The original pitch for King of the Hill made for a Fox executive

The original pitch for King of the Hill made for a Fox executive

That's how you get a green lit show, I tell you hwat

The biggest culture shock to me in visiting Texas and the person who would be my wife was just how popular this show is down there. "Don't you realize it's making fun of you?" "Yeah, but... it's accurate."

I forgot how good king of the hill was until all those live streams started popping up on YouTube. It still holds up well.

This is surprisingly consistent with how the show turned out!

Well.... He's my boy

This kind of stuff would always be funnier to people who experience it firsthand everyday, don't you think?

Bobby definitely seems actually dumb in this clip whereas in the show he's more weird ain't right than stupid.


I don't understand why all of a sudden there's multiple 24 hour live streams of King of the Hill on Youtube, but I'm for it!

based off a voicemail Mike Judge got for Beavis and Butthead

What's hilarious to me is the Boomhauer part is actually


I mean, I haven't seen other pitches for cartoons so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but yeah. This is how I feel like I would do it if I had any talent whatsoever.

It's not making fun of us though, it's just an accurate and quality show about life in Texas.

One thing I love about King of the Hill is how the humor doesn't exactly have 'barbs' if that makes sense.

It pokes fun at certain aspects of certain groups, but it's never mean spirited and it usually shows the good side of these groups as well. Like, you can see Hank Hill overreact in a hilarious way, but he's also admirable.

Bobby definitely seems actually dumb in this clip whereas in the show he's more weird than stupid.

Yeah I'm surprised with how fully formed the characters are. Most shows take a bit of time to figure out the character niches but this has them figured out from the start.

I didn't get this show as a kid. Then I watched the show around ten years later and my god if it isn't one of the greatest shows ever

Yeah, you can see how that evolved so much, the king of the hill pitch is pretty much 90% what it is.

What about how Bobby looks just like his Grandaddy?

Agreed, I just wish there was more variety in the episodes they pick. It seems like a lot of the streams are just rebroadcasting each other.

Not really a pilot, just a short Justin Roliand did. Decided later on to develop it further

Well there is a theory that Bobby is Bill's kid. Since hank had a narrow urethra problem and Peggy being the problem solver. Also explains why Bill also likes Peggy a lot.

Him talking about this in front of Zack Galifianakis

makes it 1000x funnier.

Mr. Sprinkles still holds up really well

Yes. All the characters are really dynamic, with their own virtues and flaws. They all have developed personalities and distinct approaches to problem solving (at least, by season 3). Even Bill, who is a total boob, has his personal strengths and is given a lot of respect by the creators when they highlight him in an some episodes (i.e. where they visit family in LA, or when he becomes Hanks barber).

I did not realize Milton from Office Space was the voice of Bill, that's hilarious.

I was furious when they took King of the Hill off of Netflix

Bobby seems like the only one who's significantly different in the show.

Yea it's weird how differently kids see stuff. King of the Hill had a really depressing and boring look to me as a kid, now it's great. I'm watching Bojack Horseman right now and I keep thinking about how if I saw it as a kid, the faces would gross me out. Kids are really particular with artstyles and humor

Yea, it does and the original stream only plays like 4 or 5 episodes on a loop. I flipped between King of the Hill, American Dad, and Family Guy live streams last weekend and saw all episodes of each. I checked last night and they are still playing the SAME episodes.

Definitely I think that's why most people don't find George Lopez funny. I mean I don't think he's a comedic genius or anything but he'll once in awhile say something that reminds me of my childhood.

I know a lot of people here like it just because it's so relatable for anyone living in Texas.

Bill is a time Traveller who knocked up Cotton's mom

Peggy's too naive to do something like that. Plus we all know that lady bird helped lower Hanks stress levels and relaxed him enough to conceive Bobby

I love Luanne.

HANK: A man came by from the Shiney Pines trailer park, and he said you still got a trailer there.

LUANNE: No I don't, it tipped over.

HANK: But it's still there.

LUANNE: No, it tipped over!

HANK: Luanne, let me try to explain. I have a beer can. I tip it over. Now, is it still there?

LUANNE: I can't live in a beer can. I can live in a trailer, but I don't have a trailer because the trailer tipped over!

