The #1 monk on EU HC has slept for around 3 hours since the season started

The #1 monk on EU HC has slept for around 3 hours since the season started

As in the title. His total time played is over 576 hours, while the season has been going on for 663 hours. That's just 3 hours sleep a day and playing Diablo 3 for the rest of the time.

Shame on you

Now you know why angels and demons fear the nephalem.

Now that's dedication.

Brother Chris.

Haha. As nobody explained it yet. There once was a streamer, named Gaby, who used a bot to the play game for him while he was sleeping. Obviously like this EU hardcore player is doing aswell. (they farm keys and other stuff by night so they can gr by day)

This streamer. Who got pretty infamous for doing so got banned by blizzard. His reply was that his brother, called Chris, played the game for him while he was not around. And so began the meme brother Chris.

True story.

Edit: fixed Gaby's name.

We are not allowed to discuss anything relating BrOTher Chris around here. I'm sorry.

He is a Chris family member. They are dedicated..

Hardcore, at least on EU was very clean so far. And why shouldn't we call out People about it?

TOP leaderboards people are botting, it's not a news.

Played HC cause of less cheating (I thought) gave up yesterday cause I cant keep up top10 leaderboards vs cheaters. And even if he didnt cheat I cant keep up with 21 hours a day

Yeah, he is a botc!

That's not how it works. If you go into someone's profile, then under seasons, select the current season and hover over each class you see the time played for that class for this season only, doesnt matter if you rebirthed or not. That's how I checked and added all hours together (I even did not count the minutes, so it's probably a bit more than 576)

Gaby is a legend of D3 they should make a quest for him "The Never Sleeping Nephalem"

Now you know why Angels and demons fear Chris, Lorath

Who the he'll is the brother Chris post I keep seeing please explain

Obviously botter. Maybe it's a new account or Gaby

Nah, this is fine.

The fuck? W3 was released in 2002

Get a sibling to play the game for you. Ask your parents to provide one for you.

This post doesn't break any rules.

Read it if your post it,

You are allowed to post publicly available information when questioning someone's integrity. However, this cannot lead to a call to action against them.

All the Information is publicly available

Ahh, okay. Cool i didnt know that thanks


Wrong, he wasn't sleeping. Those were bathroom, food, and the occasional shower breaks.

He probably stepped out to grab supplies once or twice as well when the delivery service couldn't make it.

You just start have to assume that number one on the leaderboard is actually rank 100 or something. Ignore all above that.