peacemaker" on the end. Somehow, I sorta suspect if you got 10 guys drunk with it, there might not be peace....

The story of Reddit.

a six pack sells for $9, so a single can would cost $1.50

Or the Weekender as I like to call it.

In Canada, a dollar beer is called 'never-heard-of-it' because they don't exist here :( I'll now go buy a 24 case of Molson for $35..

Dude, you drank 24 beers? You must be wasted.

Costco. 24 Stella $21.99.

Gus right?

Tuesday night, pleb.

Oh god. You poor bastard.

Even still, fuck the Beer Store.

Yeah, you're missing one!


drink them probably?

I got 99 beers but a problem ain't one!

But a fridge ain't one

Tilt on end, strap to wall, cut hole in bottom right corner, pull beer out and watch autofeed magic!

This product is a blatant marketing attempt. I am in Michigan, and I know about this product. It worked.

I want one.

I also heard that podcast, and need to make a correction, we are putting out more than 99 of these, almost certainly. Source: I am the guy that gave Gus the case of beer.

tuesday morning, you lightweight

No, a fence, you're right.

I feel you my PA brother.

I'm looking for someone to run a Fortune 500 company. Looks like you've got what it takes.

With tears in your eyes for the Christmas that you always wanted, but never got.

Especially if 9 guys get 10 beers and one dude only gets 9

It's hard enough to get twenty cigarettes in a packet in the UK these days let alone a fuckload of beer in a box. Damn government.

I used to work with a girl who did this all the time. Constantly inserting "no offense" and "if it's any consolation" into random conversations where it made no sense. Almost as if she thought to herself, "this is a perfectly good sentence i'm about to say. you know what it needs? MORE WORDS!"

I found you again Mr. Luxary Tits....

I think if you have 99 beers you definitely have at least 1 problem.

Lucky Americans... Up here in Ontario you get a 24 for about 40 bucks minimum :(

edit: I may have exaggerated a little. Apparently you can get stuff like lakehead for a bit cheaper. Still not at American prices though.

the difficulty is why the proposed feat is so impressive


But if they sold liquor in convenience stores what's to stop underage kids from going and buying it and drinking it and ruining their entire lives!!???!!?! THINK OF THE CHILDREN

edit: for reference:

The Belgian version of shitty American light beer.

It's the Peacemaker ale from Austin Beerworks, retails for $99.99.


No offense but I agree

A 24 pack at the off-sale costs over $70 bucks here in Saskatchewan.

I trust the shit out of you.

Don't shoot the messenger, but I'm wondering as well.

Invite some friends,

Then drink them all!


I am honored that you made my verse a song.

Shit faced? Try more like 7 or 8 friends.

And even then, at a pretty good pace.

Where exactly to you put your hands to strangle a dolphin? I guess just plug up the blowhole with a golf ball or something?

Canadian spotted.