The old drummer from A Skylit Drive is now my mailman

The old drummer from A Skylit Drive is now my mailman


Man that's kinda funny

Ah man I thought that sub was gonna be about a bunch of hardcore looking people In regular jobs.

Hey, honestly I had no idea where to post this. I thought it was funny and interesting. I never really got into them but he told me today and course I've heard of the band but I was blown away. Cory La Quay is his name and now he delivers mail lol

Mailman is not a bad gig though. Kudos.

Never heard of them, but we've all heard of the mail man.

People will do anything for fame.

It's true, the library of discs is like 10x bigger

Lol nah, my dad's girlfriend orders them frequently. She says that they have more of a selection when you order the DvD I guess. Lol.

Do you still order Netflix DVDs?

Totally! They receive pretty good benefits and if you stay with them for awhile you make nice money

I know they were pretty popular amongst other groups like A Day to Rememeber, the word alive, Memphis may fire. I'm not a big post hardcore fan but yeah, you're definetly right. They are from Lodi California which is pretty close to Sacramento. They did play warped tour for a while.

I've been one for about a year! Considering it requires no education (but a lot of common sense) it starts out paying a lot more than I thought it would. We've got the union to thank for that. I tell people all the time that they just pay me to walk around and pet peoples dogs.

Holy shit there's some nostalgia there.

He used to spit a lot when he played, usually straight up in the air, which would land directly back on him or his kit, which I always thought was kind of gross. Up until he spit out into the crowd and it landed square on my left eyebrow and promptly into my eye. I watched the whole thing happen in slow motion. Not the kind of spider-man slow motion that would have told me to move my fuckin head, but the kind of slow motion that goes "this is your life now."

Redeemed himself a couple years later in Modesto where he treated the entire band I was in and myself to rum in the back of their tour van.

Cool guy. Signed his snare head for me. Still got it.

Both of you have pretty strong lanyard games going on.

Huh, and John Prine started as a mailman in Chicago.

Jokes are supposed to be funny

If you're going to pirate them anyway why not just torrent? What is this, 2003?

First off, USPS is a great job pay wise and benefits. At least according to my step-mom who's worked for them for 20 years. Many mail carriers make $60,000. (Source: step mom) Secondly, I'm sure spending a few years in your 20s being on Warped Tour had to be pretty amazing. If you gotta be a regular Joe with a regular, decent paying job, it's pretty damn cool to say that once upon a time, you were a rock star. Few people can sustain that type of lifestyle and leave with bodies and relationships healthy.

My father still uses the disc service so he can rip the dvds when he's done watching them. His personal streaming service is better than Netflix.

I mean technically I'm sure there is some truth to that.

Crazy flip of employment.

Shit, he's gonna live and retire comfortably. Props to him.

Nice. You didn't even have an answer


Pretty unfortunate when someone has to give up their dream to just support themselves delivering the mail... I feel bad for him but at the same time I'm jealous because he got to live his dreams and fly on cloud 9 for at least a little bit

Nice. What genre would you label them?

Thank you for finding the appropriate tag!

Selection, safety, quality, internet connection speed (although if he's running a Plex server from his house that one may not matter as much).

Sorry. Its just that your joke creates confusion and is counterproductive to conversation . I apologize buddy.

It's just such a bad joke people can't even tell it's a joke.

In this case, post-hardcore is a triple entendre!

It always makes me sad to see this happen. As a huge fan of the "post-hardcore" music scene from back in 2008, I try my best to not think of where a lot of those band members wound up.

Lmao xD. Thanks man. His is more legit. I'm pretty jealous

Stay forever. Pension bro!

Well atleast you aren't homophobic?

We hate you

Because, these days, it is so hard to land on the job your heart loves... You're gonna be frustrated if you keep on banking on Confucius' advice.

You too......after the toe thing.

You'd be surprised how many talented mafucka's are out here doing normie jobs to pay the bills.

He told me he just got them cut off for his job. I checked out his Instagram and just last month he had his dreads

Lol well I wish you and your family good fortune and many blessings!

"Sorry, mom, maybe it was just a phase."

all the people who saw them play that one time are upset with you


Username checks out

I actually know some people that still do that. It seems like if you have a niche interest in a particular genre it's the way to go.


wew, post-hardcore has changed a lot from Fugazi

I dunno.

