The new year starting on a Monday

The new year starting on a Monday

that also means no work on monday! hurrah!

What person starts their calendars on Monday!

Everyone, in 2018

I tried explaining this to someone and they replied that their town is full of hard working people who don't take holidays. Sure thing buddy, not a single business is closed.

It also ends on a mother fucking Friday. Perhaps a sign that 2019 is gonna be like a 365 day weekend

People whose sense of self is so tied to how overworked they are that they must think of it as a positive so they don't suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Lol who the fuck says that?


This guy calendars.

This should be on /sub/mildlyinfuriating.

Everyone who wasn't raised in a barn. Sunday calendars are insane, clearly

but the beginning of the week is Sunday

Hard working 'Muricans, you heathen.

Always found this mentality weird. Similar to people one-upping each other on how hard/miserable their lives are

Monday is the first day of the week fite me

"Hey man, you free this weekend?"

"The front end or the back end?"

"Nevermind I'll ask Dave"

Me. In my head Saturday and Sunday end the week.

Edit: to everyone replying - THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING

Sunday starts the week named for the Sun Monday is named for the moon Tuesday is named for Tyr, the Norse one handed god of war, an analog of the Roman Mars and many cultures use Mars, i.e. Martes. Wednesday is for Odin or Wotan as he is also known the all father, a Sky God and analog of Zeus or Jupiter. Thursday is for Thor god of thunder. Friday is for Frigga wife of Odin. Saturday is for Saturn the Roman equivalent of Cronus father of the Gods.

Some Calendars reflect that the week starts on the day for the Sun.

Other's orient calendars to reflect the work week.

Others to reflect various Sabbath's.

All are valid and interesting. Open to many interpretations and vary by culture.

Thinking of Sunday as the first day of the week makes Monday a lot less harsh imo.

Sunday is part of the weekEND, not the weekBEGINNING.

Maybe there are two ends. 😁 Like a loaf of bread!

Monday, one-day, Tuesday, two-day, Wednesday, when? huh? what day? Thursday! The third day, okay?

I think it ends on a Monday. Which is also satisfying to me.

Not just in your head. I mean, those days are called the weekend - end of the week!

Is this an American thing? So weird... Nobody I've ever met considers the start of the week anything other than Monday.

Wait, wtf? Who doesn't?

I think Saturday is one end and Sunday is the other end

How can you both agree with the statement and then follow it up the very next sentence with exactly what they were talking about lmao

We should make some sort of device that could keep track of the days of the weeks, months, and years.

Italian here, can confirm it. Sunday is the last day of the week for all our nation

But it can also be said to be the front END of the week,and therefore a weekend

This is actually the opposite of satisfying.

Well what do you expect from people who write dates mm/dd/yy ?

Everyone in the UK?

This guy life's.

I like to think that weekends are like bookends.

Ha. You think one-uppers are bad? I have to deal with two-uppers on a daily basis.

He was born in a barn

Could be a Tuesday, impossible to tell

where are you from, if I may ask? Because every calender in my country starts on a monday, and I think the same goes for whole europe and north-america.

EDIT: Well, apperantly not north america.

Also featured on /sub/mildlyinfuriating: unnecessary apostrophe’s.

What state is that in?

I like to think the week starts on Monday, but on a calendar it looks more balanced to have S's on either side.

Mayans already tried that, it didn't end well.

Notice how it's Bookends and Weekend.

One is a plural, one is singular.

Last day is a Monday

Am American. NOTHING is open on New Year's.

We pride ourselves in doing everything counterintuitively.

In America, Jesus is number one. Since Jesus' day is Sunday, his day is first. Murica!!! /s

Let me guess, also people using metric, and having a general idea of common sense?

May just end up there anyways.

Yes. The first day of the week in the US is Sunday.

I think Latin American countries do. At least the calendar did in my high school Spanish class. Makes sense if you think about it, Saturday and Sunday are the weekEND.

Last I checked, Sunday is part of the weekend not weekstart

I do in my head at least. Week starts on Monday, ends on Sunday.

I've never thought of the leftmost side being the "start" of a week, I'd always assumed it was just so the weekdays fit neatly in the middle. (This is how our calendars are in the US at least.)

If that's how calendars are supposed to be read, does that mean the US starts the weeks on Sunday? I'm from the US and I've never thought of the week starting on a Sunday.

Date Tracker 9000

Everyone is arguing whether the first day of the week is Sunday or Monday, but it's Saturday in my country.

United States, Canada, and Australia.

I put one bookend on one side and another bookend on the other, just like my weekends surrounding my work week.

So you put both bookends on the same side of the shelf? ;D

I am in the US and I adjust all of my calendars to show Monday as the first day of the week. Visually splitting the weekend causes me distress!

It’s moo point!

Rest of the world.

Do you also put both bookends on one side of the books and leave the other side to fall over?

Only some Americans. The rest of the world starts the week after the weekend.

Mondays... Almost mid week! Hell yeah!

Weird people

How unexpected.

I have never seen a calender that doesn't start on a monday, I guess it's a european thing. But it makes way more sense, why would the week start at the last day of the weekEND and not the day after? Strange concept for me.

Yet Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.


Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays

But they are the weekend, not the weekends.

England is my city.

I thought New years day was one of the only days that's recognised as a national day off in almost every other country.

I'm from a North American country. The week starts on Sunday, and 99% of the calendars I've ever seen have reflected that. I currently live in East Asia, and the calendar I'm looking at right now starts the week on Sunday, too...

It follows the ISO8601 date format.

Weekends are like book ends. Week days are in between weekends.


ISO 8601

Week date representations are in the format as shown in the adjacent box. [YYYY] indicates the ISO week-numbering year which is slightly different from the traditional Gregorian calendar year (see below). [Www] is the week number prefixed by the letter W, from W01 through W53. [D] is the weekday number, from 1 through 7, beginning with Monday and ending with Sunday.

Moon's day. Tyr's day. (Tyr is Tui in English) Woden's day. Thor's day. Freya's day. Saturn's day. Sun's day.

A week has two ends.. the front end (Sunday) and the back end (Saturday)

Being Israeli, i was sure this is /sub/mildlyinfuriating when first look at it. Its weird, Monday is literally named "the second day" in Hebrew

I like this rebuttal. I will definitely use this with my coworkers next time it comes up.

And most of Europe!

Date Simulator 6

Every month that starts on a Sunday has a Friday the 13th.

You have a /s but that’s pretty much true

I mean it is literally called the weekend

it's called the weekend. not the weekends. only one end

This just means an extra busy night in the Emergency Department where I work...... Good thing I took off and plan on getting lit as fuck!

It's ironic because the most American holiday is called the 4th of July...

TIL the week is a loaf of bread. No sarcasm. Saturday and Sunday are the end pieces.

europe is a really small country right in between italy it's very understandable that you've never heard of it


Your honor, I would like to present exhibit A.

some people want to work. some people have no choice.

ISO 8601

Week date representations are in the format as shown in the adjacent box. [YYYY] indicates the ISO week-numbering year which is slightly different from the traditional Gregorian calendar year (see below). [Www] is the week number prefixed by the letter W, from W01 through W53. [D] is the weekday number, from 1 through 7, beginning with Monday and ending with Sunday.

(taken from this comment)

USA checking in, the only calendar I’ve ever owned that started on a Monday was a schedule book given out by my school, which didn’t even have Saturday and Sunday listed (which I assume was because school was M-F only). Every other calendar I’ve owned or seen has started on Sunday

Why? In most parts of the world, this day is a holiday which means you have to work one less Monday in 2018!

Solomon Grundy 2018, Born on a Monday