The Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018 video got over 2 million views in less than a day

The Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018 video got over 2 million views in less than a day

Holy crap, I have never seen a Nintendo direct get this much attention (and it's just a MINI one). I'm not so sure if I missed any Nintendo directs that got this many views in the past though.

Regardless, I wanted to ask you guys the reason behind this attention. Is it due to the neverending H Y P E T R A I N and conspiracies leading up to the sudden direct, or is it because now there's an even bigger fanbase due to the power of the Switch excited to know what the Switch has in store for us in this year?

3 words: Praise the sun!!!

I'm so hyped I literally can't sleep. I am going to spend so much money on switch shit this year.

And that's just the main American Nintendo youtube channel, even more on their international channels.

I have a fully built pc setup and only use it to watch videos of switch stuff. Help.

Of course it did, Nintendo somehow (whether they intended it or not) pulled one of the greatest online publicity hypetrains ever...

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world the Direct didn't exist.

Yeah.. i wanted to focus on my pc this year but well... rip

try, but hole

Honestly all the Switch stuff recently makes me so glad I bought in early. All the hype and the community as a whole really makes the Switch even more attractive as a purchase. Well played Nintendo...

And the best part is that most people are happy they're getting announcements for games they'll be playing within the few months! No long waits or silly logos this time but concrete information for the most part.

It's insaneee. I'm hyped up for everything regarding the switch rn

I really enjoyed this Direct. I'm more excited about these upcoming games than most of the Switch games from 2017.

Tongue, but hole

Yeah i guess it's due to the hype train huh

I mean keep in mind lot of new Switch owners after the holiday like myself and a friend of mine. We have both never watched a Nintendo direct before.

Well, there's OBVIOUSLY gonna be a full Direct sometime this year.

Bet there will be lotsa hype.

There's going to be a new one soon, there's a slot open for it on the Japanese website

AND to browse switch stuff online and buy them. PepeHands

awesome chest ahead

You gotta. switch your lifestyle


Definitely wasn't intended, and it's a shame it happened for a Mini Direct of all things. Can you imagine if it preceded an actual Direct? It would've been nuts.

Also, every mini direct was followed by a full one so far