Self deprecating humor definitely isn't just a Texan thing

You sonofabitch we don't talk about Doc and Mharti!

I think Hank Hill would also be more on board with Bobby if we was normal but stupid. Bobby being weird is the perfect foil for Hank.

Aaww Brittany Murphy was just so adorable!

I've always maintained that King of the Hill was structured less like a cartoon and more like a sitcom.

With shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy they do pretty much a reset from episode to episode and will do anything short of killing a main character in support of the episode's story line. This means there's really only continuity of the characters main attributes which makes them identifiable but less relatable.

But with KotH being more of a sitcom, the characters while often outlandish in nature were much more relatable. I think that was one of its major strengths. It must of made writing harder, but in the end it was worth it. All the characters were fully realized and I like to think that somehow they just went on living their collective lives after the show went off the air

What about House of Cosbys? Though it's lost a lot of it's humor since Cosby turned out to be a rapist...

No love for propane accessories

Jesus, I always thought his wheezy laugh was for the camera, but he actually sounds like that, it's fucking hilarious hahaha!

"dont you realize its making fun of you?"

Sheesh, if the whole world were that sensitive... Comon now, think

So that's where "lick lick lick my baaaalls!" comes from...

jimmy dean

what about some sausage commercials too?

Agreed, he was the most different. Weird is funnier and gives more options than stupid so I'm glad they went with that.

damnit Bobby.

this is even better


It sucks she died. I have a feeling Adult Swim would have worked out getting it back on the air.

Didnt the idea come from Tom Anderson, beavis and buttheads neighbor?

I mean, a lot of Portlanders love Portlandia for the same reason.

When i moved out to Texas my boss looked like Hank Hill. And I was like my god it's all true

That was happening even without portlandia

The pitch for courage the cowardly dog was even nominated for an academy award for best animated short.

Hank's kind of a Texas style zen master.

That boy ain't right

They do get taken down, I sometimes fall asleep to one playing and will wake up to it on TV saying the channel was taken down. They just get switched around to new channels every couple of days.

Now that's just lazy of them, thanks for the heads up though. Any of us could do the same with the entire catalogue honestly. YouTube is too big for them to catch everything like that.

Why was Peggy so shocked about Joseph than? Someone that committed adultery should of realized that Dale was not his dad and that clearly Nancy and John redcorn were up to things.

It's missing context! It was supposed to be a joke where he would get a cease and desist letter from the studio which would be an explicit admission on their part that Doc and Marty would do that kind of filth with each other and that Doc really was that kind of perv.

Pretty much yeah. My dad reminds me a lot of Hank, just a dude that keeps his grass green and wants a simple life.

TIL George Lopez is still alive.

Jimmy James

He'll always be to me.


Now this is a step beyond bacon fat & wonderbread but its the same principle :

People eat bacon grease like that?

Yep. Quit whackin off in my trailer!

Holy shit that was fantastic.

Mostly Youtube livestreams

She told Hank she was a virgin when they got married even though she'd had sex with her high school friend.


Eh, I don't buy it. They already have the "bastard" trope with Joseph being Jon Redcorn's son.

5 years ago: Why can't cable companies offer a la carte pricing!? I don't want to pay for 300 channels I don't watch!

Today: Like hell I'm paying for an entire channel for one show! I wish someone would group multiple channels together into some sort of discounted "bundle".

The origin Hank Hill was from Beavis and Butthead!

Bobby . . . still drinks too much

I missed something in those later seasons, I guess

There's a difference between making fun of a culture and satirizing it.

Checks out

Interesting that Hank refers to Boomhauer as not being right, too. Not really that way on the show, besides not being able to understand him. Was definitely good for balance to have Boomhauer not be as crazy as Bill and Dale.

Yeah, I liked one of the Futurama ones for about a day before I realized it was about at the same place the next day.

The even more boggling thing is how they haven't been taken down for copyright knowing youtube.

Stephen Root is his name. He was in Get Out too. The man is a legend.

Netflix needs to bring this back

The relationship between Hank and Luanne in general was great to watch. He fought against caring for her because she wasn't directly his blood but she was pretty much his daughter, his eldest child.

The King of the Hill video seems like a direct pitch. The Roiland short was its own thing.

I read this in Hank's voice.