The open-top tank struggle

Doesnt even need to be artillery fire, this is just their natural state as soon as a single person takes to the skies for CAS

Artillery fire: commences

Me in any other tank: mkay

Me in M18: W the f outta here

The only time I ignored it I was capturing a point and was like “I ain’t going nowhere.”

The very first shell violently blows the poor thing to kingdom come

I wish I was only afraid of CAS in open-topped tanks. I've just started playing a 6.7 lineup and have had my engine and breach knocked out and half of my tank crew killed by a strafing BF/FW or jet, while driving a T34! What's the point of driving a heavy tank if it can't even shrug off Mg151 rounds?

laughs, but also cries in Me 262 A1/U4

Ah, the Narwhal, reliable only for crit'ed gun breeches and burning engines. Once in a blue moon, something dies to your pinpoint fire.

and then there's the matches where you are the God of Lightning one-shotting left and right...

Also applies when you see two ostwinds driving straight for you

CERMET Not Cement. CERamic METal.

The games where you hit the engine deck of an M36 and get a puff of smoke, not even a hit...

hits a rock

crew knocked out

Henry's come to see us!

wait, you can kill turret crew of t34 with 20mm mg 151?

The f4 has a concrete round it can use in its gunpods. Maybe that is what got you cause normal 151 rounds have like 23 mm penetration tops.

Clearly none of you have played Arcade in an open top. I get suicide bombed by a fighter every match.

Some of them may have been Ta 152s with a Mk103, but I'm pretty sure I managed to tag one of the guys that strafed me and the kill feed said it was a Bf 109 variant. There must be a weak spot on the turret because it seems like every time I'm strafed I need to repair my breech.