The media is more concerned with Trump team talking to a Russian diplomat than Hillary taking millions from the Saudis and Chinese

The media is more concerned with Trump team talking to a Russian diplomat than Hillary taking mil...

Yup. The very fake news is nothing more than hyperbole and propaganda. An extension of the dnc and cia (project mockingbird). The_donald might be the last source for news.

If they weren't yelling about "ties to Russia" they would be yelling "why hasn't Trump spoke with any world leaders!"

No matter what the point is the media will always be anti Trump. I am hoping that Trumps economy is so great that it's one of the best in history just so I can see the media spin it as a negative.

They are also more concerned with that than the fact some members of the government selectively leaking edited portions of wiretap information in order to undermine a sitting president and further their own political agenda.

By the way, breaking news that a member of the media reportedly stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. They were also found with his jersey from the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. I'm not joking, and I'm not a Patriots fan. I'm just surprised.

Apparently the media is full of scumbags, regardless of whether they cover sports or politics.

"Trump brings back American jobs, millions of Chinese out of work! THE MONSTER! He must be racist against the Chinese! REEEE!!!"

I can see the CNN headline already.

They aren't concerned about president's team talking to Russians whatsoever. It's all fake outrage. All they give a fuck about is how to smear President Trump as much as possible in hopes of discrediting anything he does so that they can maybe get their way eventually. It's a war and time for fair games is over as winner takes all.

How sad is it that in an age of where information can be so easily received and sent, the shills can still control many people? I just dont get this world

Well yra, Hillary lost and is disgraced because of her corruption. Bringing it up now won't make her lose any harder.

Can we stop talking about Hillary yet?

Follow the money

Money to Podestas. - with John the Secretary of State in waiting money to Bill money to the foundation

Of course. She's not the president. Man it feels good to type that. Not that they would if she was.