The only reason for an American to hold a Nazi flag is if it has been captured in battle.

The only reason for an American to hold a Nazi flag is if it has been captured in battle.

Same with communist flags.

and confederate flags

If you call yourself an American, do not spit in the face of all those men who died on the beaches of Normandy, or in the skies over Germany, or in the Atlantic.

You'll probably get down voted, but I 100% agree. It is the flag of a nation that wanted to leave the US, I couldn't think of anything more un-American

These guys wouldn't even realize they were in America if they walked into the chaos at Charlottesville!

Pay the iron price for the flag or GTFO.

Fuck these asshole white nationalist cunts.

I'm part of the left and I condemn ANTIFA

You are exactly right.

I for one am proud of /sub/the_donald for this post. Thanks for giving me some hope. Glad we can agree on something, violence is not tolerated.

Its the flag of losers and us Trumpsters dont like losers

God damn right.

AMEN brother.

Listen, people have a right to free speech, and the peaceful assembly. If they want to march and wave nazi flags around that's they're god given right, and I would literally fight to the death to defend that right.

But it's also my right to call them out on their bullshit, denounce the behavior, raise my kids better and try to eradicate that mindset. We fought the nazis, we fought the communists, and we sure as shit don't display any enemy flags where I'm from.

You know what the US is really good at? Killing Nazis.

Those men were still Americans

But the point was to stop being part of the US...?

The men who died in that brother war wouldn't recognize the countries and cities they died "defending" nowadays.

Notice how we condemn the Nazis but the left won't condemn ANTIFA.

You really think he would've supported the country that wanted the end of freedom for the whole world?

Don't insult your grandfather like that.

Anyone who dons a swastika or any other Nazi paraphernalia is declaring their support for the losing side.

They lost ideologically, militarily, culturally and socially. Look at Germany today, a shadow of herself. Despite an economy the envy of the world, by the time the German spirit recovers, there may not be much of a country left.

The Allies won. Liberty and freedom saved the world.

And yes, the USSR was indispensable, but that's owing to the grit of the Russian people, not Stalin's Communism, and we eventually won that struggle too.

Why anyone would attach themselves to Nazism in any way is so far beyond my understanding. Think of how many good and brave Americans died turning the tide in Europe and the Pacific. For many of them the last thing they saw before they were shot, blown up, stabbed or died a hundred other gruesome ways was that goddamn broken cross of Nazism.

What a slap in the face to the brave Americans who came before us. It's fortunate in a way that most of them aren't around to see this. The insanity on both extremes of the spectrum. For them, I won't tolerate any of the Nazi BS.

I Don't buy this NAZI shit. Not for one fucking second. There's a huge difference between protesting the removal of a Robert E Lee statue, and running around in TShirts glorifying hitler quotes and waving NAZI flags.

Something about this entire thing, in addition to the over-the-top response stinks to high heaven.

They definitely would have done something about both alt-sides though.

We must unite against National Socialism.

And Global socialism!!

Tbh, I'd be more excited about taking their lugers. But yeah.

The irrational right thinks the left are all ANTIFA, the irrational left thinks the right are all Nazi, be better than them and use your damn brain!

Left here. I condemn the ANTIFA. Some on the right support the Nazis at Charlottesville. There are stupid people on both sides

I mean to be fair, not a single liberal who doesn't browse shitty facebook groups and instagram pages knows what ANTIFA even is

I condemn ANTIFA, they're just thugs.

Today most of them would be called nazis for their opinions on race.

They were also chanting 'Blood and soil'.

Exactly! The Confederate flag is important to our country historically, and I think it is unconstitutional to ban it, but I don't think it's a very American symbol. People defend it, saying it's a symbol of rebellion-- but rebellion against your own country? How is that American? To me, they're in the same boat as CalExit people.

One Nation, under God, indivisible.

There's a certain irony of claiming blood and soil for land you're a relatively recent immigrant to.

It's a core component of Nazi ideology and the sickening Lebensraum plan.

That's some Grade A dissembling and pedantry. By that definition, Brazilians are also Americans.

This is t_d. American means citizen of the United States of America, as established by the Declaration of Independence and as founded by the Constitution.

No. I think his grandfather fought for a future where freedom and respect prevail over slavery and hatred.

I think America is closer to those ideals than a world controlled by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Don't you?

Confederate flags belong at cemeteries and monuments. Those men were still Americans. But I agree that individuals should not carry them.

I don't mean this in an "it should be illegal" way. What I'm pointing out is the massive political contradiction.

I happened to catch Fox News at 11:00am CST and they had a local reporter on the streets, kept calling the white supremacists the "alt right." It has become standard language in media to say this, and that is dangerous. They and other establishment GOP types think they own the label "conservative" and anything otherwise is "alt right."

Punk ass bitches don't realize they only get to pull that shit because of others sacrifice

But it didn't become tyrannical though...

