The morning after

How does someone acquire a room full of this many dogs?? Asking for a friend.

House was hit with a dognado



runs for dear life

That look the golden retriever is giving. "Phone me a taxi Bro"

The GSD on the bed by the fireplace is wide awake and ready to patrol.

Pawpical storm

A volcanic epuption

This is almost enough dogs.

Is this heaven?

Shih Tzunami

Golden Shower?

No it qualifies as boarding.



Does that qualify as hoarding?

He's in ruff shape

The little one on the coffee table just drank ☕️

He's ready for the word "outside"

I don't know, but I can smell the house through the picture.

It's a dog party! Do you like my hat?

so he's stoned?

Holy crap, I would not want to be in that house when the doorbell goes off.

Is this the krusty krab?

Hurricanine Rex



That little one on the coffee table is ceramic

No, this is Patrick.

Or ball.

Or rape

I got ya

It's okay, man. .

The morning after what!?

the pool

I KNOW THIS PLACE! It's a kennel-free dog day care in Michigan. They even have a dog-bone shaped pool for the pups!


I guess you could say.. they had a ruff night.

Is there a carbon monoxide leak in this house?

Full barking lot

Jesus fuck how does anyone get into this situation

Or good.

It rained heavily, but they were all outta cats.

That is a lot of poop

Is this the real life?

Is there some sort of dance to summon such a dognado

It's actually plastic, Pupperware.

I do. What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!

Just look at alllll them bitches...

this represents every sleepover i had as a kid. the 1 awake dog being me...

I couldn't image what happened when he/she said: "Want to go outside?"

I bought my house during a snowy winter from people that had three dogs. When the snow melted I was horrified and disgusted at the amount of dog shit that was revealed. I wanted to drag them back and rub their noses in it. The previous owners, not the dogs. Love all the dogs.

Go Dog. Go!

pool pawty

Host a !

Dog-storm heheh