The Mods are asleep! Here's a High Quality Jif!

I hate the smug look of the lady that takes a bite out of the imaginary friend's sandwich. Thanks for leaving it out.

Dude, you watch a lot of peanut butter commercials. How could you just know that?

Fucking Sharon always tricky with my half of the peanut butter sandwich

How dare you assume my peanut butter (commercial) consumption.

“Listen Legoland, I don’t live in the kingdom of Jondor”


Crunchy boi

Who spreads jif on their celery with a knife!?

This is the first I ever posted publicly, four years ago.

I have a peanut allergy and Sharon keeps making peanut butter sandwiches, so she doesn't have to share. I'll show her though.

I mean, ya can't really use a spoon to cut yourself after you eat your peanut butter celery.

Someone get an Epipen ready, we are getting NUTTY IN HURR

Smooth boi 👈😎👈

it's pronounced "yiff"

Remember that time we made Jimmy Carter forfeit his family peanut farm before taking the presidency to avoid conflicts on interests? Good times...

Zoop 👈😎👈

jackass gackass

"Don't you have wifi?"

"Not in Osgiliath Osjiliath"

So is the right way of saying gif “gif” or “gif”?



I thought I had ads turned off.

Did I see Gackass? Hehehe.

Soft G till I die. Giraffe, gin, gym. And don't give me that "but it stands for graphics which has a hard g sound" stuff. You don't pronnounce other acronyms like Laser and jpeg based on the words from which they're composed. The creator said it, but more importantly, it's short and quick like "I'll be back in a jiffy" which has the soft g sound. Gifs are short and quick just like a jiffy. It makes sense and I'll never turn to the hard g side.

Can't afford it

It's not yours anymore, it's part of the legend now.

Fuck you I still say jif

I know you’re making a joke, but I still firmly believe in the Hard G sound.

Edit: nice to see people disagree about something that doesn’t actually matter all that much for once. It’s like nostalgia for shitstorms lol

Whoa, calm down. Maybe have a ... Gin and tonic?

I'm sorry that your life has been a lie

I like how she was about to take a bite out of the corner, and then it cuts and there's only one bite in the center. And just the fact that it only skips the part where a bite was taken. You just know there is some reason behind it.

Advertising and commercial 'science' is some weird shit man.

Their argument is always that “graphics” has a hard G, so “GIF” should too.

The problem with that argument is that we don’t call a JPEG a “jay-feg” (for the “f” sound in “photograph”).

What a funny and very wacky new meme!

I'm too stoned to retort that, so I guess I'll start calling them jay-fegs

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Guy of Gisborne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?

Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more.

Yeah, true, but just cause you invent a word doesn’t mean you own it. Language is determined by common usage, which is how n00b got into the dictionary.

JiNo? I knew ive been saying it wrong all these years

this one

I think he's talking about , tho I don't see any "smug face" to complain about

Sure you could. But, because it's dull, it will hurt more.

We have to stand strong, brother. Lest we be seduced to the dark side. Soft G for lyfe.

Crunch, flavor, a vessel for the peanut butter. That's like asking why bother with the toast, just eat the butter and jelly straight.

...I’ll accept that. Purely cause I think it’s funny.

Hey genius, keep it genial. Maybe work off that aggression at the gym?

Is this... viral marketing? Not even mad. Still though, I'm going to tell my kids about 2008 when the front page of internet wasn't full of delicious products and instead was all just about Ron Paul.

Cwounchy Bwaaooii

They didn't want to see it goo on her face and then that awkward smacking at first where you can barely chew and it looks like your mouth is glued shut.

Creator pronounces it GIF though.

Kidding aside, the creator pronounces it "jif"

a literal ad

Wtf crust? Might as well feed him poison!

Well that's it...rooster's account got bought by big jif. /sub/hailcorporate


You get a better crunch using Oreos instead. Being healthy is for chumps.

But ol’ Jim, he sure takes things in stride. You couldn’t find a better guy.

This is beautiful

Giraffe is pronounced with a J and they existed way before you.

Check mate.

It's literally a commercial.

This has to be an ad right? A lot of these comments seem a bit off as well

Well then you are lost!

I have never seen anyone put nuts on a sandwich in my life. Nevermind then spreading peanut butter on them.

Come to europe it's free here

It's weird how this is an argument in the first place, the creator pronounce it that way, and there are lots of J sounding G's like ginger, giant, giraffe, etc. So it's totally fine to be pronounce that way.

I was once like you. Very stubborn about gif like "gift" but then I came around and life is better now. Soft G is best G.

And I was born before you and think pronouncing something spelled 'gif' is stupid to pronounce as 'jif' since Jif existed first and has a clear pronunciation. Gif is pronounced Gif because there's a fucking G in it.

Umm, there's no imaginary friend or smug bite in this video.

I like your style rooster.

But, extra crunchy is the real peanut butter. Smooth is for old people and babies with no teeth.


Here, I'll give you some ammo. The only letter in JPEG from photograph is 'P', you pronounce an acronym by it's letters that are present. When does a single 'p' ever make the f sound, probably never.

Secondly, I like my computer acronyms to be cool with those harsh hard first letters. Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, TXT, etc.

Thirdly, I call it GIF, and so should you.

Not so fast. I will fight tooth and nail for pronouncing it the real way, the right way. The way the Creator intended.

How dare you ಠ_ಠ

Zoop boi 👉😎👉

Idk looks like your executive branch already got invaded by Russia

"Sharon would be found dead the next day..."

Who's Jeff?

So I think the ones who say jif are in the minority now? War has been won? Did we defeat the Nazjis?

‘Heef’. It’s Spanish.

The crunchy-ness is quite nice to be honest.

I say it because it's much more fun to say than the hard G

How else would you do it? Serious question. I eat peanut butter and celery all the time. Is there some secret way of applying it that I don’t know about?

Those second two are some very long movie titles.

Get a load of this guy! I would gleefully give you a gazillion more to further my goals, but my gift of gab is not that good. Got it?


Because that’s what it is. It’s like believing in the ocean. It’s not up for debate

No, I was born in 1985 and and saying gheef is sounds retarded compared to jif. Fight me. I don't care what the creator says...

Maybe have a...gun in your...gullet?

That's just the dictionary giving in to society. If my name is Michael, you don't get to call me Bob or whatever just cuz you learned it wrong and refuse to change out of stubbornness.

Serious question: why bother with the celery? Peanut butter is so calorie dense it's not really a "healthier" option and I can't see what celery brings to the equation.

Yes this never made logical sense to me. Why would I spread creamy peanut butter over peanuts? For one, they would go everywhere. The ones in the video have to be glued down. I get that it's to show the viewer that it's crunchy peanut butter, but still.

This is definitely one of the classics

Yeah I also got that vibe, but one thing that isn't "off" is the delicious nutty taste of Jif!

Look her in the eyes and eat it as you pull out your Epi-pen


Now how about some high quality yiff?

If you check out the sub a lot of people are posting a Reddit ad by Duracell where Duracell said /sub/n00bs loves their product. The problem was that /sub/n00bs wasn’t a subreddit so it was created and basically memes about Duracell.

Is that black guy the one from Dodgeball?

So you pronounce it JFEG then?

And it’s fantastically tasty

Never cuts them into motherfucking triangles, no matter how many times I goddamn ask. Fucking Sharon. Unbelievable.

It's "gif" like a glass of gin. The creator of the format says so, as does common sense. So get fucked!

Best part