The Official Winner of the "Not My Job" Contest

The Official Winner of the "Not My Job" Contest

It probably really isn't his job.

When I was younger I got a job working for a distribution warehouse. The dock and warehouse workers were unionized and the office staff were not, for some reason. I was part of the office but my job was to check in returns from the delivery units. Drivers would stack returns from their routes (damaged, mis-picks and the like) and stack them on pallets lined between designated bays.

I had a clipboard and had to record the product and get info from the pick sticker (order info). One day a pallet had been bumped by a forklift and was askew with product leaning dangerously. I took it upon myself to restack the cases and shift the pallet back into line.

I got a STERN talking to from a warehouse supervisor after someone reported seeing me touch their stuff. I was made aware that only union members were allowed to handle pallets and cases.

This became a problem later as well when I needed to lift a case to find the pick sticker. Eventually I just had to find someone to lift it for me, something they resented doing but also refused to allow me to do.

I was definitely caught up in some office/warehouse union politics but BOY was it frustrating trying to accomplish this relatively minor clerical task as if I didn't have hands.

To be fair: It would've showed up here if they'd have painted over the stick too.

I know you're being facetious, but the answer is "because people are fucking morons".

You might think moving boxes or replacing light bulbs are simple things, and they are, but people are fucking morons. Every once in a while some office jockey will think "pfft I know how to change a light bulb I'll just do it myself", then proceed to stack a dozen phone books on their computer chair and climb up on the fucking thing and sever their spinal cord in 4 different places. Or they'll say "I can lift this box I'll just do it myself" and then discover that 15 years of sitting at a desk has taken its toll on their strength and coordination and they pull their back the second their hands touch cardboard and then a whole pallet of computer hardware comes crashing down on them severing their spinal cord in 5 different places.

And so "you should ask for help from the warehouse staff for these tasks" turns in to "ONLY WAREHOUSE STAFF MAY PERFORM THESE TASKS NO EXCEPTIONS". You code for a living, these guys fix shit for a living. You have your training, they have theirs.

These seem like common, every day tasks that anyone could do, but people are fucking morons.

I know you're the exception, just like I'm the exception, just like everyone reading this is the exception, because everyone thinks they're the exception until something horrible happens. Nobody has the power of honest self-reflection needed to think "I can't change a light bulb by myself, I need help".

I believe the expectation from the title was to move the stick...

This should be higher, as your reply is entirely relevant to the post. If the person in this picture is part of a Union, they get super pissed when someone tries to perform another's job. Even small things like changing a light bulb. If that's what happened in the photo above, then it's likely this person simply didn't want to wait for a removal crew to show up.

Why change a lightbulb yourself when the union workers can do it for $30.00 an hour?

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Careful with that repost son. It's an antique.

Last time I saw these lines being put down, they were done from a truck and the guy probably just went around the stick out of instinct. Or he hates people with OCD.

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My take - It wasn't the paint guy's job to do anything about the stick. His job is to drive down the road and paint the lines.

His crew should have had a truck 5-10 minutes out front to check the path and clear obstacles like this, though. Blame the boss.

I think he did a tree-mendous job! Another branch of the department looks after fallen trees. You can't blame him for just leaf-ing it there...

I'll get my coat and be going now...

Hey I don't hate unions. I think they are great, but unions operators like corporations... Its all about self interest. And again, that is fine. But if we feel corporations need oversight and accountability so do unions. And this doesn't mean taking away unions or there benefits, but rather creating an environment of efficiency and punishing shear laziness.

OP u the winner of reposting... i've seen that pic like 15 years ago...


I have friends who are in the unions. They want to work hard and be proud of their jobs. Instead they're forced to slow down and only do maybe 2 or 3 hours work per day. One of them is a machinist and he does a bunch of custom machining for friends for free, because he needs to "look busy" but if he actually does company work, he gets so much done that he "makes everyone else look bad." So he does a couple of hours of work in the morning then spends the next 6 hours making junk for his buddies.

People still get their tires slashed in union shops for working too hard.