The moment when Trump won. It's as if he was the only one in the room that knew he was going to win.

The moment when Trump won. It's as if he was the only one in the room that knew he was going to win.

Fucking awesome

He's like, I told yah so, haven't I been telling you all I would win?


He was busy contemplating his chess moves for the month of June. He's that far ahead of us all.

and throwing up the duces, just letting u know: two terms

Future Pence knew too, but had to act surprised as to not give everything away

I can imagine it "No big deal, just won the presidency."

June... of 2019

Complicated business.

Ivanka looking like she's going to cry makes me all teary eyed.

Not to be controversial but I think that's the face of someone who just realized they are the most powerful man in the world. Calm, collected elation.

He almost looks bored like " this is taking so long"

That acceptance speech is so powerful. So many historic lines.

"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism"

Stage One completed

That's not surprise, that is victory.

That guy is Donald Jr btw

Me too. The Donald raised some very appreciative children.

He knows he will win the next! Haha

What did he get for everybody else?

and sausage fingers Christie on the phone making sure they deliver icing with his Cinnastix

He looks like he's the only one that knows about the shit storm that's gonna follow

"I need to find new things to win"

DJT like "It's all good". No doubt the early exit polls scared the shit out of plenty of folks.

Yes, I think he was ordering several pizzas.

So... during the next primaries. I see you Donald.

I bet she criea tears of vanilla extract.

This further proves the Time Travellin' Trump theory. Why be surprised when you know you're gonna win. Meanwhile Ivanka knows also and Pence is just doing a pretend confirmative laugh ahahah

Well he's not working, so of course he's bored

Guy behind Pence just ejaculated.

Planning his inauguration speech for 2020

Seriously; That dude has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to see into the future and shape reality. I'd be feeling pretty daunted right then and there myself, knowing that the last 18 months was only the beginning of the war for mankinds soul

Well now I feel stupid.

Been giving too much attention to all the other kids I guess.

And Barron's first inauguration speech for 2054

We have the best Pences

Not just Trump. Look at Ivanka

is that chris christie's head at right?

He looks like he's imagining what his dad and brother would be doing if they were around to see this.

I'm not sure that phrase has ever been used more appropriately.

He's tired. I don't know when this picture was taken but he was declared the winner around 3 am IIRC.

He's clapping because everything is going to plan

"January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. (APPLAUSE) The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer."

The faces of Pence, Don Jr, and Trump are the best!

The God Emperor is a humble man

"I wonder what losing feels like? Oh well, I'll never know."

Barron too. I mean he was off sleeping in the hotel. He was that confident.

He looks bored.

That's Donald Trump, Jr.! I would have too if my dad won the presidency.

He often said at his victory rallies that on election night he wasn't sure if he was going to win, but I'm pretty sure that's a bold-faced lie. He knew. He knew all along...

Even the guy at the bottom of the picture was doodling big letters with his pen and coloring it with highlighter.

Oh Christie Trump did a superb on that bastard.

Let him choose the transition team and new employee and then fire his ass and black listing everybody he selected!

Don Jr. looks like he teleported in from one of those 1980's computer magazine ads.

More likely...he's thinking...oh shit now I gotta mop up after Obama and put Hillary in jail.

You better get used to him. I guarantee Ivanka won't be the only one of Trumps children that runs for president.

Wtf is Chris Christie coloring?

don jr face and fist in the air are PRICELESS. love the trump fam fam!!

"Now that we're in this time line I've got 3 years to fix the US economy and team up with Russia before the Chinese invasion. I can do it. I will do it!"

Pence looks at a future picture of his family becoming fully transparent while a war band of degenerates in the background fades away.

Sweetest victory

I love you more than life itself


One will be mayor of NYC first.

VP Pence too! He looks so happy!

The moment when the world was saved.

You know it. Can't look too calm too.

I think he's overcome with joy, honestly. He knew he was going to win, but to have that validation is simply humbling.

It's better to be humble than to brag.

Don't you wish someone will look at you just like how Mike Pence looks at Donald Trump?

Ha ha, look @ Jr!

"is there a world president?"

"do any other planets have presidents yet?"

that's Chris Christie hahahah

Donald Trump wins the presidency!

"No shit, I told you that months ago. We could have saved ourselves the time, but noooo you ass hats wanted to drag it out.

The sausage fingers give it away.

I'm sure he's thinking something along the lines of "now the real work begins"

Maybe the history books were corrected and he had no idea how fun election night was going to be.

When you have already seen this timeline play out dozens of times, it really lessens the emotional impact.