The Meuller team got their new uniforms.

The Meuller team got their new uniforms.

Complete with a tampon storage pocket

Him: "I'm a basement dweller who rarely leaves the house. I need an outfit I can wear in bed, indoors, outdoors, and says I'm a cuck."

Tailor: "I got you fam."

And adult diapers.

This is what late-stage soy abuse looks like. Sad!

And a cuff button that delivers a shot of Seizure-B-Gone

You can even pee out her...

Don't forget the extra huge pocket designed just for wet wipes for all the butt hurt.

I would've loved to hang out with this guy on election night.

I wonder how easily it stains? That Bill batter tens to stick to dresses

So i guess I'll ask the obvious....where can I get a trump one?

Estrogen overload!!! 🤭

How do libs even see themselves as cool?


The soy boi's

Use cold water next time.

Nobody mentioned the camel back pre-loaded with vodka

Huh. All the decisions that went into going out in public in that thing and he said yes to all of them.

Fuckin top kek!