The one and only true way to make IQ more popular

The one and only true way to make IQ more popular

IQ and her reverse harem of recruits

You know I actually feel it would help her kit out tremendously. Even when shooting from above or below you consistently hit the support beams. This would alleviate that.

Make her gadget ping all electronics for friendlies for 30 sec

Wait. Don’t tell me you want to replace her pistol with the m870.

That’s such a good idea - possibly 30 seconds is too long but the ping idea is solid

Miss me with that AUG shit nibba

Following her crouching ass around...

I think they mean just add it is a weapon, but replacing it as a pistol would be awesome!

What about the stupid ass LMG of her's

More like ...

What about that wonderful ass of her's

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What about the stupid ass lmg of her's

As long as you're using her gadget, you should be able to hold F to scan or something. Then electronics are pinged for 15 seconds.


I had an idea for IQ (probably already suggested), what if her pistol with gadget activated could set off enemy deployables as opposed to just destroying them?

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An operator like kapkan, which Ubi just buffed recently, would be useless with an IQ on the enemy team.

Just dont walk

Are you saying you don’t want a Super 90 with a Skeleton Key on it?

That LMG is an EZ ace

Commando > LMG >>>>>>>Silenced p12 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Aug

Fuck it. Replace her pistol with Tachanka's LMG

No. You’re right, she already hard counters Kapkan.

Kapkan already useless vs IQ, No?

Or is IQ gadget ineffective against Kaplan traps atm?

I don't have IQ as I haven't seen her as a strong attacking operator