It's nauseating that this post is even necessary. I've already sparred with multiple white nationalists on here today.

Out, Out, Out.

Why the downvotes?

They would be. The racial opinions of the average American soldier in WWII would be considered Nazism today and everyone knows it.

Cop out

This entire thread should be fucking nuked IMO. It's a fucking shit storm.

This is the side of The_Donald that more people need to see.

Geez, your Grandfather really must've hated Jews.

yeah Fox really has been fucking retarded all day long. They don't know the difference between the alt-right and a psychopath driving a car into a crowd of people

You are aware that the entire thing was advertised on this subreddit, right?

Hi, I fucking hate those morons with a passion.

...or if you just ripped it out of the hands of a Soros-paid "protester"

Lmao. if true your grandad is a real piece of shit traitor.

Did you miss the part where it's a core part of Nazi ideology - and was a foundation of one of the sickest components of Nazism - the Lebensraum plan?

I'm not technically a trump supporter, or at least of the same caliber as most of the members here, but reading through this thread makes me glad. This community isn't as bad as the rest of Reddit makes it out to be.

It's not hard to goad a few dummies into showing up waving around a swastika, then saying "look look! they're all nazis!!1!"

That's literally been the playbook of the left for the last 60 years. It's becoming tiresome.

Man, people are really on edge today. Understandable, I guess, but I think you've got me wrong. Censorship is censorship, whether it's done by the government or anyone else. Is there not room for me to say, though, that I don't think neo-Nazism squares well with American values? Are others not allowed to agree with me?

Also — and I do mean this as a question — how is a movement which believes in free speech to react when members of an ideology that doesn't wants to align with them?

Sam Huston was against it.

Sam Huston is Texas.

Wrong, but thanks for playing. The Southern Dems loved abusing federal power and crushing states rights when it came to the Fugitive Slave Act. It's only when a Republican was elected - a Republican who had even promised he wasn't going to do anything about slavery if elected - that they decided to go full retard and tear our country apart, and only after they lost that the pathetic excuse of states rights was trotted out as the reason.

I'm a hillary-voting "libtard" and I condemn antifa. I think anybody using violence is stupid and I hate the liberals joyously talking about punching nazis. Punching these guys and ganging up on them is just going to make them look like martyrs, and anyone on the fence will jump on the nazi bandwagon. I'm pretty sure 95% of liberals/democrats don't know what the "antifa" is... I only hear about it on right wing media.

I prefer flags that don't get caught...

This was certainly a matter of opinion at the time.

The issue is clearly so nuanced that anybody with half a brain to go running around with the Confederate flag and still expect to be taken seriously is delusional.

I grew up in a part if the US where I'd see (and still do) at least 10 Confederate flags just driving around. The minority of them are actually racists. Most of them are just shouting REBEL WOOOOOO RAISE HELL.

Hated is a strong word, I couldn't give a fuck about it.

Good. I fucking hate Nazis. Let's get a beer.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but some people on here still think Alt-Right means "not neo-con". Alt-Right means at least white Identitarian. It's a very specific group that generally believes in an ethno-state, or at least white advocacy to defend white people.

I still get along with Alt-Right guys because they aren't klansmen like the media says they are, but they aren't just guys that voted for Trump and like Pepe

Commies, socialists and fascists OUT OUT OUT.

First time I've ever seen something on this sub I remotely agree with. It appears we do have a common ground to start from after all

Men from all corners of the nation put aside their differences to battle tyranny.

Feels good, man.

Depends on where you look. Most my family is left leaning and they think ANTIFA is a gang of retards.

Even if you happened to be an unrepentant antisemite it's not exactly a great idea from a PR/branding perspective...

If you join a rally where people are chanting blood and soil, carrying Nazi flags, wearing shirts with hitler quotes, and saluting with torches, don't be upset when people associate you with them after you freely chose to join the fucking rally.

Keep an eye open for an MP40 for me.

So if anyone today takes up arms and fights against President Trump we should honor them and ther flag after they die?

You can get a mod and find it in the cave under red rocket diner.

Let's pretend for a moment all the nazis are paid by Soros. Why didn't any of the legitimate protesters stand up to them and kick them the fuck out? Even in that scenario it's inexcusable to be marching next to nazis.

I'm not trashing their right to do anything. I'm trashing them.

Perhaps we should just start calling them the alt-white. Make that stick. We really must actively protect ourselves from being lumped in with such anti-Americanism while also fighting it.

Sounds like a traitor and a loser.

Please take a ww2 political history class. The 'national socialist party' was a misnomer, it's how they gained support by appealing to a specific mentality of working class society (nationalist antisemites). i.e - It was only a socialist utopia if you were the right kind of german (socialist policies within an extreme right wing government)

Can confirm. Saw a truck on the way home flying old glory, stars and bars and a rainbow flag. Would have taken a picture, but my wheel bearings were giving me hell and I just wanted to get the car home.

