The 5 New Jersey Congressmen who sold you out to ISPs for as low as $6,000 and as high as $55,000.

The 5 New Jersey Congressmen who sold you out to ISPs for as low as $6,000 and as high as $55,000.

All five of these men are up for reelection in 2018. If you aren't happy with how these men are being influenced and how they are voting, do not reelect them next year.

EDIT: Correction-Frank LoBiondo is retiring next year, so he will not be reelected. If you live in his constituency, be sure to vote for someone who stands foe your interests.

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Update: Jesus Christ you people are savage with insults.

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Oh look it's the five Republicans, surprise surprise.

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Yeah but don't forget that both parties are exactly the same /s

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Fuck MacArthur.

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Instead, what we have is fucking career politicians who live off fucking you and I.

One party fucks us a LOT more than the other one, though. Like by orders of magnitude. I'm talking airtight fucking versus a gentle quickie at best

They're gonna regret it when they have to pay extra to watch their gay porn.

Congressman LoBiondo. He’s in my district and a complete fraud.

He wrote some pretty shitty legislation in one of the health care repeal bills. specifically the part that excluded congress from the changes. It was called the "McArthur amendment." Then, at all of his town halls he was extremely combative and would not listen to the concerns of his constituents at all.

Lobiondo (upper right) is retiring in 2018.

It’s okay, I’m assuming you’re not a treasonous piece of shit so you’re all good bud.

Certainly. From upper left to bottom right, they are:

Rodney Frelinghuysen- 11th district (Most of Morris County and parts of Sussex, Passaic, Bergen and Essex County)

Leonard Lance- 7th district (All of Hunterdon and Union, most of Somerset and parts of Warren and Morris)

Frank LoBiondo-2nd district (Most of South Jersey from Cape May and as far north as south Burlington)

Tom MacArthur- 3rd district (Most of Burlington and Ocean County)

Chris Smith- 4th district (Most of Monmouth, about half of Ocean and part of Mercer south of Trenton)

EDIT: Formatting and corrections. Also, all of these reps are Republican. I highly recommend to figure out who your rep is if you aren't sure. They also have info on your reps voting record and the bills they have sponsored.

Yeah, but that nuance ruins his rant & narrative.

Christopher Smith - $6,000!

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Our congressmen screwed us over

But at least we're on the front page

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And the goofiest-looking bastard in congress.

you know, you dont have to put the /s to get the sarcasm here. The bigger issue is that, there are things Democrats party line vote on to get it across and you may not even agree with it.

If we were to have independent elected officials who really represent the people who sent them there, with term limits, all this wouldn't matter. imagine coming back to the neighborhood after your term and you know you did your best to make your small section of this country, a better place. Instead, what we have is fucking career politicians who live off fucking you and I. and yes, it happens on both parties. sorry for the all cursing, i need my meds. :P

He doesn't even live in New Jersey! His home address in Virginia should be plastered on billboards all over his district.

The people in NJ who voted for them and continue to do, and WILL DO SO, are to blame. Stop the shit. this is politics man

We are very sure. He lives full time in Virginia. This is not even disputed by his team. He maintains a single apartment in NJ and his neighbors see him there maybe once or twice a year.

I'm not sure why people keep asking if people are sure that this is accurate. It's not even contested by him. He maintains a tiny residence here for the sole sake of keeping his seat. His daughter and wife are full-time VA residents and his daughter gets in-state tuition in VA.

What is it with Republican scumbags and spray tan? And why do these Republican idiots keep voting for the same guys that work against their interests?

Vote Democrat, stop the corporate white supremacist assholes from destroying our country.

Is there some kind of prerequisite that to be an NJ congressman, you have to look like some kind of hideous muppet reject? I mean, from the top left moving clockwise I got:

Kurt Barlow from Salem's Lot. A failed clone of Rutger Hauer. Darth Plageius.

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I hate politicians with a burning passion. FUCK.

"You all have to adhere to this health care bill, except me. I can do what I want."

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He looks like a fucked a jar of orange play-doh

What are their names? I'll be happy to help vote them into joblessness.

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Unsurprisingly, so is NJ's republican party. Fucked no matter who you vote for.

'cept like, you know, if we had 12 Democrats instead of 7 Democrats and 5 Republicans they wouldn't be voting for gutting Net Neutrality so....

It's funny how I'm not just annoyed that he sold us out, but for so little. If my congressman got $100k I'd at least be impressed by his bargaining skills. But $6k is just insulting to NJ

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Where do you find the names and amounts?

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He was my congressman for ages. Just Google it. Here's an old article from 2008.

