The only woman who made Dwight act like a normal guy. All apologies to Angela, but Isabel was the one that got away...

The only woman who made Dwight act like a normal guy. All apologies to Angela, but Isabel was the one that got away...

Height, advantage Isabel. Birthing hips, advantage Isabel. Contractual obligation...advantage Angela.

She’s a dental hygienist and she makes love like one, pass!

I always figured it was his outward confidence they see when they first meet him outside of the office. Plus he comes off as just enough of a dick to add intrigue while still being polite overall.

Dwight pulling sexy women never made sense to me.

You had me at “birthing hips”. Did the contract ever get notarized?

Angela: Well, I have an alternative. (hands Dwight a document)

Dwight: "Intercourse to completion. Five individual times rendered at my discretion."

Lawyer: Look, I don't think that's actually legal...

Dwight: Agreed. But not in your bed. It's lumpy.

Angela: Those lumps are cats, and those cats have names, and those names are Ember, Milky Way, Diane, and Lumpy.

Dwight: Fine. Five times. (signs contract)

Lawyer: Look, I can't legally watch this unfold. It's coming a little dangerously close to prostitution.

Angela: I want eye contact.

Dwight: No.

Angela: Yes.

Dwight: Do you understand how rare is that in nature?

He sure came a long way from the guy who asked Toby where the clitoris is.

Dwight is her notary so you decide.

You’re amazing at this. How did you get so good?

Wacking moles!...

“I’ll call ya, kid...”

Agreed, she was totally into his savage ways. He called her a “bumpkin,” but how is Angela any different/better?

But what if the recipient... is your notary!?

She was so smokin too

Ohhhhh D!!!!!

I read some interview where the writers were basically like, "He's tall, a farmer, and super confident. He could snag some babes."

Clear conflict. To hell with the contract!

It was his t shirt. Wolves howling at the moon is suggestive to woman because of howling during sex.

Technically, I am in Human Resources, and Dwight was asking me about human anatomy. Um... I'm just sad the public school system failed him so badly.

Flinches Fuck!

I think they were going for irony.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. Just saying that Isabel may have been the better choice for him. The heart wants what the heart wants.

It's for a church, honey. Next!

He exudes sex

That would have killed pam lol

Well, Dwight was the main one who got all the hottest chicks. I’d date him because I love the guy he is. I think Dwight didn’t act like anyone but who he actually was and women like that.

No, the father was. She tells Dwight her father was planning to lease the tractor out on weekends and he's surprised she's still interested in him. She's like, what do you think I am, tractor-bait?

He pulled a freakin women's basketball team! Hot, tall, amazons and he just passes like a BOSS

This, and when Jim is becoming a vampire and is suddenly very close to Dwight by the water cooler. Great Dwight shock moments,

Probably a reference to Dwight's Germanic roots and the blonde hair/blue eyes he found to be most desirable. I've considered this a bit, the girl from the neighbor's farm had bumpkin written all over her by my book (yes she was attractive) yet she was less a bumpkin to Dwight than Isabel.

He got that good D!

Like Michael with her mom?


I always thought she was hot af

Say what you want about Angela.

No, seriously, she's pretty scummy and conniving. I wouldn't trust her alone with my toothbrush.

maybe he hangs dong

I’m agreeing and asking the general public what makes Angela less of a “bumpkin” than Isabel.

5 times for 30,000 dollars, not a bad stud fee