Why the downvotes?

I generally just downvote anyone that asks why they are being downvoted. Don't even really care what the rest of the comment was. It's like a little inside joke I have with myself. Anyways, I can't speak for anyone else, but that's why I downvoted you.

Here's what I came up with:

bleep bloop

Here's what I came up with:

bleep bloop

Huh,I thought this sub was supporting the Nazi March/Riot shit,guess I heard wrong. Fuck The Nazis

The south went to war because they wanted to keep slaves. It's pretty clear that they were the only tyrants in the Civil War.

i like this side of the donald.

I lurk here a lot, trying to get both sides of shit. I do my best not to be dismissive, but i'll be damned if i don't disagree with a shit ton of views here.

But this, this kind of thread reminds me that not everyone here is a Nazi, literal or figurative. I'm glad for it, it helps fight my biases. Thank you for showing Americanism in the face of these Nazi fucks being associated with you.

Haha haha "fighting for their right to exist" what a bunch of bullshit

I want my nazi scalps

Good. I am fine with the American Left as long as they condemn the evil that sprouts from their ideology, just like how the American Right apologizes for their own evil tumors. However there are a ton of influential people who LOVE Antifa and LOVE militancy as long as it is against the Right in the name of the Left. It's quite sad.

Yeah nobody said they didn't, but they can go fuck themselves with their views and they don't get to be violent.

The best thing he could do for his country was to rebel and point a rifle at other Americans? Instead of accepting the Presidents orders?

Then should everyone appreciate everyone rebelling against President Trump cause they think its the best thing that they think they can do for their country?

Fox, after watching the enormous success of Hannity and Tucker in the ratings, wisely decided that CNN Lite was a better approach.

It has its place in historical sites, at reenactments, an appropriate place in education, and if a private citizen wants to fly it as a part of their heritage (Sons of Confederate Veterans, etc.) but it should no longer be a flag to rally around.

This sub is getting brigaded, hard.

Yeah I have no idea what the deal is with people on here. They're all saying fuck these rally goers fuck these white nationalists.

what about Texas?

Are you really arguing that the Nazis were pro-freedom?

Two nations can be bad at the same time.


The people at that rally that held these flags were such a small minority. This is exactly what the MSM is doing and I’m severely embarrassed for and absolutely infuriated by those on here painted all the people there white nationalists.

I believe there is a extremely good chance they were plants. It’s happened before. To those of you on here who just think it’s the cool thing to do to be here, please educate yourself more. You are not helping. You are closer to anti-fa and leftists than any right leaning person. Actions speak louder than words, and the virtual signaling of some of you is absolutely abhorrent.

I’m not saying there weren’t any “nazis” at the rally, but to paint the thousands of others there in that same color smells of liberal tactics. I’m very skeptical about a lot of people here. There are obvious infiltrators and they are continuing the brainwashing that some of you had put on you since birth. You’re eating it right up.

Same with CNN flags

I'm done showing any sort of support to anyone who labels themselves alt right. Anytime a productive anti-leftist political movement gets traction, here comes the alt right bearing swastikas and asking about the JQ.

Even if you're doing it to be ironic or edgy, it's not a good look.

Refreshing to see t_d post this. Fuck Nazis.

I go to school at UVA, saw the beginning of this protest. There were no inside men. There was clear open support for those waving the flags. During their rally at the Rotunda there's numerous pictures of them holding their arms up in Nazi-sequel salute. There were numerous anti-Semitic and racist phrases being thrown consistently as well. Many described themselves as white nationalists and Nazi-supporters. There is absolutely nothing hat points to it being an inside job. It was a white supremacy rally plain and simple. And what about the guy who ran over and killed someone? Was he also an inside man?

Explain to me how the Union was oppressing them. The notion is completely absurd. The Rebellion started as a reaction to a Republican getting elected and was well underway before he even got into office, and it came after years of Democrats oppressing Northern states through the Fugitive Slave Act and fomenting violence in Kansas.

The final red pill is realizing that the South's history has been perverted by the Democrats.

Wasn't this protest stickied?

Yes, but you can't just write off every subscriber to the subreddit as scum. As of now over nine thousand people on this sub have upvoted this. That's what gives me hope.

And all the common sense comments are being downvoted. This is getting fishy.

Nah, I hate this sub but I'm pretty impressed that at least some of you will put your foot down against this Nazi bs. I'll remember this going forward.

And my axe!

Cowards the lot of them. You don't have to agree with the alt-right, but don't just start punching right like a bunch of dumb fucks.

For people with confederate war veterans in their family such as myself, it's more about being appreciative of what my ancestor did in light of what he thought was the best thing he could for his country that he loved dearly, enough to give his life for.

God bless Texas

Hi there

If I was holding up a Communist or Nazi flag, then it's only to burn.

Nazism is extreme German nationalism, so why would an american be a Nazi?.... when they live in America.