I had a group of friends who made it to that middle point between local band and rock star and it seemed psychotically stressful. They never broke out but they poured their blood sweat and tears for almost 2 years trying to make it up. Honestly they all seemed beat down from the whole experience and only one of them even still plays.

I don't think that kind of failure is something I'd want to experience. They say better to have and lost than never to have had at all but I think getting so close you can touch it can crush your soul.

Making jokes without the /s is the number 1 way to lose karma

The singer of my favorite band ended up raping babies and got prison for life. That was a bummer to hear.

If I had one wish, I would ask for a big enough ass For the whole world to kiss

Definitely not local

Won't you scream my name... While you deliver my mail!

Remember when netflix tried to divide their streaming service from their mail service and people lost their shit and complained so netflix didn't go through with it. Yet nowadays so many people don't even know that netflix does discs and it would have probably been a decent idea to split the services apart..

Well DVDs are less than 10GB...

... the bay...

Better quality bro! 50gb rip!

Yeah but how does he feel about bitches?

Sweet revenge

I think they may have been referring to that time they tried spinning it off as a completely different company with a new name.

You'd have to be pretty successful to be able to make a living solely from your music, I'd think. This guy seems to be doing alright: a good day job and still making music. Most musicians today are living like this.

I know last year around August him and Joey Wilson started a project called Avant Garde which is their new band. But he told me hasn't been able to keep up with his music at the moment.

Ah, Qwikster, we barely knew you, or wanted to know you.

Honestly though, I forget Netflix even started out as a DVD by mail company. I can't even remember the last time I watched any physical media.

They did split it, and did go through with it. It's still split.

This is insane. The skill he contains and he's delivering mail... He's probably very happy though, to have even brought it up.

If you ever see John Prone delivering mail, don't just pass him by and stare. Say hello in there

He wasn't joking. That's the actual funny part.

Daaaaaaaaad ugh

I know lol! Rancho Cordova which is where I live. It's close to Sacramento in California

"Hey bro I played drums in this band we were famous I'm famous I bet you want my autograph?"

I used to jam out to these guys in my middle school scene kid days! When they first were getting big people thought Cory was a chick

I get a pension. 💁🏿‍♂️

That he went from a rockstar to a mailman.

In terms of benefits and job security, USPS is a massive step up.

You can rent blu-rays.

I don't even know where to torrent anymore. Every one of the sites I've used don't work anymore.

Why is this sad? Life goes on for everyone, even the most successful of todays musicians most likely won't end up like McCartney or Mick Jagger. Its just not reality.

Besides, that's a life thats a lot of fun but for many its not one that you want to do forever. For one, its exhausting as hell, and all the drugs and parties really only add to that in the end. Also, what if as well as wanting to be a rockstar, he also wanted to just be a normal guy with a family and friends? Maybe he is living his dream out now just the same as he was then.

Idk, I really like this picture and think I will show it to my students. I think it shows really well that there is a lot more to life than being famous and successful, and that often those things pass, and most importantly that this is perfectly ok, and can even be a good thing.

That's an odd perspective. A lot of bands I liked in the 80s never had a radio hit and no one expected them to. Being famous was never the point, keeping it real was.

Decades later a lot of those bands have found fame because they were influential and they probably make more playing a festival now than they made in a whole year of touring the country in a van way back then. No one expected to make a living off music forever, in fact almost everybody had a job while they were in the band because you don't make much money playing the back room of a Lebanese restaurant under a bowling alley.

Lost Prophets?

Pensions haven't been a thing since the 80s :P

Edit: to clarify, they're basically just a 401k now. Still, it isn't bad!

I forgot that was still a thing.

Nice dragon ball. i have 1-6 if you want to split the wishes

Makes sense, more room for your money to grow. 401k + Pension is a great gig.

Working with a client who has worked for the IRS for 36 years and is about to retire. He's got a hefty 401k and his Pension benefit will be about $4,000 per month. The man isn't even 60 yet.

Seriously. I saw the singer from one of my favourite bands working as a bar tender in Toronto, and it crushed me. These guys were my heroes.

Maybe he had enough of that "dream" and realized it wasn't everything that he thought it would be. Maybe it lead him to realize that his real dream was something else completely.

Working for the USPS isn't necessarily a step up or a step down as far as living the dream.


sighs and reaches for Albuterol inhaler...

I know what you mean. The genre and similar ones are so niche even the popular bands aren't set up for life. It's stressful to think about.