The New K&C Theme for the subreddit is really nice.

The New K&C Theme for the subreddit is really nice.

It looks pretty great, It feels far warmer than the Kft one. Pretty happy for the variety. Who does themes?

I do. Thanks for the warm words!

It's really beautiful. They have all been pretty great, but this might be my favorite yet!

Echoing this. Same! It's nice and warm.

Also, Jaina was a blaring "THIS GUY ISNT WORKING" when I am at work and managers walk by...this is a little more subtle. Thanks!

At first it was kind of a punch in the eyes for the color changes, but I may say that it's grown on me pretty fast. Good job!

I agree, actually! I had to sleep on it after I merged the major color changes in, but once I came back fresh it really just fit the Hearthstone theme better. Hearthstone is supposed to feel campy, and while reddit is a bit stale by design, there's still some room to feel like an old school website/dungeon crawl. :)

It's always tempting to try and fully imitate the UI, like the Diablo 2 website, but the subreddit should still feel like reddit.

I would say the giant Kobold does the same thing though...

Loved the color choice for the background. Remind me of a scroll-ish thing. Def better than the KoFT one!

EDIT Just scrolled aaaall the way down, it IS a scroll. Im retarded.

Jaina was right at the left and stood out, the kobold is in the middle meaning smaller windows means theyre obscured a bit

Doing real wood and paper textures is so easy to get wrong, and pretty hard to get right. This is really, really right. From a graphic design perspective, it is perfect.

It feels christmas-ish