This shit has been going on for more than a decade. It's very well known (Jim Keady knows about it and will run on it in the midterms).

Here's a source from the same time period that detailed how long he stayed in NJ:

The guy wasn't here for 9/11. He wasn't here for Sandy. He has zero connection with those he represents.

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Murphy, a Democrat, just got voted in. We're taking some steps forward

Because they are dumb as shit. They aren't capable of forming their own opinion, because Fox News forms it for them.

in same district can confirm LoBiondo can go choke on a pork roll

Silly Rabbit, they'll be exempt

For 6 grand. That guy is going to lose his job and face a whirlwind of shitty press for the price of a gently used Kia Optima. Thats just sad.

But you aren't an asshole taking cash from duapolies for votes in public office.

He's so crooked, it's taken physical form.

I don't like the Goldman aspect of his resume but if he legalizes weed and fixes the NJ transit situation, it might not be that bad.

I'm thinking he smells like dirty gym socks and piss.

Sure that's not just his address for when Congress is in session. Virginia is close to DC

My congressman, Chris Smith, always wins by a landslide. Oddly, central NJ is extremely conservative...

They all kind of look like they've been busted on "To Catch a Predator."

He's a Goldman Sach's executive, its only a step forward because he had Christie as an opener...

It'd be easier to say what he did right, than what he did wrong.

List of what he did right:

Literally Nothing

Like this is that simple in NJ. NJ's democratic party is corrupt and rotten to the core.

Not Rodney...

Rodney Frelinghuysen was the nicest guy. I met him many times while I was a young man working at a garden center. I mentioned once or twice about politics, but not a lot. He always tipped. He even offered me a job once.


That's because they're all sociopaths.

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Fuck Leonard Lance.

Andrew Kim 2018!

Thank you!

All Republican, by the way if anyone was wondering.

I’m not sure what’s more infuriating, that these congress members are selling out net neutrality, or the tiny amounts they’re doing it for?

They do

Like what? What do the Dems vote on that similarly go against the will and/or the well being of the American people? Can you tell anything? Then we can compare them. Let's see if your theory is true.

Don’t forget using his daughter that died in an attempt to sell it. That was the shitty part to me.

I think when it comes to net neutrality the ISP's just lobby whoever the hell is in charge at that point in time. I remember doing this a few years back for SOPA/PIPA, not only once but two times. Our ex comcast buddy wheeler was a Obama appointee. Honestly the congress needs to end this shit cause it's going to keep happening regardless of who is office.

Chris Smith is known for three things - being crazy about abortion, being good on veterans issues, and being the rare pro union Republican. It's not so much that it's a conservative area; those three things just hit a lot of bases. When he eventually retires, it will be hard to find a Republican who can hit the last two credibly

SOPA/PIPA/Wheeler. We aren't going to accomplish anything by pretending getting one party or the other out of office is going to fix this.

"To Catch a Senator"


What did he do?

Fuck Lance too

As soon as you pass Monmouth County you have passed the Mason-Dixon Line.

he looks like a bootleg pete postlewaite impersonator who can't grow out the eyebrows

I honestly dont get how he has been in office since the 90's.

Looks like someone used a smear effect in photoshop on his face

His district likes him, he will get voted in again, contrary to what the sub might lead you to believe.

Direct your hate where it belongs:


my disctrict, #7, is gerrymandered to oblivion. it stretches from the farms of hunterdon county and cuts all the way to westfield. why? because the population of the western part is higher than the eastern part, west is majority republicans east majority democrat. Lance is only representing the wealthy white folks in hunterdon county. he gives 0 shit for the common/working folk. He had a challenger in 2016, Jacob, a democratic socialist, still won.

I've called lances office multiple times, asking to oppose the killing of net neutrality, asking why he took $43,000 from telecoms, but they just say, thanks for your input, essentially "lol fuck off"


Chris Smith the panderer votes correctly some times to save his skin. The guy moved out of NJ years ago and is afraid to hold a town hall.

I moved to south western monmouth last from Pallone's district in the east a couple years ago. The amount of wannabe rednecks out here is unexplainable.

A spit-shined potato.

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Well... shit.

The idea that they do not have a choice is ridiculous. They always have a choice. Obviously they may not like the consequences of their actions but they can always choose to not serve corrupt agendas and vote ethically.

A list with two items is giving him too much credit. Keep it to one.

"1. Literally Nothing"

Every district in nj is gerrymandered. Look a a map of it super imposed of satellite images

Dude hasn’t held a public town hall in his constituency since 1993. That’s 24 years.

I have no idea how he gets re-elected.